X54 - Edinburgh bus station - Halbeath P&R

Operated by Stagecoach East Scotland


Edinburgh bus station - Halbeath P&R

Edinburgh Bus Station (Gate D-Stance 6) 06:30then hourly until14:3015:3016:3017:3018:3019:40
Edinburgh Princes Street (Scott Mon.) (Stop PR) 06:3514:3515:3716:3717:3718:3519:45
Edinburgh Princes Street (west) (Stop PU) 06:3814:3815:4016:4017:4018:3819:48
West End Queensferry Street (Stop QE) 06:4114:4115:4516:4517:4518:4119:51
Orchard Brae, opp Learmonth Terrace 06:4314:4315:4816:4817:4818:4319:53
Craigleith Road (after) 06:4614:4615:5216:5217:5218:4619:56
Blackhall, before Telford Road 06:4814:4815:5516:5517:5518:4819:58
Blackhall, adj Hillpark Steps 06:5014:5015:5716:5717:5718:5020:00
Barnton Junction (W-bound) 06:5214:5216:0117:0118:0118:5220:02
Queensferry Slip Road (N-bound) 07:0215:0216:1717:1718:1719:0220:12
North Queensferry North Access (N-Bound) 07:0515:0516:2217:2218:2219:0520:15
Ferrytoll Park & Ride (Stance 1) 07:0715:0716:2517:2518:2519:0720:17
Halbeath, at Park & Ride Arrival Bay 07:1515:1516:3517:3518:3519:1520:25
Halbeath Park & Ride (Stance 1) 07:1715:1716:3717:3718:3719:1720:27
Crossgates, adj Hillview Crescent 07:2015:2016:4017:4018:4019:2020:30
Hill of Beath, opp Concrete Works 07:2215:2216:4217:4218:4219:2220:32
Cowdenbeath, adj Bus Depot 07:2515:2516:4517:4518:4519:2520:35
Cowdenbeath, opp The Fountain 07:2715:2716:4717:4718:4719:2720:37
Eastfield Bankhead Roundabout (Northbound) 07:4115:4117:0118:0119:0119:4120:51
Woodside Inn (adj) 07:4215:4217:0218:0219:0219:4320:53
Glenrothes Bus Station Arrival Bay (Stances 1-8) 07:4515:4517:0518:0519:0519:4520:55
Glenrothes Bus Station (Stance 5) 06:5007:5015:5017:1018:1019:10
Glenrothes, opp Auchmuty Road 06:5007:5015:5017:1018:1019:10
Queensway, adj Morrisons Supermarket 06:5107:5115:5117:1118:1119:11
Queensway, opp Auchmuty High School 06:5107:5115:5117:1118:1119:11
Glenrothes, adj Gateside Cottages 06:5507:5515:5517:1518:1519:15
Muirhead Village (Eastbound) 06:5707:5715:5717:1718:1719:17
Muirhead, adj Welltree Junction 06:5807:5815:5817:1818:1819:18
Kettlebridge, adj Mid Street 07:0008:0016:0017:2018:2019:20
Kettlebridge, opp Kettlehill Road End 07:0108:0116:0117:2118:2119:21
Balmalcolm Main Road (NE bound) 07:0208:0216:0217:2218:2219:22
Pitlessie, adj The Wynd 07:0408:0416:0417:2418:2419:24
Pitlessie, opp Cults Road End 07:0508:0516:0517:2518:2519:25
Pitlessie, adj Cults Mill Road End 07:0508:0516:0517:2518:2519:25
Springfield Clushford Toll (Northbound) 07:0708:0716:0717:2718:2719:27
Springfield, opp Edenwood Farm 07:0708:0716:0717:2718:2719:27
Cupar, adj Tarvit Mill 07:0808:0816:0817:2818:2819:28
Cupar, opp Knox Gardens 07:1008:1016:1017:3018:3019:30
Cupar, adj Cow Brae 07:1008:1016:1017:3018:3019:30
Cupar, opp Tesco Supermarket 07:1108:1116:1117:3118:3119:31
Cupar, opp Railway Station 07:1108:1116:1117:3118:3119:31
Cupar, adj Bowling Green Road 07:1208:1216:1217:3218:3219:32
Cupar, opp Thomastoun Drive 07:1208:1216:1217:3218:3219:32
Cupar, opp Trading Estate 07:1308:1316:1317:3318:3319:33
Cupar, adj Foxton Farm Road End 07:1408:1416:1417:3418:3419:34
Dairsie, adj Primary School 07:1708:1716:1717:3718:3719:37
Dairsie, opp Pitcairn Park 07:1708:1716:1717:3718:3719:37
Balmullo, adj Post Office 07:2108:2116:2117:4118:4119:41
St Michaels Dundee Road (Northbound) 07:2408:2416:2417:4418:4419:44
Drumoig, opp National Golf Centre 07:2708:2716:2717:4718:4719:47
Newport-on-Tay Forgan Roundabout (Northbound) 07:3008:3016:3017:5018:5019:50
Dundee, at Bus Station 07:3608:3616:3617:5618:5619:56

Halbeath P&R - Edinburgh bus station

Dundee Seagate Bus Station (Stance 7) 07:45then hourly until16:4518:0519:0520:05
Newport-on-Tay Forgan Roundabout (Southbound) 07:5216:5218:1219:1220:12
Drumoig, adj National Golf Centre 07:5416:5418:1419:1420:14
St Michaels Inn (Opp) 07:5716:5718:1719:1720:17
Balmullo, opp Post Office 08:0017:0018:2019:2020:20
Dairsie, adj Pitcairn Park 08:0417:0418:2419:2420:24
Dairsie, opp Primary School 08:0417:0418:2419:2420:24
Cupar, opp Foxton Farm Road End 08:0717:0718:2719:2720:27
Cupar, adj Trading Estate 08:1017:1018:3019:3020:30
Cupar, adj Thomastoun Drive 08:1117:1118:3119:3120:31
Cupar, opp Bowling Green Road 08:1117:1118:3119:3120:31
Cupar, adj Railway Station 08:1217:1218:3219:3220:32
Cupar, adj Tesco Supermarket 08:1217:1218:3219:3220:32
Cupar, opp Cow Brae 08:1317:1318:3319:3320:33
Cupar, adj Knox Gardens 08:1317:1318:3319:3320:33
Cupar, opp Tarvit Mill 08:1517:1518:3519:3520:35
Springfield, adj Edenwood Farm 08:1617:1618:3619:3620:36
Springfield Clushford Toll (s-bound) 08:1717:1718:3719:3720:37
Pitlessie, opp Cults Mill Road End 08:1817:1818:3819:3820:38
Pitlessie, adj Cults Road End 08:1917:1918:3919:3920:39
Pitlessie, opp The Wynd 08:2017:2018:4019:4020:40
Balmalcolm Main Road (SW Bound) 08:2217:2218:4219:4220:42
Kettlebridge, adj Kettlehill Road End 08:2317:2318:4319:4320:43
Kettlebridge, opp Mid Street 08:2417:2418:4419:4420:44
Muirhead, opp Welltree Junction 08:2617:2618:4619:4620:46
Muirhead Village (Westbound) 08:2717:2718:4719:4720:47
Glenrothes, adj Kirkforthar Feus 08:2817:2818:4819:4820:48
Glenrothes, opp Gateside Cottages 08:2917:2918:4919:4920:49
Queensway, adj Auchmuty High School 08:3317:3318:5319:5320:53
Glenrothes Bus Station Arrival Bay (Stances 1-8) 08:3417:3418:5419:5420:54
Glenrothes Bus Station (Stance 6) 05:3506:2507:2508:3917:3918:59
Woodside Inn (opp) 05:3706:2707:2708:4217:4219:02
Eastfield Bankhead Roundabout (Southbound) 05:3806:2807:2808:4317:4319:03
Cowdenbeath, adj The Fountain 05:5306:4307:4308:5717:5719:17
Cowdenbeath, opp Bus Depot 05:5506:4507:4508:5917:5919:19
Hill of Beath, adj Concrete Works 05:5806:4807:4809:0218:0219:22
Crossgates, opp Manse Road 06:0006:5007:5009:0418:0419:24
Halbeath, at Park & Ride Arrival Bay 06:0306:5307:5309:0718:0719:27
Halbeath Park & Ride (Stance 4) 06:0806:5607:5609:0818:0819:28
Ferrytoll Park & Ride (Stance 3) 06:1607:0608:0609:1618:1619:36
North Queensferry North Access (S-Bound) 06:1707:0708:0709:1718:1719:37
Queensferry Slip Road (S-bound) 06:2007:1008:1009:2018:2019:40
Barnton Junction (E-bound) 06:2607:2008:2009:2618:2619:46
Blackhall, opp Hillpark Steps 06:2807:2208:2209:2818:2819:48
Blackhall, after Telford Road 06:2907:2408:2409:2918:2919:49
Craigleith Drive (before) 06:3307:2908:2909:3318:3319:53
Orchard Brae, o/s Learmonth Terrace 06:3907:3608:3609:3818:3819:58
West End Queensferry Street (Stop QC) 06:4207:4008:4009:4218:4220:02
Edinburgh Princes Street (west) (Stop PD) 06:4507:4408:4409:4518:4520:05
Edinburgh Princes Street (Scott Mon.) (Stop PH) 06:4807:4808:4809:4818:4820:08
Edinburgh, at Bus Station 06:5307:5508:5509:5318:5320:13

Timetable data from Stagecoach East Scotland, 3 February 2023

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