X59A - Edinburgh Bus Station - Dundee or St Andrews

Operated by Stagecoach East Scotland

Edinburgh Bus Station - Dundee or St Andrews

Edinburgh Bus Station (Gate D-Stance 6) 20:4021:4022:4023:40
Edinburgh Princes Street (Scott Mon.) (Stop PR) 20:4521:4522:4523:45
Edinburgh Princes Street (west) (Stop PU) 20:4821:4822:4823:48
West End Queensferry Street (Stop QE) 20:5121:5122:5123:51
Orchard Brae, opp Learmonth Terrace 20:5321:5322:5323:53
Craigleith Road (after) 20:5621:5622:5623:56
Blackhall, before Telford Road 20:5821:5822:5823:58
Blackhall, adj Hillpark Steps 21:0022:0023:0000:00
Barnton Junction (W-bound) 21:0222:0223:0200:02
Queensferry Slip Road (N-bound) 21:1222:1223:1200:12
North Queensferry North Access (N-Bound) 21:1522:1523:1500:15
Ferrytoll Park & Ride (Stance 1) 21:1722:1723:1700:17
Halbeath, at Park & Ride Arrival Bay 21:25s22:25s23:25s00:25s
Halbeath Park & Ride (Stance 1) 21:26p22:26p23:26p00:26p
Crossgates, adj Hillview Crescent 21:2922:2923:2900:29
Hill of Beath, opp Concrete Works 21:3122:3123:3100:31
Cowdenbeath, adj Bus Depot 21:3422:3423:3400:34
Cowdenbeath, opp The Fountain 21:3622:3623:3600:36
Eastfield Bankhead Roundabout (Northbound) 21:5022:5023:5000:50
Woodside Inn (adj) 21:5222:5223:5200:52
Glenrothes Bus Station Arrival Bay (Stances 1-8) 21:5522:5523:5500:55

Times marked s – “set down only” – the will only stop to drop passengers off

Times marked p – “pick up only” – the will only stop to pick up passengers

Dundee or St Andrews - Edinburgh Bus Station

St Andrews Bus Station (Stance 3) 18:2519:2520:25
St Andrews, adj John Burnet Hall 18:2619:2620:26
St Andrews Old Course Hotel (Westbound) 18:2619:2620:26
St Andrews, opp Strathtyrum Golf Course 18:2719:2720:27
Easter Kincaple Farm (Adj) 18:3019:3020:30
Kincaple, adj Edenside 18:3219:3220:32
Guardbridge Hotel (opp) 18:3319:3320:33
Guardbridge Cupar Road (adj 23) 18:3319:3320:33
Guardbridge, opp Seggie Farm 18:3419:3420:34
Clayton, adj Bruckley Farm 18:3519:3520:35
Dairsie, adj Caravan Park 18:3619:3620:36
Dairsie, adj Pitcairn Park 18:3919:3920:39
Dairsie, opp Primary School 18:3919:3920:39
Cupar, opp Foxton Farm Road End 18:4219:4220:42
Cupar, adj Trading Estate 18:4519:4520:45
Cupar, adj Thomastoun Drive 18:4619:4620:46
Cupar, opp Bowling Green Road 18:4619:4620:46
Cupar, adj Railway Station 18:4719:4720:47
Cupar, adj Tesco Supermarket 18:4719:4720:47
Cupar, opp Cow Brae 18:4819:4820:48
Cupar, adj Knox Gardens 18:4819:4820:48
Cupar, opp Tarvit Mill 18:5019:5020:50
Springfield, adj Edenwood Farm 18:5119:5120:51
Springfield Clushford Toll (s-bound) 18:5219:5220:52
Pitlessie, opp Cults Mill Road End 18:5319:5320:53
Pitlessie, adj Cults Road End 18:5419:5420:54
Pitlessie, opp The Wynd 18:5519:5520:55
Balmalcolm Main Road (SW Bound) 18:5719:5720:57
Kettlebridge, adj Kettlehill Road End 18:5819:5820:58
Kettlebridge, opp Mid Street 18:5919:5920:59
Muirhead, opp Welltree Junction 19:0120:0121:01
Muirhead Village (Westbound) 19:0220:0221:02
Glenrothes, adj Kirkforthar Feus 19:0320:0321:03
Glenrothes, opp Gateside Cottages 19:0420:0421:04
Queensway, adj Auchmuty High School 19:0820:0821:08
Glenrothes Bus Station Arrival Bay (Stances 1-8) 19:09s20:09s21:09s
Glenrothes Bus Station (Stance 6) 19:15p20:15p21:15p22:15
Woodside Inn (opp) 19:1720:1721:1722:17
Eastfield Bankhead Roundabout (Southbound) 19:1820:1821:1822:18
Cowdenbeath, adj The Fountain 19:3320:3321:3322:33
Cowdenbeath, opp Bus Depot 19:3520:3521:3522:35
Hill of Beath, adj Concrete Works 19:3720:3721:3722:37
Crossgates, opp Manse Road 19:3920:3921:3922:39
Halbeath, at Park & Ride Arrival Bay 19:42s20:42s21:42s22:42s
Halbeath Park & Ride (Stance 4) 19:43p20:43p21:43p22:43p
Ferrytoll Park & Ride (Stance 3) 19:5120:5121:5122:51
North Queensferry North Access (S-Bound) 19:5220:5221:5222:52
Queensferry Slip Road (S-bound) 19:5520:5521:5522:55
Barnton Junction (E-bound) 20:0121:0122:0123:01
Blackhall, opp Hillpark Steps 20:0321:0322:0323:03
Blackhall, after Telford Road 20:0421:0422:0423:04
Craigleith Drive (before) 20:0821:0822:0823:08
Orchard Brae, o/s Learmonth Terrace 20:14s21:14s22:14s23:13s
West End Queensferry Street (Stop QC) 20:17s21:17s22:17s23:17s
Edinburgh Princes Street (west) (Stop PD) 20:20s21:20s22:20s23:20s
Edinburgh Princes Street (Scott Mon.) (Stop PH) 20:22s21:22s22:22s23:23s
Edinburgh, at Bus Station 20:2821:2822:2823:28

Times marked s – “set down only” – the will only stop to drop passengers off

Times marked p – “pick up only” – the will only stop to pick up passengers

Timetable data from Stagecoach East Scotland, 20 April 2024

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