832 - St Michaels School - South Oxhey

A bus service operated by Sullivan Buses

Garston - South Oxhey

Garston, o/s St Michael's RC School 15:47
Garston, nr Bucknalls Lane 15:51
Garston, opp Three Horseshoes PH East 15:52
Kingswood Sheepcot Lane (W-bound) 15:55
Kingswood, nr Greenwood Drive 15:55
Kingswood, opp Leveret Close 15:56
Kingswood, nr Evans Avenue 15:56
North Watford North Western Avenue (SW-bound) 15:57
Leavesden Ashfields (W-bound) 15:57
North Watford, opp Courtlands Drive Shops 15:59
North Watford, adj Hollytree House 15:59
North Watford, nr Chilcott Road 16:00
North Watford, opp Leaford Crescent 16:02
North Watford, nr Leggatts Way 16:03
North Watford, opp Callowland Recreation Ground 16:03
North Watford, nr Longspring 16:03
North Watford, opp Shakespeare Street 16:04
North Watford, nr Brixton Road 16:04
Watford Railway Bridge (S-bound) 16:05
Watford Junction Railway Station (o/s) 16:06
Watford St John's Road (S-bound) 16:07
Watford Beechen Grove (Stop N) 16:09
Watford High Street Railway Station (Stop B) 16:12
Watford, nr Tesco 16:13
Watford Bushey Arches (Stop G) 16:16
Bushey Railway Station West (Stop E) 16:16
Oxhey, opp Deacons Hill 16:18
South Oxhey, nr Thorpe Crescent 16:20
South Oxhey Brookdene Avenue (SE-bound) 16:21
South Oxhey, opp Oaklands Avenue 16:21
South Oxhey, opp Hayling Road 16:24
South Oxhey Carpenders Park Railway Station (Stop B) 16:25
South Oxhey, opp Northwick Road 16:25
South Oxhey, nr Kilmarnock Road 16:25
South Oxhey, opp The Dick Whittington PH 16:26
South Oxhey, adj Heysham Drive 16:27
South Oxhey, opp Ashridge Drive 16:28
Eastbury, nr Oxhey Drive South 16:29
Eastbury, nr Northwood Headquarters 16:30
Eastbury, nr Batchworth Lane 16:31
South Oxhey, adj Westbury Road 16:32
South Oxhey, nr Ashburnham Drive 16:33
South Oxhey, adj Hallowes Crescent 16:34
South Oxhey, opp Embleton Road 16:34
South Oxhey, nr Fulford Grove 16:35
South Oxhey, opp Trevose Way 16:36
South Oxhey, opp Colnbrook School 16:37

Hertfordshire Schooldays only

Operates as required after Carpenders Park Rail when Queens School is cl

South Oxhey - Garston

South Oxhey, nr Colnbrook School 07:25
South Oxhey, nr Trevose Way 07:25
South Oxhey, opp Fulford Grove 07:26
South Oxhey, nr Embleton Road 07:27
South Oxhey, opp Hallowes Crescent 07:28
South Oxhey, opp Ashburnham Drive 07:29
South Oxhey, opp Westbury Road 07:29
Eastbury, opp Batchworth Lane 07:31
Eastbury, opp Northwood Headquarters 07:32
Eastbury, opp Oxhey Drive South 07:33
South Oxhey, nr Ashridge Drive 07:35
South Oxhey, opp Heysham Drive 07:37
South Oxhey, nr The Dick Whittington PH 07:37
South Oxhey, opp Kilmarnock Road 07:38
South Oxhey, nr Northwick Road 07:39
South Oxhey Carpenders Park Railway Station (Stop C) 07:4007:40
South Oxhey, adj Hayling Road 07:4107:41
South Oxhey, nr Oaklands Avenue 07:4507:45
South Oxhey Brookdene Avenue (NW-bound) 07:4707:47
South Oxhey, opp Thorpe Crescent 07:4907:49
Oxhey, nr Long Croft 07:5007:50
Oxhey, nr Deacons Hill 07:5207:52
Bushey Railway Station West (Stop D) 07:5507:55
Watford Bushey Arches (Stop F) 07:5507:55
Watford Dalton Way (NE-bound) 07:5707:57
Watford High Street Railway Station (Stop A) 07:5907:59
Watford King Street (Stop T) 08:0008:00
Watford High Street (Stop F) 08:0108:01
Watford Clarendon Road (Stop S) 08:0408:04
Watford St John's Road (N-bound) 08:0508:05
Watford Junction Railway Station (o/s) 08:0708:07
Watford Railway Bridge (N-bound) 08:0808:08
North Watford, nr Shakespeare Street 08:1008:10
North Watford, opp Longspring 08:1108:11
North Watford, adj Callowland Recreation Ground 08:1208:12
North Watford, opp Leggatts Way 08:1308:13
North Watford, nr Leaford Crescent 08:1408:14
North Watford, opp Chilcott Road 08:1608:16
North Watford, opp Hollytree House 08:1808:18
North Watford, nr Courtlands Drive Shops 08:2008:20
Leavesden Ashfields (E-bound) 08:2008:20
North Watford North Western Avenue (NE-bound) 08:2108:21
Kingswood, opp Evans Avenue 08:2108:21
Kingswood, nr Leveret Close 08:2108:21
Kingswood, opp Greenwood Drive 08:2208:22
Garston, nr Three Horseshoes PH East 08:2608:26
Garston, opp Bucknalls Lane 08:2708:27
Garston, o/s St Michael's RC School 08:2808:28
Runs when Queens School are not in

Hertfordshire Schooldays only

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 21 June 2024

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