500 - St Mawes - Tregony - Probus- Truro Centre - Truro

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St Mawes car park - Truro College Bus Park

St Mawes Car Park (S-bound) 07:35
St Mawes Buckeys Lane (NW-bound) 07:36
St Mawes Freshwater Lane (NW-bound) 07:37
St Mawes, opp Polvarth Estate 07:37
St Mawes Garage (N-bound) 07:39
St Just In Roseland Church Turn (NE-bound) 07:42
St Just In Roseland Trethem Turn (NE-bound) 07:44
Gerrans Top Park An Dillon (S-bound) 07:51
Gerrans Church (E-bound) 07:52
Portscatho Highertown (E-bound) 07:54
Portscatho Springfield (N-bound) 07:54
Portscatho Tregassa (W-bound) 07:55
Trewithian, opp Old Post Office 07:57
Trewithian Merrose Caravan Park (NE-bound) 07:58
Treworlas, opp Pendower Turn 07:59
Treworlas Turn (NE-bound) 08:00
Ruan High Lanes Wayside (NE-bound) 08:02
Ruan High Lanes, opp Bessy Beneath 08:06
Tregony, opp Springfield 08:10
Tregony Square (opp) 08:10
Tregony Old School (NE-bound) 08:10
Tregony Church (E-bound) 08:11
Tregony Roseland Academy (E-bound) 08:11
Tregony, opp Church 08:12
Tregony, opp Old School 08:12
Tregony The Square (N-bound) 08:12
Tregony Springfield (W-bound) 08:12
Tregony Trewarthenick House (NW-bound) 08:15
Tresillian The Wheel Inn (SW-bound) 08:22
Tresillian Fal Garage (SW-bound) 08:22
Tresillian Carrs (SW-bound) 08:23
Tresillian, opp River View 08:25
Truro, opposite Waitrose 08:31
Truro St Clements Vean (SW-bound) 08:31
Truro Tregolls Road Dual Carriageway (SW-bound) 08:33
Truro Old Police Station (SW-bound) 08:34
Truro Bus Station (Stand J) 08:35
Truro Boscawen Street (E-bound) 08:42
Truro Reeds Pharmacy The Globe (W-bound) 08:43
Truro, opp Railway Station 08:46
Truro Sainsbury (SW-bound) 08:47
Highertown County Arms (W-bound) 08:49
Highertown Penwethers Lane (NW-bound) 08:49
Highertown All Saints Church (W-bound) 08:51
Treliske Newbridge Turn (W-bound) 08:52
Treliske Lay By (W-bound) 08:53
Gloweth Truro College (SW-bound) 09:00

Truro College Bus Park - St Mawes car park

Gloweth Truro College (SW-bound) 16:32
Treliske Homebase (E-bound) 16:37
Treliske Lay By (E-bound) 16:38
Treliske Newbridge Turn (E-bound) 16:39
Highertown, opp All Saints Church 16:40
Highertown, opp Penwethers Lane 16:41
Highertown, opp County Arms 16:42
Truro, opp Sainsbury 16:43
Truro Railway Station (E-bound) 16:44
Truro Museum (E-bound) 16:47
Truro Bus Station (Stand E) 16:50
Truro National Tyres (NE-bound) 16:56
Truro Tregolls Road Dual Carriageway (NE-bound) 16:57
Truro Tregolls Road Hill (N-bound) 16:58
Truro Waitrose (NE-bound) 16:58
Tresillian River View (E-bound) 17:03
Tresillian, opp Carrs Garage 17:04
Tresillian, opp Fal Garage 17:05
Tresillian Fairfax Road (E-bound) 17:06
Tresillian Mercedes Garage (E-bound) 17:07
Tregony, opp Trewarthenick House 17:17
Tregony, opp Springfield 17:21
Tregony Square (opp) 17:22
Tregony Old School (NE-bound) 17:22
Tregony Church (E-bound) 17:22
Tregony Roseland Academy (E-bound) 17:23
Tregony, opp Church 17:23
Tregony, opp Old School 17:23
Tregony The Square (N-bound) 17:24
Tregony Springfield (W-bound) 17:24
Ruan High Lanes Bessy Beneath (S-bound) 17:27
Ruan High Lanes, opp Wayside 17:30
Treworlas Turn (opp) 17:32
Treworlas Pendower Turn (W-bound) 17:33
Trewithian, opp Merrose Caravan Park 17:34
Trewithian Cottage (opp) 17:35
Portscatho Tregassa (SW-bound) 17:37
Gerrans Top Park An Dillon (S-bound) 17:37
Gerrans Church (E-bound) 17:38
Portscatho Highertown (E-bound) 17:40
Portscatho Springfield (N-bound) 17:41
St Just In Roseland, opp Trethem Turn 17:47
St Just In Roseland, opp Church Turn 17:49
St Mawes Garage (S-bound) 17:51
St Mawes Polvarth Estate (SE-bound) 17:53
St Mawes Freshwater Lane (SE-bound) 17:53
St Mawes Buckeys Lane (SE-bound) 17:54
St Mawes Car Park (S-bound) 17:56

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