13A - Keene Home - Wickford, The Wick Tesco

A bus service operated by First Essex

Keene Home - Wickford, The Wick Tesco

Chelmsford, o/s Keene Home 15:51
Chelmsford, o/s The Ship 15:56
Chelmsford Bus Station (Stand 6) 06:1516:00
Chelmsford Railway Station (Stand 11) 06:1707:2016:0018:1519:10
Chelmsford Cathedral (Stop Cc) 06:1807:2116:0118:1619:11
Chelmsford H & M (Stop Dc) 06:1907:2216:0318:1819:13
Chelmsford Job Centre (Stop Dd) 06:1907:2216:0318:1819:13
Chelmsford, opp RC Church 06:2107:2416:0818:2219:16
Chelmsford, adj Queen Street 06:2107:2416:0918:2219:16
Chelmsford, opp South Lodge Hotel 06:2207:2516:1118:2419:18
Chelmsford, adj Moulsham Street 06:2307:2616:1318:2519:19
Chelmsford, adj Wood Street Tesco 06:2407:2716:1518:2719:20
Chelmsford, adj Bruce Grove 06:2407:2716:1518:2719:20
Chelmsford, opp St John's Hospital 06:2407:2716:1518:2719:20
Chelmsford, opp Hylands Parade 06:2507:2816:1618:2819:21
Tile Kiln, adj Linnet Drive 06:2607:2916:1718:2919:21
Tile Kiln, o/s Fowlers Court 06:2707:3016:1718:2919:22
Chelmsford, adj Russell Gardens 06:2807:3116:1818:3019:22
Chelmsford, opp The Running Mare 06:2807:3116:1818:3019:23
Galleywood, opp The Eagle 06:3007:3316:2018:3219:24
Galleywood Common (opp) 06:3007:3316:2118:3319:25
West Hanningfield, adj Bakers Lane 06:3207:3516:2318:3519:27
West Hanningfield Road (adj) 06:3607:3916:2718:3919:31
West Hanningfield, o/s St Peter's School 06:3707:4016:2818:4019:32
West Hanningfield, o/s Church 06:3907:4216:3018:4219:34
Rettendon Common (opp) 06:4407:4716:3518:4719:39
South Hanningfield, adj Chalk Street 06:4607:4916:3718:4919:41
South Hanningfield, o/s The Old Windmill 06:4807:5116:3918:5119:43
Brock Hill, opp Visitor Centre 06:5107:5416:4218:5419:46
Ramsden Heath Dowsetts Lane (S-bound) 06:5708:0016:4818:5919:51
Ramsden Heath, opp Dovedale Close 06:5808:0116:4919:0019:52
Downham, opp Oak Road 06:5908:0216:5019:0119:53
Downham, adj Crowsheath Ln 07:0008:0316:5119:0219:54
Downham, o/s Village Hall 07:0008:0316:5119:0219:54
Downham, opp Castledon Road 07:0108:0416:5219:0319:55
Brock Hill, opp Sudbury Road 07:0208:0516:5319:0419:56
Brock Hill, opp Galleons 07:0208:0516:5319:0419:56
Brock Hill Farm (o/s) 07:0308:0616:5419:0519:57
Brock Hill, opp The Greenway 07:0408:0716:5519:0619:58
Brock Hill, opp Downham Road 07:0508:0816:5619:0719:59
Wickford Guernsey Gardens Up (S-bound) 07:0708:1016:5819:0920:01
Wickford Guernsey Gardens Lr (S-bound) 07:0808:1116:5919:1020:02
Wickford Station Avenue (SE-bound) 07:0908:1217:0019:1020:02
Wickford, o/s Railway Station 07:1008:1317:0119:1120:03
Wickford, adj Jersey Gardens 07:1108:1517:02
Wickford, o/s The Swans 07:1308:1717:04
Wickford, adj Tiptree Grove 08:1817:06
Wickford, adj Fambridge Drive 08:1917:07
Wickford, adj St Omar Close 08:1917:07
Wickford, adj Sutherland Place 08:2017:08
Wickford, opp The Derby Digger 08:2017:08
Wickford, adj Melville Drive 08:2117:09
Wickford, adj Carlyle Gardens 08:2117:10
Wickford, adj Wick Drive 08:2217:11
Wickford, opp Tesco Store 08:2317:12

Wickford Broadway, The Swans - Chelmsford, Keene Home

Wickford, opp The Swans 07:17
Wickford, opp Jersey Gardens 07:18
Wickford, o/s Railway Station 06:2207:2020:07
Wickford Station Avenue (NW-bound) 06:2207:2020:07
Wickford Guernsey Gardens Lr (N-bound) 06:2207:2020:07
Wickford Guernsey Gardens Up (N-bound) 06:2307:2220:08
Wickford Arundel Road (N-bound) 06:2407:2220:09
Wickford Brock Hill (NE-bound) 06:2507:2420:10
Runwell Wantz Corner (N-bound) 06:2507:2420:10
Brock Hill, adj Downham Road 06:2607:2520:11
Brock Hill, adj The Greenway 06:2607:2520:11
Brock Hill Farm (opp) 06:2607:2620:11
Brock Hill, o/s Galleons 06:2707:2720:12
Brock Hill, adj Sudbury Road 06:2807:2720:13
Downham, adj Castledon Road 06:2907:2820:14
Downham, opp Village Hall 06:2907:2920:14
Downham, opp Crowsheath Ln 06:3007:3020:15
Downham, adj Oak Road 06:3007:3020:15
Ramsden Heath, adj Dovedale Close 06:3007:3120:16
Ramsden Heath, o/s The White Horse 06:3107:3220:17
Ramsden Heath Dowsetts Lane (N-bound) 06:3107:3220:17
Brock Hill, o/s Visitor Centre 06:3707:3820:22
South Hanningfield, opp The Old Windmill 06:4107:4220:26
South Hanningfield, opp Chalk Street 06:4307:4520:28
Rettendon Common (adj) 06:4507:4720:30
West Hanningfield, opp Church 06:5007:5320:35
West Hanningfield, opp St Peter's School 06:5107:5420:36
West Hanningfield Road (opp) 06:5307:5620:37
West Hanningfield, opp Bakers Lane 06:5808:0220:42
Galleywood Common (adj) 06:5908:0320:43
Galleywood, o/s The Eagle 07:0108:0520:45
Chelmsford, o/s The Running Mare 07:0208:0620:45
Chelmsford, opp Russell Gardens 07:0308:0720:46
Tile Kiln, opp Fowlers Court 07:0308:0820:46
Tile Kiln, opp Linnet Drive 07:0408:0920:47
Chelmsford, o/s Hylands Parade 07:0508:1020:47
Chelmsford, o/s St John's Hospital 07:0608:1120:48
Chelmsford, opp Wood Street Tesco 07:0708:1320:49
Chelmsford, adj Wood Street 07:0708:1420:49
Chelmsford, o/s South Lodge Hotel 07:0808:1620:50
Chelmsford, opp Queen Street 07:1008:1920:52
Chelmsford, adj C & E Hospital 07:1108:2120:53
Chelmsford Retail Market (Stop 1) 07:1308:2520:55
Chelmsford Railway Station (Stand 12) 07:13s08:26s20:55s
Chelmsford Bus Station (Stand 9) 08:28
Chelmsford Bus Station (Stand 6) 07:1520:57
Chelmsford, opp The Ship 08:29
Chelmsford, o/s King Edward VI School 08:31
Chelmsford, opp Keene Home 08:33

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

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