Coly 7 - Exeter - Pinoe - Cranbrook - Colyton Grammar Schools

A bus service operated by Dartline Coaches

πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ“ This may be a "closed-door" school or works service, not open to the public

Monday to Friday, Devon School days (not bank holidays)

Exeter - Pinoe - Cranbrook - Colyton Grammar Schools

St Davids Station (Stop B) 07:25
St Davids Jolly Porter (SE-bound) 07:25
Exeter College (E-bound) 07:27
St Davids The Imperial (N-bound) 07:29
Pennsylvania Streatham Rise (NE-bound) 07:30
St James Devonshire Place (E-bound) 07:31
St James Maryfield Avenue (E-bound) 07:31
St James Sylvan Road (E-bound) 07:32
Polsloe Elmside (S-bound) 07:33
Polsloe Mount Pleasant (E-bound) 07:33
Polsloe St. Mark's Church (E-bound) 07:34
Whipton Tarbet Avenue (E-bound) 07:35
Whipton Widgery Road (E-bound) 07:36
Whipton Honeylands Children's Centre (E-bound) 07:36
Whipton Shops (E-bound) 07:37
Whipton Thackery Road (E-bound) 07:38
Whipton Warwick Way (E-bound) 07:39
Pinhoe Sainsburys (NE-bound) 07:40
Pinhoe Aldi (NE-bound) 07:40
Monkerton Pinn Lane (SE-bound) 07:42
Monkerton Tithebarn Way (NE-bound) 07:43
Monkerton Tithebarn Way (E-bound) 07:45
Monkerton Stone Barton Road (SE-bound) 07:46
Monkerton Hutchings Drive (S-bound) 07:47
Clyst Honiton The Black Horse (E-bound) 07:50
Clyst Honiton, opp Exeter Inn 07:50
Clyst Honiton Lidl Distribution Centre (NE-bound) 07:50
Clyst Honiton Exeter Skypark (NE-bound) 07:51
Clyst Honiton Station Road (NE-bound) 07:51
Cranbrook Seven Acres (NE-bound) 07:52
Cranbrook Younghayes Centre (N-bound) 07:52
Cranbrook Hayes Square (SE-bound) 07:52
Cranbrook Oakbeer Orchard (NE-bound) 07:53
Cranbrook Sweet Coppin (NE-bound) 07:53
Cranbrook Court Royal (SE-bound) 07:54
Rockbeare Garage (E-bound) 07:54
Rockbeare, opp Little Field 07:55
Hand and Pen (E-bound) 08:00
Honiton, opp St Peters Road 08:12
Honiton Sidmouth Road (S-bound) 08:13
Street Three Horseshoes Inn (E-bound) 08:23
Branscombe Hangman's Stone (E-bound) 08:25
Holyford Tower Service Station (E-bound) 08:28
Colyford The Elms (NE-bound) 08:30

Colyton Grammar Schools - Cranbrook - Pinhoe - Exeter

Colyford, opp The Elms 15:50
Holyford Tower Service Station (W-bound) 15:51
Branscombe Hangman's Stone (W-bound) 15:54
Street, opp Three Horseshoes Inn 15:56
Honiton Sidmouth Road (N-bound) 16:06
Honiton St Peters Road (NE-bound) 16:07
Honiton Beggars Lane (W-bound) 16:08
Hand and Pen (W-bound) 16:20
Rockbeare, nr Little Field 16:23
Rockbeare Garage (W-bound) 16:24
Cranbrook Sweet Coppin (SW-bound) 16:26
Cranbrook Oakbeer Orchard (SW-bound) 16:26
Cranbrook St Michaels Way (NW-bound) 16:27
Cranbrook Three Corner Field (SW-bound) 16:28
Clyst Honiton, opp Station Road 16:28
Clyst Honiton Exeter Skypark (SW-bound) 16:28
Clyst Honiton Lidl Distribution Centre opp (SW-bound) 16:29
Clyst Honiton Duke of York (SW-bound) 16:29
Clyst Honiton The Black Horse (W-bound) 16:30
Monkerton Hutchings Drive (N-bound) 16:32
Monkerton Tithebarn Way (SW-bound) 16:35
Monkerton Pinn Lane (NW-bound) 16:37
Pinhoe Sainsburys (SW-bound) 16:40
Whipton Warwick Way (SW-bound) 16:40
Whipton Hillyfield Road (W-bound) 16:42
Whipton Shops (W-bound) 16:44
Whipton Honeylands Children's Centre (W-bound) 16:44
Whipton Widgery Road (W-bound) 16:44
Whipton Tarbet Avenue (W-bound) 16:45
Polsloe St. Mark's Church (W-bound) 16:46
Polsloe Henrys Bar (N-bound) 16:47
Polsloe Mount Pleasant Health Centre (N-bound) 16:48
St James Sylvan Road (W-bound) 16:49
St James Culverland Road (W-bound) 16:50
St James Devonshire Place (W-bound) 16:50
Pennsylvania Poole Gate (SW-bound) 16:52
Pennsylvania Perry Road (SW-bound) 16:52
Pennsylvania Prince of Wales Road (W-bound) 16:52
Pennsylvania Streatham Rise (SW-bound) 16:53
St Davids The Imperial (S-bound) 16:53
Exeter College (SE-bound) 16:53
St Davids Hele Road (W-bound) 16:54
St Davids Jolly Porter (NW-bound) 16:54
St Davids Station (Stop B) 16:55

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