59 - Edinburgh bus station - Halbeath P&R

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Edinburgh bus station - Halbeath P&R

Glenrothes Bus Station (Stance 4) 20:1021:1022:1023:10
Glenrothes, opp Auchmuty Road 20:1021:1022:1023:10
Queensway, adj Morrisons Supermarket 20:1121:1122:1123:11
Queensway, opp Auchmuty High School 20:1121:1122:1123:11
Glenrothes, adj Gateside Cottages 20:1521:1522:1523:15
Freuchie, opp Channelhall 20:1821:1822:1823:18
Freuchie, adj Road End 20:1921:1922:1923:19
Freuchie, adj Riggs Farm 20:2021:2022:2023:20
Ladybank, adj Church Street 20:2321:2322:2323:23
Ladybank, opp Primary School 20:2421:2422:2423:24
Ladybank, opp Parish Church 20:2421:2422:2423:24
Ladybank, adj Hill Street 20:2421:2422:2423:24
Ladybank, adj Railway Station 20:2521:2522:2523:25
Ladybank, adj Pitlessie Road 20:2521:2522:2523:25
Kingskettle Parliament Square (opp 2) 20:2721:2722:2723:27
Kingskettle, opp Primary School 20:2721:2722:2723:27
Rumdewan, adj Haughfield Terrace 20:2821:2822:2823:28
Kettlebridge Back Park (adj 24) 20:2821:2822:2823:28
Kettlebridge, adj Mid Street 20:2921:2922:2923:29
Kettlebridge, opp Kettlehill Road End 20:3021:3022:3023:30
Balmalcolm Main Road (NE bound) 20:3021:3022:3023:30
Pitlessie, adj The Wynd 20:3321:3322:3323:33
Pitlessie, opp Cults Road End 20:3421:3422:3423:34
Pitlessie, adj Cults Mill Road End 20:3421:3422:3423:34
Springfield Clushford Toll (Northbound) 20:3621:3622:3623:36
Springfield, opp Edenwood Farm 20:3621:3622:3623:36
Cupar, adj Tarvit Mill 20:3721:3722:3723:37
Cupar, opp Knox Gardens 20:3921:3922:3923:39
Cupar, adj Cow Brae 20:3921:3922:3923:39
Cupar, opp Tesco Supermarket 20:4021:4022:4023:40
Cupar, opp Railway Station 20:4021:4022:4023:40
Cupar, adj Bowling Green Road 20:4121:4122:4123:41
Cupar, opp Thomastoun Drive 20:4121:4122:4123:41
Cupar, opp Trading Estate 20:4221:4222:4223:42
Cupar, adj Foxton Farm Road End 20:4321:4322:4323:43
Dairsie, adj Primary School 20:4621:4622:4623:46
Dairsie, opp Pitcairn Park 20:4621:4622:4623:46
Clayton, opp Caravan Park 20:4921:4922:4923:49
Clayton, opp Bruckley Farm 20:5021:5022:5023:50
Guardbridge, adj Seggie Farm 20:5121:5122:5123:51
Guardbridge Cupar Road (opp 33) 20:5221:5222:5223:52
Guardbridge Hotel (adj) 20:5221:5222:5223:52
Kincaple, opp Edenside 20:5321:5322:5323:53
Easter Kincaple Farm (Opp) 20:5521:5522:5523:55
St Andrews, adj Strathtyrum Golf Course 20:5721:5722:5723:57
St Andrews Old Course Hotel (Eastbound) 20:5921:5922:5923:59
St Andrews Grannie Clark's Wynd (adj Gibson Place) 20:5921:5922:5923:59
St Andrews Bus Station (Arrival Bay) 21:0022:0023:0000:00

Halbeath P&R - Edinburgh bus station

St Andrews Bus Station (Stance 3) 20:1021:1022:1023:10
St Andrews, adj John Burnet Hall 20:1121:1122:1123:11
St Andrews Old Course Hotel (Westbound) 20:1121:1122:1123:11
St Andrews, opp Strathtyrum Golf Course 20:1221:1222:1223:12
Easter Kincaple Farm (Adj) 20:1521:1522:1523:15
Kincaple, adj Edenside 20:1721:1722:1723:17
Guardbridge Hotel (opp) 20:1821:1822:1823:18
Guardbridge Cupar Road (adj 23) 20:1821:1822:1823:18
Guardbridge, opp Seggie Farm 20:1921:1922:1923:19
Clayton, adj Bruckley Farm 20:2021:2022:2023:20
Dairsie, adj Caravan Park 20:2121:2122:2123:21
Dairsie, adj Pitcairn Park 20:2421:2422:2423:24
Dairsie, opp Primary School 20:2421:2422:2423:24
Cupar, opp Foxton Farm Road End 20:2721:2722:2723:27
Cupar, adj Trading Estate 20:3021:3022:3023:30
Cupar, adj Thomastoun Drive 20:3121:3122:3123:31
Cupar, opp Bowling Green Road 20:3121:3122:3123:31
Cupar, adj Railway Station 20:3221:3222:3223:32
Cupar, adj Tesco Supermarket 20:3221:3222:3223:32
Cupar, opp Cow Brae 20:3321:3322:3323:33
Cupar, adj Knox Gardens 20:3321:3322:3323:33
Cupar, opp Tarvit Mill 20:3521:3522:3523:35
Springfield, adj Edenwood Farm 20:3621:3622:3623:36
Springfield Clushford Toll (s-bound) 20:3721:3722:3723:37
Pitlessie, opp Cults Mill Road End 20:3821:3822:3823:38
Pitlessie, adj Cults Road End 20:3921:3922:3923:39
Pitlessie, opp The Wynd 20:4021:4022:4023:40
Balmalcolm Main Road (SW Bound) 20:4321:4322:4323:42
Kettlebridge, adj Kettlehill Road End 20:4321:4322:4323:43
Kettlebridge, opp Mid Street 20:4421:4422:4423:44
Kettlebridge Back Park (opp 26) 20:4521:4522:45
Muirhead, opp Welltree Junction 23:46
Rumdewan, opp Haughfield Terrace 20:4521:4522:45
Muirhead Village (Westbound) 23:47
Kingskettle, adj Primary School 20:4621:4622:46
Kingskettle Parliament Square (adj 2) 20:4621:4622:46
Ladybank Pitlessie Road 20:4821:4822:48
Ladybank, opp Railway Station 20:4821:4822:48
Ladybank Hill Street (adj 56) 20:4921:4922:49
Ladybank, adj Parish Church 20:4921:4922:49
Ladybank, adj Primary School 20:4921:4922:49
Ladybank, opp Church Street 20:5021:5022:50
Freuchie, opp Riggs Farm 20:5321:5322:53
Freuchie Road End (Southbound) 20:5421:5422:54
Glenrothes, adj Kirkforthar Feus 20:5721:5722:5723:48
Glenrothes, opp Gateside Cottages 20:5821:5822:5823:49
Queensway, adj Auchmuty High School 21:0222:0223:0223:53
Glenrothes Bus Station Arrival Bay (Stances 1-8) 21:0322:0323:0323:54

Timetable data from Stagecoach East Scotland, 17 May 2023

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