140A - Pontefract - Leeds

A bus service operated by Arriva Yorkshire

Monday to Friday, School Days days (not bank holidays)

Pontefract to Leeds

Pontefract Bus Station stand C 08:1115:15
Pontefract Stuart Road B 08:1215:16
Pontefract Tanshelf 08:1315:17
Pontefract Park Lane Portland Ave 08:1615:20
North Featherstone Park Lane Gleneagles Rd 08:2115:25
North Featherstone Willow Lane Willow Garth 08:2215:26
North Featherstone, at Church Lane 08:2315:27
North Featherstone St Wilfrids RC High School 08:2415:28
North Featherstone, at Cutsyke Road Cemetery 08:2515:29
Cutsyke Road Castleford Ln (stop) 08:2715:31
Cutsyke Rd Blenheim Way 08:2815:32
Cutsyke, opp Aketon Road WMC 08:2915:33
Cutsyke, opp Barnsdale Estate 08:3015:34
Whitwood Cemetery (at) 08:3115:35
Whitwood, at Four Lane Ends 08:3215:36
Castleford, at Kilner Way 08:3315:37
Castleford, opp Wooley Hart Way 08:3315:37
Castleford Saville Park 08:3315:37
Castleford Hightown Church 08:3415:38
Castleford Bus Station stand J 08:3615:40
Castleford, at Wood Street 08:4215:46
Castleford, at Wellington Street Business Pk 08:4215:46
Castleford, at Phillips Street 08:4315:47
Castleford, at Bryan Close 08:4315:47
Castleford, at 3 Lane Ends Academy 08:4415:48
Whitwood Three Lane Ends (near) 08:4415:48
Methley Low Common (W bound) 08:4715:51
Methley Green Row 08:4715:51
Methley Junction 08:4815:52
Methley Church Side (NW bound) 08:4915:53
Methley Boundary House 08:4915:53
Methley Crkt Club 08:5015:54
Methley Wood Row 08:5115:55
Methley Fleet Lane 08:5115:55
Methley Woodside 08:5215:56
Methley Pk Hospital 08:5215:56
Oulton Clumpcliffe Wood 08:5415:58
Oulton Clumpcliffe 08:5515:59
Oulton Rothwell Leis Ctr 08:5616:00
Oulton Cross Roads (N bound) 08:5716:01
Oulton Hall 08:5816:02
Woodlesford, opp Parkways 08:5816:02
John O’Gaunts Park Lane 09:0016:03
John O’Gaunts Cross Avenue 09:0016:03
John O'Gaunts 09:0116:04
Stourton Arla Foods 09:0416:06
Stourton Royal Mail 09:0516:06
Stourton Intermezzo Drive 09:0616:07
Stourton Haigh Park Road 09:0716:07
Stourton Ida Street 09:0716:08
Stourton Pontefract Road Jct 09:0816:08
Hunslet Thwaite Gate 09:0816:09
Hunslet Severn Road 09:0916:09
Hunslet Balmoral Chase 09:1016:10
Hunslet Church Street 09:1116:11
Hunslet, opp Stafford Street 09:1216:12
Hunslet Donisthorpe Street 09:1516:15
Richmond Hill East Street 09:1916:19
Leeds Bus Stn (Stand 6) 09:2216:22

Leeds to Pontefract

Leeds Bus Stn (Stand 6) 07:3014:33
Crown Point Leeds Dock B 07:3314:36
Crown Point LCC Printworks 07:3314:36
Crown Point, at Brookfield Street 07:3414:37
Hunslet Stafford Street 07:3614:39
Hunslet Church Street 07:3714:40
Hunslet Severn Road 07:3814:41
Hunslet, at Thwaite Gate 07:3814:41
Stourton Pontefract Road Jct 07:4014:43
Stourton Ida Street 07:4114:44
Stourton Haigh Park Road 07:4214:45
Stourton Intermezzo Drive 07:4314:46
Stourton Royal Mail 07:4414:47
Stourton Arla Foods 07:4414:47
John O'Gaunts (S bound) 07:4614:49
John O’Gaunts, at Cross Avenue 07:4714:50
John O’Gaunts, opp Park Lane 07:4814:51
Woodlesford, at Parkways 07:4914:52
Oulton Cross Roads 07:4914:52
Oulton Rothwell Leis Ctr 07:5014:53
Oulton Clumpcliffe 07:5214:55
Oulton Clumpcliffe Wood 07:5214:55
Methley Pk Hospital 07:5414:57
Methley Woodside 07:5414:57
Methley Fleet Lane (stop) 07:5514:58
Methley Wood Row 07:5514:58
Methley Boundary House 07:5614:59
Methley Church Side 07:5715:00
Methley Junction (SE bound) 07:5815:01
Methley, opp Green Row 07:5815:01
Methley Low Common 08:0015:03
Methley Green Lane 08:0115:04
Whitwood Three Lane Ends 08:0315:06
Castleford Bryan Close 08:0415:07
Castleford Wellington Streer Business Pk 08:0515:08
Castleford, opp Wood Street 08:0515:08
Castleford Bus Station stand H 08:0715:10
Castleford, at Hightown Church 08:1415:17
Castleford, at Saville Park 08:1415:17
Castleford Wooley Hart Way 08:1515:18
Castleford Kilner Way 08:1515:18
Whitwood, opp Four Lane Ends 08:1615:19
Whitwood Cemetery 08:1615:19
Cutsyke Barnsdale Estate 08:1815:21
Cutsyke Cross Roads (near) 08:1815:21
Cutsyke, adj Aketon Road WMC 08:1915:22
Cutsyke Rd Blenheim Way (S bound) 08:2015:23
Cutsyke Road Castleford Ln 08:2015:23
North Featherstone Cutsyke Road Cemetery 08:2315:26
North Featherstone St Wilfrids RC High School 08:2415:27
North Featherstone Church Lane 08:2515:28
North Featherstone Cross Roads 08:2615:29
North Featherstone, adj Park Lane Gleneagles Rd 08:2615:29
North Featherstone Park Lane 08:2915:32
Pontefract Park Lane Grosvenor Ave 08:3215:35
Pontefract Park Gates 08:3315:36
Pontefract Tanshelf 08:3515:38
Pontefract Stuart Road A 08:3515:38
Pontefract Bus Station stand C 08:3715:40

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/WRAY/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 4 April 2024

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