X29 - Yellow Line - St Stephens Street - Fakenham,Oak Street

A bus service operated by First Eastern Counties

St Stephens Street - Fakenham,Oak Street

Norwich St Stephens Street (Stop BE) 07:3508:35then every 30 minutes until18:0519:2021:2022:50
Norwich Castle Meadow (Stop CE) 07:3908:3918:0919:2421:2422:54
Norwich Tombland (Stop CM) 07:4208:4218:1219:2521:2522:55
Norwich Anglia Square (Stand C) 07:4408:4418:1419:2721:2722:57
Norwich, adj Wingfield Road 07:4608:4618:1619:2921:2922:59
Norwich, adj Wensum Park 07:4708:4718:1719:3021:3023:00
Norwich, opp Stone Road 07:4808:4818:1819:3121:3123:01
Norwich, adj Havers Road 07:4808:4818:1819:3121:3123:01
Norwich, opp Shorncliffe Road 07:4908:4918:1919:3221:3223:02
Norwich, adj Parr Road 07:5008:5018:2019:3321:3323:03
Norwich, opp Whiffler Road 07:5108:5118:2119:3421:3423:04
Norwich, adj Caley Close 07:5208:5218:2219:3521:3523:05
Hellesdon, opp Asda 07:5308:5318:2319:3621:3623:06
Hellesdon, opp White Rose Park 07:5408:5418:2419:3721:3723:07
Hellesdon, adj Hospital 07:5508:5518:2519:3821:3823:08
Hellesdon, opp Hamond Road 07:5508:5518:2519:3821:3823:08
Hellesdon, opp Margaret Close 07:5608:5618:2619:3921:3923:09
Hellesdon, opp Drayton Wood Road 07:5708:5718:2719:3921:3923:09
Drayton, opp Hurn Road 07:5808:5818:2819:4021:4023:10
Drayton, opp King Georges Field 07:5808:5818:2819:4121:4123:11
Drayton, opp Carter Road 07:5908:5918:2919:4221:4223:12
Drayton, opp The Cock 08:0009:0018:3019:4221:4223:12
Drayton, adj Budgens 08:0109:0118:3119:4321:4323:13
Taverham, opp Seton Road 08:0209:0218:3219:4421:4423:14
Taverham, opp Windsor Chase 08:0309:0318:3319:4521:4523:15
Taverham, adj Roedich Drive 08:0309:0318:3319:4521:4523:15
Taverham, adj Sandy Lane 08:0409:0418:3419:4621:4623:16
Taverham, adj Lloyd Road 08:0409:0418:3419:4621:4623:16
Taverham, adj Beech Avenue 08:0509:0518:3519:4721:4723:17
Attlebridge, opp The Street 08:0809:0818:3819:5021:5023:20
Morton on the Hill Fakenham Road (NE-bound) 08:0909:0918:3919:5121:5123:21
Weston Longville, opp Norwich Road 08:1009:1018:4019:5221:5223:22
Lenwade, opp Porters Lane 08:1209:1218:4219:5321:5323:23
Lenwade, opp Bus Shelter 08:1209:1218:4219:5321:5323:23
Lenwade, adj Morse Close 08:1209:1218:4219:5321:5323:23
Sparham, adj Lyng Turn 08:1509:1518:4519:5621:5623:26
Sparham, opp Church Lane 08:1609:1618:4619:5621:5623:26
Bawdeswell, adj Hall Road 08:1909:1918:4920:0022:0023:30
Bawdeswell, adj Blackhorse Meadow 08:2009:2018:5020:0022:0023:30
Bawdeswell, adj School 08:2009:2018:5020:0022:0023:30
Foxley, opp Chapel Road 08:2209:2218:5220:0222:0223:32
Bintree, opp Foulsham Road 08:2609:2618:5620:0522:0523:35
Guist, adj Post Office 08:3009:3019:0020:0822:0823:38
Stibbard, adj Bridge Road 08:3409:3419:0420:1222:1223:42
Pensthorpe, adj Waterfowl Park 08:3709:3719:0720:1622:1623:46
Fakenham, opp William Road 08:3909:3919:0920:1722:1723:47
Fakenham, adj Warren Avenue 08:3909:3919:0920:1722:1723:47
Fakenham, opp Smiths Lane 08:3909:3919:0920:1722:1723:47
Fakenham, opp Heath Rise 08:4009:4019:1020:1822:1823:48
Fakenham, adj Fayregreen 08:4109:4119:1120:1922:1923:49
Fakenham, adj Aldi 08:4209:4219:1220:2022:2023:50
Fakenham, adj Lancaster Avenue 08:4309:4319:1320:2122:2123:51
Fakenham, adj Tower Court 08:4409:4419:1420:2122:2123:51
Fakenham, opp Lidl 08:4509:4519:1520:2222:2223:52
Fakenham, opp Whitelands 08:4609:4619:1620:2322:2323:53
Fakenham, opp Henry IV 08:4809:4819:1820:2422:2423:54
Fakenham, adj Lancaster Avenue 08:4909:4919:1920:2622:2623:56
Fakenham Oak Street (Stand A) 08:5409:5419:2420:3022:3000:00

Fakenham,Oak Street - St Stephens Street

Fakenham Oak Street (Stand A) 07:05then every 30 minutes until17:3518:2519:2520:35
Fakenham, opp Lancaster Avenue 07:0817:3818:2819:2820:38
Fakenham, adj Henry IV 07:0917:3918:2919:2920:39
Fakenham, adj Whitelands 07:1017:4018:3019:3020:40
Fakenham, adj Lidl 07:1017:4018:3019:3020:40
Fakenham, opp Waterfield Avenue 07:1117:4118:3119:3120:41
Fakenham No.39 (os) 07:1217:4218:3119:3120:41
Fakenham, opp Aldi 07:1417:4418:3219:3220:42
Fakenham, opp Fayregreen 07:1517:4518:3319:3320:43
Fakenham, adj Heath Rise 07:1717:4718:3419:3420:44
Fakenham, adj Smiths Lane 07:1717:4718:3519:3520:45
Fakenham, opp Warren Avenue 07:1817:4818:3519:3520:45
Fakenham, adj William Road 07:1817:4818:3519:3520:45
Pensthorpe, opp Waterfowl Park 07:1917:4918:3619:3620:46
Stibbard, opp Bridge Road 07:2317:5318:4019:4020:50
Guist, opp Malthouse Lane 07:2617:5618:4319:4320:53
Bintree, adj Foulsham Road 07:2917:5918:4619:4620:56
Foxley, adj Chapel Road 07:3518:0518:5119:5121:01
Bawdeswell, opp School 07:3718:0718:5319:5321:03
Bawdeswell, opp Blackhorse Meadow 07:3818:0818:5419:5421:04
Bawdeswell, opp Hall Road 07:3918:0918:5519:5521:05
Sparham, adj Church Lane 07:4218:1218:5819:5821:08
Sparham, opp Lyng Turn 07:4318:1318:5919:5921:09
Lenwade, opp Morse Close 07:4618:1619:0220:0221:12
Lenwade, adj Bus Shelter 07:4618:1619:0220:0221:12
Lenwade, adj Porters Lane 07:4718:1719:0220:0221:12
Weston Longville, adj Norwich Road 07:4818:1819:0320:0321:13
Morton on the Hill Fakenham Road (SE-bound) 07:4918:1919:0520:0521:15
Attlebridge, adj The Street 07:5018:2019:0520:0521:15
Taverham, opp Beech Avenue 07:5518:2519:0920:0921:19
Taverham, opp Woodside Close 07:5518:2519:0920:0921:19
Taverham, opp Sandy Lane 07:5618:2619:1020:1021:20
Taverham, opp Roedich Drive 07:5618:2619:1020:1021:20
Taverham, adj Windsor Chase 07:5718:2719:1120:1121:21
Taverham, adj Seton Road 07:5718:2719:1120:1121:21
Drayton, opp Budgens 07:5918:2919:1320:1321:23
Drayton, adj The Cock 08:0018:3019:1420:1421:24
Drayton, adj Carter Road 08:0118:3119:1520:1521:25
Drayton, adj King Georges Field 08:0218:3219:1520:1521:25
Drayton, adj Hurn Road 08:0218:3219:1620:1621:26
Hellesdon, adj Drayton Wood Road 08:0318:3319:1620:1621:26
Hellesdon, adj Margaret Close 08:0418:3419:1720:1721:27
Hellesdon, adj Hamond Road 08:0518:3519:1720:1721:27
Hellesdon, opp Hospital 08:0518:3519:1820:1821:28
Hellesdon, adj White Rose Park 08:0618:3619:1820:1821:28
Hellesdon, adj Asda 08:0718:3719:1920:1921:29
Norwich, opp Caley Close 08:0818:3819:2020:2021:30
Norwich, opp Parr Road 08:1018:4019:2220:2221:32
Norwich, opp Wheeler Road 08:1118:4119:2320:2321:33
Norwich, adj Shorncliffe Avenue 08:1218:4219:2420:2421:34
Norwich, opp Havers Road 08:1318:4319:2520:2521:35
Norwich, adj Stone Road 08:1418:4419:2620:2621:36
Norwich, opp Wensum Park 08:1518:4519:2620:2621:36
Norwich, opp Wingfield Road 08:1618:4619:2820:2821:38
Norwich, adj Edward Street 08:1818:4819:2920:2921:39
Norwich Anglia Square (Stand D) 08:1918:4919:3020:3021:40
Norwich Upper King Street (Stop CP) 08:2218:5219:3220:3221:42
Norwich Castle Meadow (Stop CS) 08:2418:5419:3320:3321:43
Norwich St Stephens Street (Stop BQ) 08:2718:5719:3620:3621:46

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