646 - Halwill Junction - Holsworthy-Barnstaple

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Halwill Junction - Holsworthy-Barnstaple

Halwill Junction, opp Station Fields 09:05
Halwill Junction Halwill Meadow (W-bound) 09:05
Halwill, opp Church 09:07
Quoditch Post Box (SW-bound) 09:09
Ashwater Sandymoor Cross Shelter (SW-bound) 09:15
Higher Prestacott, opp Post Box 09:18
Ashwater Ashmill (NW-bound) 09:20
Ashwater, opp Church 09:22
Ashwater Shelter (W-bound) 09:22
Henford Mount Lane (S-bound) 09:26
Chapmans Well Arscott Arms (NE-bound) 09:30
St Giles on the Heath Post Office (S-bound) 09:35
Chapmans Well Arscott Arms (SW-bound) 09:40
Henford Yeo Farm (N-bound) 09:41
Clawton, opp School 09:45
Clawton The War Memorial (N-bound) 09:45
Whimble Hill (NW-bound) 09:48
Holsworthy Coles Mill Bridge (NW-bound) 09:49
Holsworthy, opp Coles Mill Close 09:49
Holsworthy Library (Stop A) 09:50
Holsworthy Beacon Freshlay (NE-bound) 09:55
Milton Damerel Venn Green (NE-bound) 10:00
Milton Damerel Woodford Bridge (NE-bound) 10:04
Stibb Cross (E-bound) 10:10
Stibb Cross, opp The Old Union Inn 10:10
Frithelstock Stone Stone Farm (E-bound) 10:15
Monkleigh (E-bound) 10:20
Saltrens Post Cottage (N-bound) 10:23
Landcross, opp Old Coach House 10:28
Landcross Chapel (N-bound) 10:30
Bideford Devonshire Park (N-bound) 10:33
Bideford Quay (Stop D) 10:35
Orchard Hill The Dairy (NW-bound) 10:36
Orchard Hill Raleigh Garage (N-bound) 10:36
Orchard Hill Heywood Road (NE-bound) 10:36
Roundswell Woodville (E-bound) 10:52
Roundswell Bickington Road (E-bound) 10:52
Sticklepath Stafford (NE-bound) 10:53
Barnstaple Sticklepath Terrace (NE-bound) 10:54
Barnstaple Bus Station (Stand J) 10:55

Holsworthy-Barnstaple - Halwill Junction

Barnstaple Bus Station (Stand J) 13:30
Barnstaple Sticklepath Terrace (W-bound) 13:30
Sticklepath Wrey Arms (W-bound) 13:32
Roundswell Bickington Road (W-bound) 13:32
Roundswell Woodville (W-bound) 13:32
Orchard Hill Heywood Road (SW-bound) 13:48
Orchard Hill Raleigh Garage (S-bound) 13:48
Orchard Hill The Dairy (SE-bound) 13:48
Bideford Kingsley Road (SE-bound) 13:49
Bideford Kingsley Road (E-bound) 13:49
Bideford Quay (Stop A) 13:50
Bideford Devonshire Park (S-bound) 13:51
Landcross, opp Chapel 13:55
Landcross Old Coach House (S-bound) 13:56
Saltrens Thatch Cottage (S-bound) 14:01
Monkleigh (W-bound) 14:05
Frithelstock Stone, opp Stone Farm 14:10
Stibb Cross The Old Union Inn (SW-bound) 14:14
Stibb Cross (W-bound) 14:15
Milton Damerel Woodford Bridge (SW-bound) 14:20
Milton Damerel Venn Green (SW-bound) 14:25
Holsworthy Beacon Freshlay (SW-bound) 14:29
Holsworthy Beacon Shelter (SW-bound) 14:29
Holsworthy Church (Stop B) 14:35
Holsworthy Coles Mill Close (SE-bound) 14:35
Holsworthy Coles Mill Bridge (SE-bound) 14:35
Whimble Hill (SE-bound) 14:36
Clawton Post Office (S-bound) 14:40
Clawton School (S-bound) 14:40s
Henford Yeo Farm (N-bound) 14:43s
Chapmans Well Arscott Arms (SW-bound) 14:45s
St Giles on the Heath Post Office (S-bound) 14:50s
Chapmans Well Arscott Arms (SW-bound) 14:54s
Henford Mount Lane (S-bound) 14:55s
Ashwater, opp Shelter 14:57s
Ashwater Church (E-bound) 14:58s
Ashwater Ashmill (SE-bound) 15:02s
Higher Prestacott Post Box (NE-bound) 15:02s
Ashwater, opp Sandymoor Cross Shelter 15:04
Quoditch, opp Post Box 15:08
Halwill Church (NE-bound) 15:10
Halwill Junction Halwill Meadow (E-bound) 15:11
Halwill Junction, opp Station Fields 15:12

Times marked s – “sets down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Linden Holdings (Devon) Ltd/Bus Open Data Service, 10 June 2021. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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