200 - Penzance Bus Station - Truro College Bus Park

A bus service operated by First Kernow

Penzance Bus Station - Truro College Bus Park

Penzance Bus Station (Stand F) 10:12
Penzance Ponsandane Nursing Home (NW-bound) 10:26
Gulval Green Lane Hill (E-bound) 10:28
Gulval Kenegie Manor (NE-bound) 10:29
Badgers Cross, opp Badgers Lodge 10:31
Castle Gate, opp Lay By 10:33
Nancledra Borea (N-bound) 10:36
Nancledra, opp Telephone Box 10:37
Nancledra Amalebra Turn (NE-bound) 10:37
Cripplesease, opp Engine Inn 10:38
Balnoon Penderleath Common (NE-bound) 10:41
Balnoon Penhalwyn Trekking Centre (N-bound) 10:41
Halsetown Bus Shelter (N-bound) 10:42
Top of Halsetown (NW-bound) 10:43
Penbeagle Roundhouse (NE-bound) 10:46
St Ives Leach Pottery (NE-bound) 10:47
St Ives Higher Stennack (NE-bound) 10:48
St Ives Trenwith Bridge (NE-bound) 10:48
St Ives, opp British Legion 10:49
St Ives St James Court (E-bound) 10:50
St Ives Stennack Surgery (E-bound) 10:51
St Ives Cinema (E-bound) 10:51
St Ives Bus Station (SE-bound) 07:5310:53
St Ives Harbour Hotel (S-bound) 07:5310:53
St Ives The View (SE-bound) 07:5410:54
St Ives Cornish Arms (S-bound) 07:5510:55
St Ives, opp Opp Tesco 07:5610:56
Carbis Bay Valley Road (SE-bound) 07:5710:57
Carbis Bay Boskerris Road (SE-bound) 07:5710:57
Carbis Bay Richmond Way (SE-bound) 07:5810:58
Carbis Bay Longstone Cross (SE-bound) 07:5910:59
Lelant Tyringham Road (SE-bound) 08:0111:01
Lelant Village Hall (SW-bound) 08:0211:02
Lelant Woodlands (S-bound) 08:0311:03
Lelant Dobbies Garden Centre (SE-bound) 08:0411:04
Hayle Viaduct (N-bound) 08:0811:08
Hayle, opp St Elwyn's Church 08:0911:09
Hayle, opp War Memorial 08:1011:10
Hayle Fore Street (E-bound) 08:1111:11
Hayle Phillack Turn (NE-bound) 08:1211:12
Phillack Penmare Terrace (NE-bound) 08:1311:13
Hayle Lidl Carwin Rise (NE-bound) 08:1411:14
Connor Downs Turnpike Inn (E-bound) 08:1911:19
Connor Downs Greenbank (E-bound) 08:2011:20
Connor Downs Horsepool Road (E-bound) 08:2011:20
Roseworthy Merry Meeting Turn (E-bound) 08:2211:22
Kehelland Turn (NE-bound) 08:2311:23
Three Burrows Chiverton Roundabout (SE-bound) 08:4111:41
Penstraze, opp Three Spires 08:4511:45
Gloweth Truro College (SW-bound) 09:0112:01

Truro College Bus Park - Penzance Bus Station

Gloweth Truro College (SW-bound) 16:17
Penstraze Three Spires (NW-bound) 13:0416:34
Three Burrows Chiverton Roundabout (NW-bound) 13:0716:37
Kehelland Turn (SW-bound) 13:2216:52
Roseworthy Merry Meeting Turn (W-bound) 13:2316:53
Connor Downs Horsepool (W-bound) 13:2316:53
Connor Downs Tresdale Parc (W-bound) 13:2416:54
Connor Downs, opp Turnpike Inn 13:2416:54
Hayle Lidl Carwin Rise (SW-bound) 13:2916:59
Phillack Penmare Terrace (SW-bound) 13:3017:00
Hayle Phillack Turn (SW-bound) 13:3117:01
Hayle Fore Street (W-bound) 13:3217:02
Hayle War Memorial (SW-bound) 13:3317:03
Hayle St Elwyn's Church (W-bound) 13:3417:04
Hayle Foundry Square (SW-bound) 13:3517:05
Lelant, opp Dobbies Garden Centre 13:3917:09
Lelant Woodlands (N-bound) 13:4017:10
Lelant, opp Village Hall 13:4117:11
Lelant Tyringham Road (W-bound) 13:4217:12
Carbis Bay Longstone Cross (NW-bound) 13:4417:14
Carbis Bay, opp Boskerris Road 13:4517:15
Carbis Bay Count House Lane (NW-bound) 13:4517:15
St Ives Tesco (NW-bound) 13:4617:16
St Ives Cornish Arms (N-bound) 13:4717:17
St Ives Harbour Hotel (N-bound) 13:4917:19
St Ives Bus Station (SE-bound) 13:5017:20
St Ives, opp Stennack Surgery 13:51
St Ives, opp Opp St James Court 13:52
St Ives British Legion (SW-bound) 13:53
St Ives Trenwith Bridge (SW-bound) 13:53
St Ives Higher Stennack (SW-bound) 13:54
St Ives Leach Pottery (SW-bound) 13:54
Penbeagle Fernlee (S-bound) 13:56
Halsetown Inn (SW-bound) 14:00
Balnoon, opp Penhalwyn Trekking Centre 14:01
Balnoon Penderleath Common (SW-bound) 14:01
Cripplesease Engine Inn (S-bound) 14:04
Nancledra, opp Amalebra Turn 14:05
Nancledra Telephone Box (S-bound) 14:06
Nancledra Borea (S-bound) 14:06
Castle Gate Lay By (SW-bound) 14:10
Badgers Cross Badgers Lodge (S-bound) 14:11
Gulval Kenegie Manor (SW-bound) 14:13
Gulval Green Lane Hill (W-bound) 14:14
Penzance Ponsandane Nursing Home (SE-bound) 14:16
Penzance Bus Station (Stand F) 14:19

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