T1E - Penzance - Camborne - Camborne

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Road Closure - B3301 Hayle Viaduct
16–17 April 2024

Overnight Network Rail works on Carnsew Road.

Due to overnight works at Hayle Viaduct buses service T1E buses will divert via Foundry Hill, water Lane and Chenalls Road between Foundry Square and St Erth Roundabout in both directions.


Penzance - Camborne

Penzance Bus Station (Stand F) 06:0320:3822:38
Penzance Chyandour (E-bound) 06:0420:3922:39
Penzance Gwel Lewern (E-bound) 06:0520:4022:40
Penzance Sainsburys Entrance (NE-bound) 06:0620:4122:41
Penzance Sainsburys (NE-bound) 06:0620:4122:41
Penzance, opp Halfords 06:0720:4222:42
Long Rock, opp Morrisons 06:0820:4322:43
Long Rock Mexico Inn (E-bound) 06:1020:4522:45
Long Rock Varfell Turn (N-bound) 06:1220:4722:47
Varfell Ludgvan Leaze (N-bound) 06:1320:4822:48
Crowlas The Star Inn (E-bound) 06:1520:5022:50
Crowlas Cockwells Turn (NE-bound) 06:1620:5122:51
Whitecross, opp Bus Shelter 06:1720:5222:52
Whitecross The Old School House (NE-bound) 06:1720:5222:52
Canons Town, opp Bus Shelter 06:1820:5322:53
Rose-an-Grouse, opp Lamb and Flag Inn 06:1920:5422:54
St Erth Interchange (SW-bound) 06:2120:5622:56
Hayle Viaduct (N-bound) 06:2721:0223:02
Hayle, opp St Elwyn's Church 06:2821:0323:03
Hayle, opp War Memorial 06:2921:0423:04
Hayle Library and Day Centre (E-bound) 06:2921:0423:04
Hayle Fore Street (E-bound) 06:3121:0623:06
Hayle Copperhouse Co-Op (NE-bound) 06:3221:0723:07
Hayle Phillack Turn (NE-bound) 06:3221:0723:07
Phillack Penmare Terrace (NE-bound) 06:3321:0823:08
Hayle Lidl Loggans Road (N-bound) 06:3421:0923:09
Loggans Moor Loggans Way (N-bound) 06:3621:1123:11
Upton Towans, adj Treeve Lane 06:3721:1223:12
Treeve Bar Lane (SE-bound) 06:3821:1323:13
Connor Downs Trevere Close (SE-bound) 06:4021:1523:15
Connor Downs Turnpike Inn (E-bound) 06:4121:1623:16
Connor Downs Greenbank (E-bound) 06:4121:1623:16
Connor Downs Horsepool Road (E-bound) 06:4221:1723:17
Roseworthy Merry Meeting Turn (E-bound) 06:4421:1923:19
Kehelland Turn (NE-bound) 06:4621:2123:21
Treswithian Road (E-bound) 06:4721:2223:22
Treswithian Pengwarras Road (SE-bound) 06:4821:2323:23
Camborne Church Street (E-bound) 06:4821:2323:23
Camborne, opp Trevithick Surgery 06:4821:2323:23
Camborne, opp Veor House 06:4921:2423:24
Camborne Bus Station (Bay 3) 06:5021:2523:25

Camborne - Penzance

Camborne Bus Station (Bay 3) 19:3321:3323:33
Camborne Veor House (SW-bound) 19:3321:3323:33
Camborne Trevithick Surgery (N-bound) 19:3421:3423:34
Camborne Church Street (W-bound) 19:3421:3423:34
Treswithian Pengwarras Road (NW-bound) 19:3421:3423:34
Treswithian (W-bound) 19:3521:3523:35
Kehelland Turn (SW-bound) 19:3621:3623:36
Roseworthy Merry Meeting Turn (W-bound) 19:3821:3823:38
Connor Downs Horsepool (W-bound) 19:4021:4023:40
Connor Downs Tresdale Parc (W-bound) 19:4121:4123:41
Connor Downs, opp Turnpike Inn 19:4221:4223:42
Connor Downs Trevere Close (NW-bound) 19:4221:4223:42
Treeve Bar Lane (NW-bound) 19:4421:4423:44
Upton Towans, opp Treeve Lane 19:4421:4423:44
Loggans Moor, opp Loggans Way 19:4621:4623:46
Hayle Lidl Loggans Road (S-bound) 19:4721:4723:47
Phillack Penmare Terrace (SW-bound) 19:4821:4823:48
Hayle Phillack Turn (SW-bound) 19:4921:4923:49
Hayle, opp Co-Op 19:5021:5023:50
Hayle Fore Street (W-bound) 19:5121:5123:51
Hayle, opp Library and Day Centre 19:5121:5123:51
Hayle War Memorial (SW-bound) 19:5221:5223:52
Hayle St Elwyn's Church (W-bound) 19:5321:5323:53
Hayle Foundry Square (SW-bound) 19:5521:5523:55
St Erth Interchange (SW-bound) 20:0122:0100:01
Rose-an-Grouse Lamb and Flag (SW-bound) 20:0222:0200:02
Canons Town Bus Shelter (SW-bound) 20:0222:0200:02
Whitecross, opp The Old School House 20:0322:0300:03
Whitecross Bus Shelter (S-bound) 20:0422:0400:04
Crowlas, opp Cockwells Turn 20:0522:0500:05
Crowlas, opp The Star Inn 20:0722:0700:07
Varfell, opp Ludgvan Leaze 20:0822:0800:08
Long Rock Varfell Turn (S-bound) 20:0922:0900:09
Long Rock, opp Mexico Inn 20:1222:1200:12
Long Rock Morrisons (W-bound) 20:1422:1400:14
Penzance Halfords (W-bound) 20:1422:1400:14
Penzance Sainsburys (SW-bound) 20:1522:1500:15
Penzance Sainsburys Entrance (SW-bound) 20:1622:1600:16
Penzance, opp Gwel Lewern 20:1622:1600:16
Penzance Chyandour (W-bound) 20:1722:1700:17
Penzance Bus Station (Stand F) 20:2022:2000:20

Timetable data from Go-Ahead/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 21 February 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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