6.0 - the sixes - Derby - Belper

A bus service operated by trentbarton

Matlock - Derby

Belper Bus Garage (Bay 1) 05:2505:5506:10
Belper, opp Meadow View 05:2505:5506:10
Belper, opp Babington Hospital 05:2505:5506:10
Belper, opp Goods Yard 05:2605:5606:11
Belper, adj Becksitch Lane 05:2705:5706:12
Milford, adj Derwent Avenue 05:2705:5706:12
Milford, adj New Inn 05:2805:5806:13
Milford, adj Hopping Hill 05:2905:5906:14
Milford, adj Makeney Road 05:2905:5906:14
Milford, adj Strutt Arms 05:3006:0006:15
Milford, adj Moscow Farm 05:3006:0006:15
Duffield, opp Castle Hill 05:3106:0106:16
Duffield Milford Road (S-bound) 05:3206:0206:17
Duffield, adj Chapel Street 05:3206:0206:17
Duffield, opp Telephone Exchange 05:3306:0306:18
Duffield, adj Baptist Church 05:3306:0306:18
Duffield, opp Broadway 05:3406:0406:19
Flaxholme, adj Hayley Croft 05:3406:0406:19
Flaxholme Avenue (Adj) 05:3506:0506:20
Burley Hill, opp Burley Lane 05:3606:0606:21
Burley Hill, opp Allestree Park Gates 05:3706:0706:22
Allestree, adj Ford Lane 05:3806:0806:23
Allestree, opp Park Lane 05:3906:0906:24
Allestree, opp Kings Croft 05:4006:1006:25
Darley Abbey, adj Church Lane 05:4106:1106:26
Darley Abbey, opp Ferrers Way 05:4206:1206:27
Darley Abbey, opp Slack Lane 05:4306:1306:28
Darley Abbey, opp St Benedicts School 05:4306:1306:28
Darley Abbey Mileash Lane (Adj 276) 05:4406:1406:29
Darley Abbey, opp Broadway 05:4406:1406:29
Darley Abbey, opp West Bank Avenue 05:4506:1506:30
Darley Abbey, opp Highfield Road 05:4606:1606:31
Darley Abbey, opp Queen Mary Court 05:4706:1706:32
Derby, adj North Street 05:4806:1806:33
Derby, opp Seven Stars 05:4806:1806:33
Derby Queen Street (Stop C6) 05:4906:1906:34
Derby Full Street (Stop C4) 05:5006:2006:35
Derby Morledge (Stop C8) 05:5106:2106:36
Derby Bus Station (Bay 22) 05:5306:2306:38

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