418 - Oban - Ellenabeich/North Cuan

A bus service operated by West Coast Motors


Oban - Ellenabeich/North Cuan

Oban, at Supermarkets 14:00
Oban, at Primary Campus 15:23
Oban, opp Lower Soroba 15:25
Oban, opp Fire Station 15:25
Oban, at Millpark Terrace 15:26
Oban, after Millpark Road 15:26
Oban, opp Soroba Park Terrace 15:26
Oban, opp Lorn Resource Centre 15:27
Oban, opp Old Parish Church 15:28
Oban Station Road (Stance 5) 07:1008:3011:0514:0515:3015:3517:10
Oban, before Old Parish Church 07:1108:3111:0614:0615:3115:3617:11
Oban, at Jobcentre Plus 07:11
Oban, at Soroba Lane 08:3211:0714:0715:3215:3717:12
Oban, at Soroba Park Terrace 07:1208:3311:0814:0815:3915:4117:13
Oban, at High School 15:4715:47
Oban, opp Millpark Terrace 07:1308:3411:0914:0915:4915:4917:14
Oban, at Fire Station 07:1408:3511:1014:1015:5015:5017:15
Oban, at Lower Soroba 07:1408:3511:1014:1015:5015:5017:15
Kilmore, nr Village Hall 07:2008:4111:1614:1615:5615:5617:21
Kilmore, at Barran Estate 11:1914:1915:5917:24
Clachan-Seil, opp Cnoc-achalltuinn 07:4009:0111:4214:4216:1617:47
Balvicar, at Stores 07:4509:0611:4714:4716:2117:52
North Cuan, at Ferry Terminal 09:1314:5416:3117:59
Ellenabeich, nr Seaview Terrace 07:4909:2211:5115:0116:3818:07
Ellenabeich, at Turning Area 07:5209:2511:5415:0416:4118:10

Ellenabeich/North Cuan - Oban

Ellenabeich, at Turning Area 08:0009:5012:0015:3316:4518:12
Ellenabeich, opp Seaview Terrace 08:0309:5312:0315:3516:4818:15
North Cuan, at Ferry Terminal 08:1510:0512:1515:45
Balvicar, opp Stores 08:2110:1012:2015:5116:5318:20
Clachan-Seil, at Cnoc-achalltuinn 08:2610:1512:2515:5616:5818:25
Kilmore, at Barran Estate 08:1510:3812:4818:48
Kilmore, opp Village Hall 08:1808:4610:4212:5216:1817:1618:52
Oban, opp Lonan Drive junct 08:23
Soroba, at Morvern Hill junct 08:24
Soroba, at Ulva Road junct 08:25
Soroba, at Jura Road junct 08:25
Soroba, at Lunga Road 08:26
Soroba, opp Jura Road junct 08:26
Soroba, opp Ulva Road junct 08:26
Soroba, opp Morvern Hill junct 08:27
Oban, after Lonan Drive junct 08:27
Oban, opp Lower Soroba 08:2808:5110:4712:5716:2317:2118:57
Oban, at Lorn and Isles Hospital 08:28
Oban, opp McKelvie Road junct 08:29
Oban, opp Creag Bhan Village 08:30
Oban, opp Bus Depot 08:30
Oban, at Bus Depot 08:32
Oban, before Glengallan Turning Circle 08:33
Oban, nr Glengallan Turning Circle 08:33
Oban, at Creag Bhan Village 08:33
Oban, nr McKelvie Road junct 08:34
Oban, opp Lorn and Isles Hospital 08:34
Oban, opp Fire Station 08:3508:5210:4812:5816:2417:2218:58
Oban, at Millpark Terrace 08:3608:5210:4812:5816:2417:2218:58
Oban, after Millpark Road 08:3608:5310:4812:5816:2417:2218:58
Oban, at High School 08:4108:56
Oban, opp Soroba Park Terrace 08:4208:5710:4912:5916:2517:2318:59
Oban, opp Lochavullin Car Park 08:4308:5910:5013:0016:2617:2419:00
Oban, at Supermarkets 08:4409:0110:5113:0116:2717:2519:01
Oban Station Road (Stance 5) 08:4609:0410:5413:0416:3017:2819:04
Oban, at North Pier Car Park 08:47
Oban, opp The Corran Halls 08:48
Dunollie, opp Lismore Crescent 08:50
Dunollie, at Iona Drive junction 08:51
Dunollie, at Kerrera Terrace 08:53
Dunollie, at Park Primary School 08:55

Timetable data from West Coast Motors, 2 June 2023

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