N55 - Woodford Wells - South Woodford - Wanstead - Whipps Cross - Bakers Arms - Clapton - Hackney Central - Shoreditch - Holborn - Oxford Circus

A bus service operated by Stagecoach London

Old Street, EC1, routes 55 243 N55
1–25 April 2024

Road is closed eastbound due to works from 24 April 2200 until 25 April 0500.

Buses towards Hackney are on diversion and will miss stops from Central St to Old St Station

Old Street Gyratory, EC1, routes 55 243 N55
1–25 April 2024

Road is closed westbound due to works from 25 April 200 until 26 April 0500.

Buses towards Holborn are on diversion and will miss stops from Bunhill Row to Goswell Road.

St Thomas of Canterbury Church - Great Titchfield Street / Oxford Circus Station

Woodford Wells St Thomas of Canterbury Church (Stop FS) 00:2500:5501:2501:5502:2502:5503:2503:5504:2523:55
Woodford Green Monkhams Lane (Stop A) 00:2500:5501:2501:5502:2502:5503:2503:5504:2523:55
Woodford Green / Broadmead Road (Stop B) 00:2600:5601:2601:5602:2602:5603:2603:5604:2623:56
Woodford Green Chingford Lane (Stop C) 00:2700:5701:2701:5702:2702:5703:2703:5704:2723:57
Woodford Green Churchill Memorial (Stop D) 00:2800:5701:2701:5702:2702:5703:2703:5704:2723:58
Woodford Green St Albans Road (Stop G) 00:2900:5801:2801:5802:2802:5803:2803:5804:2823:59
South Woodford Churchfields (Stop) 00:2900:5901:2901:5902:2902:5903:2903:5904:2923:59
South Woodford Southend Road (Stop M) 00:3000:5901:2901:5902:2902:5903:2903:5904:2900:00
South Woodford George Lane Shopping Centre (Stop G) 00:3101:0001:3002:0002:3003:0003:3004:0004:3000:01
South Woodford Station (Stop C) 00:3301:0201:3202:0202:3203:0203:3204:0204:3200:03
South Woodford George Lane / Chigwell Road (Stop B) 00:3301:0201:3202:0202:3203:0203:3204:0204:3200:03
South Woodford Charnwood Drive (Stop S) 00:3401:0301:3302:0302:3303:0303:3304:0304:3300:04
Snaresbrook Heronwood Hospital (Stop SQ) 00:3501:0401:3402:0402:3403:0403:3404:0404:3400:05
Snaresbrook Sylvan Road (Stop ST) 00:3501:0401:3402:0402:3403:0403:3404:0404:3400:05
Snaresbrook High Street / Hermon Hill (Stop SD) 00:3601:0501:3502:0502:3503:0503:3504:0504:3500:06
Snaresbrook Wanstead Place (Stop SE) 00:3601:0501:3502:0502:3503:0503:3504:0504:3500:06
Wanstead High St / Wanstead Station (Stop D) 00:3701:0601:3602:0602:3603:0603:3604:0604:3600:07
Wanstead Station (Stop C) 00:3801:0701:3702:0702:3703:0703:3704:0704:3700:08
Wanstead Felstead Road (Stop T) 00:3901:0801:3802:0802:3803:0803:3804:0804:3800:09
Wanstead Bush Road (Stop U) 00:3901:0801:3802:0802:3803:0803:3804:0804:3800:09
Leytonstone Bush Road / Green Man Roundabout (Stop R) 00:4001:0901:3902:0902:3903:0903:3904:0904:3900:10
Leytonstone Leyton Way (Stop NN) 00:4201:1101:4102:1102:4103:1103:4104:1104:4100:12
Leytonstone Sir Alfred Hitchcock Hotel (->N) 00:4201:1101:4102:1102:4103:1103:4104:1104:4100:12
Whipps Cross James Lane (Stop S) 00:4301:1201:4202:1202:4203:1203:4204:1204:4200:13
Whipps Cross Hospital (Stop H) 00:4301:1201:4202:1202:4203:1203:4204:1204:4200:13
Whipps Cross Bus Stand (->N2) 00:4401:1301:4302:1302:4303:1303:4304:1304:4300:14
Whipps Cross Peterborough Road (Stop WA) 00:4501:1401:4402:1402:4403:1403:4404:1404:4400:15
Whipps Cross Essex Road (Stop WB) 00:4601:1501:4502:1502:4503:1503:4504:1504:4500:16
Whipps Cross Fraser Road (Stop WD) 00:4701:1601:4602:1602:4603:1603:4604:1604:4600:17
Whipps Cross Lea Bridge Road / Bakers Arms (Stop WE) 00:4801:1701:4702:1702:4703:1703:4704:1704:4700:18
Whipps Cross High Road Leyton / Bakers Arms (Stop WH) 00:4901:1801:4802:1802:4803:1803:4804:1804:4800:19
Walthamstow Central Shortlands Road (Stop WJ) 00:4901:1801:4802:1802:4803:1803:4804:1804:4800:19
Walthamstow Manor Road (Stop LJ) 00:5001:1901:4902:1902:4903:1903:4904:1904:4900:20
Walthamstow Markhouse Road (Stop LK) 00:5201:2101:5102:2102:5103:2103:5104:2104:5100:22
Walthamstow Central Emmanuel Parish Church (Stop LL) 00:5201:2101:5102:2102:5103:2103:5104:2104:5100:22
Walthamstow Central Bloxhall Road (Stop LM) 00:5301:2201:5202:2202:5203:2203:5204:2204:5200:23
Lea Bridge Road Lea Bridge Station (Stop LN) 00:5301:2201:5202:2202:5203:2203:5204:2204:5200:23
Lea Bridge Road Lea Valley Riding Centre (Stop N) 00:5501:2401:5402:2402:5403:2403:5404:2404:5400:25
Lea Bridge Road Lee Valley Ice Centre (Stop P) 00:5501:2401:5402:2402:5403:2403:5404:2404:5400:25
Chatsworth Road Lea Bridge Road (Stop Q) 00:5601:2501:5502:2502:5503:2503:5504:2504:5500:26
Lower Clapton Wattisfield Road (Stop U) 00:5601:2501:5502:2502:5503:2503:5504:2504:5500:26
Lower Clapton Lea Bridge Roundabout (Stop T) 00:5701:2601:5602:2602:5603:2603:5604:2604:5600:27
Lower Clapton Clapton Pond (Stop E) 00:5801:2701:5702:2702:5703:2703:5704:2704:5700:28
Lower Clapton Millfields Road (Stop G) 00:5801:2701:5702:2702:5703:2703:5704:2704:5700:28
Lower Clapton Clapton Girls' Academy (Stop N) 00:5901:2801:5802:2802:5803:2803:5804:2804:5800:29
Hackney Baths (Stop V) 01:0001:2901:5902:2902:5903:2903:5904:2904:5900:30
Hackney Clapton Square (Stop S) 01:0001:2901:5902:2902:5903:2903:5904:2904:5900:30
Hackney Pembury Circus (Stop Y) 01:0101:3002:0002:3003:0003:3004:0004:3005:0000:31
Hackney Central Station (Stop H) 01:0301:3202:0202:3203:0203:3204:0204:3205:0200:33
Hackney Town Hall (Stop B) 01:0401:3302:0302:3303:0303:3304:0304:3305:0300:34
Hackney St Thomas's Square (Stop LZ) 01:0501:3402:0402:3403:0403:3404:0404:3405:0400:35
South Hackney Mare Street / Well Street (Stop LA) 01:0601:3502:0502:3503:0503:3504:0504:3505:0500:36
South Hackney King Edward's Road (Stop LE) 01:0701:3602:0602:3603:0603:3604:0604:3605:0600:37
South Hackney Mare Street / Victoria Park Road (Stop Q) 01:0701:3602:0602:3603:0603:3604:0604:3605:0600:37
Bethnal Green Cambridge Heath Station (Stop N) 01:0901:3802:0802:3803:0803:3804:0804:3805:0800:39
Bethnal Green Pritchard's Road (Stop HC) 01:0901:3802:0802:3803:0803:3804:0804:3805:0800:39
Bethnal Green Warner Place (Stop HD) 01:0901:3802:0802:3803:0803:3904:0904:3905:0900:39
Bethnal Green Queensbridge Road (Stop HE) 01:1001:3902:0902:3903:0903:4004:1004:4005:1000:40
Hoxton Station (Stop HF) 01:1101:4002:1002:4003:1003:4104:1104:4105:1100:41
Shoreditch Church (Stop S) 01:1201:4102:1102:4103:1103:4204:1204:4205:1200:42
Shoreditch Town Hall (Stop W) 01:1301:4202:1202:4203:1203:4204:1204:4205:1200:43
Shoreditch Great Eastern Street (Stop YA) 01:1401:4302:1302:4303:1303:4404:1404:4405:1400:44
Old Street Station (Stop L) 01:1601:4502:1502:4503:1503:4504:1504:4505:1500:46
Old Street Bunhill Row (Stop G) 01:1701:4602:1602:4603:1603:4604:1604:4605:1600:47
St Luke's Music Education Centre (Stop H) 01:1701:4602:1602:4603:1603:4604:1604:4605:1600:47
St Luke’s Goswell Road (Stop BX) 01:1801:4702:1702:4703:1703:4704:1704:4705:1700:48
St Luke’s Clerkenwell Road / St John Street (Stop) 01:1901:4802:1802:4803:1803:4804:1804:4805:1800:49
Clerkenwell Green (Stop K) 01:2101:5002:2002:5003:2003:5004:2004:5005:2000:51
Holborn Hatton Garden (Stop D) 01:2101:5002:2002:5003:2003:5004:2004:5005:2000:51
Clerkenwell Rosebery Avenue (Stop CW) 01:2201:5102:2102:5103:2103:5104:2104:5105:2100:52
Holborn Gray's Inn Road (Stop CP) 01:2201:5102:2102:5103:2103:5104:2104:5105:2100:52
Holborn Red Lion Street (Stop A) 01:2401:5302:2302:5303:2303:5304:2304:5305:2300:54
Holborn Bloomsbury Square (Stop B) 01:2501:5402:2402:5403:2403:5404:2404:5405:2400:55
Holborn Museum Street (Stop C) 01:2501:5402:2402:5403:2403:5404:2404:5405:2400:55
Tottenham Court Road Station (Stop X) 01:2701:5602:2602:5603:2603:5604:2604:5605:2600:57
Tottenham Court Road Station (Stop YB) 01:2801:5702:2702:5703:2703:5704:2704:5705:2800:58
Soho Wardour Street (Stop OM) 01:2901:5802:2802:5803:2803:5804:2804:5805:2900:59
Great Titchfield Street Oxford Circus Station (Stop OP) 01:3102:0002:3003:0003:3004:0004:3005:0005:3101:01

Great Titchfield Street / Oxford Circus Station - St Thomas of Canterbury Church

Oxford Circus Holles Street (Stop OG) 01:1001:4002:1002:4003:1003:4004:1004:40
Great Titchfield Street Oxford Circus Station (Stop OJ) 01:1401:4402:1402:4403:1403:4304:1304:43
Tottenham Court Road Station (Stop V) 01:1601:4602:1602:4603:1603:4504:1504:45
Tottenham Court Road Tottenham Ct Rd Stn / New Oxford St (Stop Y) 01:1801:4802:1802:4803:1803:4704:1704:47
Holborn Museum Street (Stop E) 01:1901:4902:1902:4903:1903:4804:1804:48
Holborn Bloomsbury Square (Stop F) 01:2101:5102:2102:5103:2103:5004:2004:50
Holborn Red Lion Street (Stop G) 01:2201:5202:2202:5203:2203:5104:2104:51
Holborn Gray's Inn Road (Stop CA) 01:2301:5302:2302:5303:2303:5204:2204:52
Clerkenwell Rosebery Avenue (Stop CU) 01:2301:5302:2302:5303:2303:5204:2204:52
Clerkenwell Farringdon Road (Stop E) 01:2401:5402:2402:5403:2403:5304:2304:53
St Luke’s St John Street (Stop J) 01:2601:5602:2602:5603:2603:5504:2504:55
St Luke’s Goswell Road (Stop BS) 01:2701:5702:2702:5703:2703:5604:2604:56
St Luke’s Central Street (Stop BZ) 01:2801:5802:2802:5803:2803:5704:2704:57
St Luke's Music Education Centre (Stop J) 01:3002:0002:3003:0003:3003:5904:2804:58
Old Street Station (Stop F) 01:3202:0202:3203:0203:3204:0104:3005:00
Shoreditch Great Eastern Street (Stop Y) 01:3202:0202:3203:0203:3204:0104:3005:00
Shoreditch Town Hall (Stop X) 01:3402:0402:3403:0403:3404:0304:3205:02
Shoreditch Hackney Road / Columbia Road (Stop R) 01:3402:0402:3403:0403:3404:0304:3205:02
Hoxton Station (Stop HG) 01:3402:0402:3403:0403:3404:0304:3205:02
Bethnal Green Queensbridge Road (Stop HH) 01:3502:0502:3503:0503:3504:0404:3305:03
Bethnal Green Warner Place (Stop HJ) 01:3602:0602:3603:0603:3604:0504:3405:04
Bethnal Green Pritchards Road (Stop HK) 01:3602:0602:3603:0603:3604:0504:3405:04
Bethnal Green Cambridge Heath Station (Stop O) 01:3702:0702:3703:0703:3704:0604:3505:05
South Hackney Mare Street / Victoria Park Road (Stop R) 01:3802:0802:3803:0803:3804:0704:3605:06
South Hackney King Edward's Road (Stop LP) 01:3902:0902:3903:0903:3904:0804:3705:07
South Hackney Mare Street / Well Street (Stop LC) 01:4002:1002:4003:1003:4004:0904:3805:08
Hackney St Thomas's Square (Stop LQ) 01:4102:1102:4103:1003:4004:0904:3805:08
Hackney Town Hall (Stop A) 01:4202:1202:4203:1103:4104:1004:3905:09
Hackney Central Station (Stop J) 01:4402:1402:4403:1303:4304:1204:4105:11
Amhurst Road / Hackney Downs Station (Stop L) 01:4402:1402:4403:1303:4304:1204:4105:11
Hackney Mare Street / Narrow Way (Stop R) 01:4502:1502:4503:1403:4404:1304:4205:12
Hackney Baths (Stop U) 01:4602:1602:4603:1503:4504:1404:4305:13
Hackney Glenarm Road (Stop Z) 01:4602:1602:4603:1503:4504:1404:4305:13
Lower Clapton Clapton Girls' Academy (Stop L) 01:4702:1702:4703:1603:4604:1504:4405:14
Lower Clapton Clapton Pond (Stop H) 01:4802:1802:4803:1703:4704:1604:4505:15
Lower Clapton Lea Bridge Roundabout (Stop L) 01:4902:1902:4903:1803:4804:1704:4605:16
Lower Clapton Lea Bridge Road Upper Clapton Road (Stop S) 01:4902:1902:4903:1803:4804:1704:4605:16
Lower Clapton Wattisfield Road (Stop R) 01:5002:2002:5003:1903:4904:1804:4705:17
Chatsworth Road Lea Bridge Road (Stop V) 01:5002:2002:5003:1903:4904:1804:4705:17
Lea Bridge Road Lee Valley Ice Centre (Stop W) 01:5102:2102:5103:2003:5004:1904:4805:18
Lea Bridge Road Lee Valley Riding Centre (Stop X) 01:5202:2202:5203:2103:5004:1904:4805:18
Walthamstow Central Perth Road (Stop LE) 01:5302:2302:5303:2203:5104:2004:4905:19
Walthamstow Central Emmanuel Parish Church (Stop LF) 01:5402:2402:5403:2303:5204:2104:5005:20
Walthamstow Markhouse Road (Stop LG) 01:5502:2502:5503:2403:5304:2204:5105:21
Walthamstow Central Rochdale Road (Stop LH) 01:5602:2602:5603:2503:5404:2304:5205:22
Walthamstow Central Shrubland Road (Stop EA) 01:5702:2702:5703:2603:5504:2404:5305:23
Whipps Cross High Road Leyton / Bakers Arms (Stop EC) 01:5802:2802:5803:2703:5604:2504:5405:24
Whipps Cross Lea Bridge Road / Bakers Arms (Stop EH) 01:5802:2802:5803:2703:5604:2504:5405:24
Whipps Cross Leyton Green Road (Stop EJ) 01:5902:2902:5903:2803:5704:2604:5505:25
Whipps Cross Shernhall Street (Stop EK) 01:5902:2902:5903:2803:5704:2604:5505:25
Whipps Cross Peterborough Road (Stop EL) 01:5902:2902:5903:2803:5704:2604:5505:25
Whipps Cross / Wood Street (Stop A) 02:0002:3003:0003:2903:5804:2704:5605:26
Whipps Cross Bus Stand (Stop V) 02:0102:3103:0103:3003:5904:2804:5705:27
Whipps Cross Hospital (Stop E) 02:0102:3103:0103:3003:5904:2804:5705:27
Whipps Cross James Lane (Stop T) 02:0202:3203:0203:3104:0004:2904:5805:28
Leytonstone Sir Alfred Hitchcock Hotel (->S) 02:0302:3303:0303:3204:0104:3004:5905:29
Leytonstone Leyton Way (Stop PP) 02:0502:3503:0503:3404:0304:3205:0105:31
Wanstead Cambridge Road (Stop H) 02:0502:3503:0503:3404:0304:3205:0105:31
Wanstead Blake Hall Road (Stop K) 02:0602:3603:0603:3504:0404:3305:0205:32
Wanstead Station (Stop B) 02:0702:3703:0703:3604:0504:3405:0305:33
Snaresbrook Wanstead Place (Stop SH) 02:0702:3703:0703:3604:0504:3405:0305:33
Snaresbrook New Wanstead (Stop SU) 02:0802:3803:0803:3704:0604:3505:0405:34
Snaresbrook Sylvan Road (Stop SV) 02:0802:3803:0803:3704:0604:3505:0405:34
Snaresbrook Heronwood Hospital (Stop SW) 02:0902:3903:0903:3804:0704:3605:0505:35
South Woodford Charnwood Drive (Stop T) 02:1002:4003:1003:3904:0804:3705:0605:36
South Woodford George Lane / Chigwell Road (Stop Z) 02:1102:4103:1103:4004:0904:3805:0705:37
South Woodford Station (Stop E) 02:1202:4203:1203:4104:1004:3905:0805:38
South Woodford George Lane Shopping Centre (Stop H) 02:1202:4203:1203:4104:1004:3905:0805:38
South Woodford Southend Road (Stop L) 02:1302:4303:1303:4204:1104:4005:0905:39
South Woodford Chelmsford Road (Stop X) 02:1402:4403:1403:4304:1204:4105:1005:40
Woodford Green Empress Avenue (Stop Y) 02:1402:4403:1403:4304:1204:4105:1005:40
Woodford Green Churchill Memorial (Stop Z) 02:1502:4503:1503:4404:1304:4205:1105:41
Woodford Green Chingford Lane (Stop S) 02:1502:4503:1503:4404:1304:4205:1105:41
Woodford Green / Broadmead Road (Stop U) 02:1602:4603:1603:4504:1404:4305:1205:42
Woodford Green Monkhams Lane (Stop V) 02:1702:4703:1703:4604:1504:4405:1305:43
Woodford Wells St Thomas of Canterbury Church (Stop FH) 02:1802:4803:1803:4704:1604:4505:1405:44

Timetable data from Transport for London, 15 April 2024

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