890 - Launceston - Bodmin - Summercourt - Brighton Cross - Victoria Cormwall Services

Operated by First Kernow

Victoria Cornwall Services - Bodmin, Summercourt, Brighton Cross - Truro
Launceston - Bodmin, Summercourt, Brighton Cross - Victoria Cormwall Services

Launceston Westgate Street (W-bound) 06:40
Launceston Western Road (S-bound) 06:41
Launceston Woburn Road Junction (SW-bound) 06:41
Launceston Pennygillam (S-bound) 06:42
Fivelanes A30 Roundabout (SW-bound) 06:52
Bolventor, opp Jamaica Inn 06:59
Cardinham Lay By (SW-bound) 07:08
Bodmin Business Park (o/s) 07:11
Bodmin Asda (SW-bound) 07:12
Bodmin, opp Love Lane 07:12
Bodmin Homebase (SW-bound) 07:13
Bodmin Lidl (NW-bound) 07:14
Bodmin Priory House (W-bound) 07:14
Bodmin Car Park (W-bound) 07:15
Bodmin Sainsburys Entrance (W-bound) 07:15
Bodmin Lower Bore Street (W-bound) 07:16
Bodmin Higher Bore Street (W-bound) 07:16
Berryfields Roundabout (SW-bound) 07:17
Bodmin, opp Beech Drive 07:17
Treningle, opp Tollgate House 07:20
Lamorick The Old Workshop (SW-bound) 07:21
Lanivet Car Park (S-bound) 07:22
Innis Downs Roundabout (SW-bound) 07:24
Victoria Cornwall Services (N-bound) 07:28
Victoria Vospers (SW-bound) 07:30
Victoria, opp Travelodge 07:31
Roche, opp Finsbury Rise 07:33
Roche, opp Victory Hall 07:33
Roche The Square (S-bound) 07:34
Roche School (E-bound) 07:34
Trezaise Avenue (SE-bound) 07:35
Trezaise Trendale Industrial Park (SE-bound) 07:36
Whitemoor, opp Allens Tyres 07:38
Whitemoor, opp School 07:40
Whitemoor, opp Carmega 07:41
St Dennis Whitemoor Turn (SW-bound) 07:43
St Dennis, opp Chy Ughel 07:45
St Dennis, opp Surgery 07:46
St Dennis Robartes Road (NW-bound) 07:47
St Dennis Domellick Farm (W-bound) 07:49
Indian Queens Heidelberg (W-bound) 07:53
Indian Queens, opp Lodge Way 07:55
Indian Queens, opp Cemetery 07:56
Indian Queens, opp Tregawne 07:57
Indian Queens, opp Top of Fraddon Hill 07:58
Fraddon Seaview (SW-bound) 07:58
Fraddon Oakdene Villas (S-bound) 07:59
Fraddon Blue Anchor (SW-bound) 07:59
Fraddon, opp Westbourne Terrace 08:00
Fraddon Kingsley Village (E-bound) 08:01
Summercourt School (SW-bound) 08:05
Summercourt London Inn (SW-bound) 08:06
Summercourt, opposite Bus Depot 08:07
Brighton Cross Roundabout A3058 (E-bound) 08:11
New Mills, opp Methodist Church 08:14
Ladock Post Office (S-bound) 08:16
Truck, o/s Riverside Villas 08:22
Tresillian Geen Mill (SW-bound) 08:23
Tresillian Business Park (opp) 08:24
Tresillian The Wheel Inn (SW-bound) 08:26
Tresillian Fal Garage (SW-bound) 08:26
Tresillian Carrs (SW-bound) 08:27
Tresillian, opp River View 08:29
Truro, opposite Waitrose 08:34
Truro St Clements Vean (SW-bound) 08:35
Truro Tregolls Road Dual Carriageway (SW-bound) 08:36
Truro Old Police Station (SW-bound) 08:37
Truro Bus Station (Stand J) 08:38
Truro Victoria Square (W-bound) 08:42
Truro Reeds Pharmacy The Globe (W-bound) 08:43
Truro, opp Railway Station 08:46
Truro Sainsbury (SW-bound) 08:47
Highertown County Arms (W-bound) 08:49
Highertown Penwethers Lane (NW-bound) 08:49
Highertown All Saints Church (W-bound) 08:51
Treliske Newbridge Turn (W-bound) 08:52
Treliske Lay By (W-bound) 08:53
Gloweth Truro College (W-bound) 08:56
Gloweth Truro College (SW-bound) 09:00

Truro - Bodmin, Summercourt, Brighton Cross - Victoria Cornwall Services
Victoria Cormwall Services - Bodmin, Summercourt, Brighton Cross - Launceston

Gloweth Truro College (SW-bound) 16:25
Gloweth, opp Truro College 16:26
Treliske Homebase (E-bound) 16:27
Treliske Lay By (E-bound) 16:28
Treliske Newbridge Turn (E-bound) 16:29
Highertown, opp All Saints Church 16:30
Highertown, opp Penwethers Lane 16:31
Highertown, opp County Arms 16:32
Truro, opp Sainsbury 16:33
Truro Railway Station (E-bound) 16:34
Truro Museum (E-bound) 16:37
Truro Boscawen Street (E-bound) 16:38
Truro Bus Station (Stand G) 16:40
Truro National Tyres (NE-bound) 16:46
Truro Tregolls Road Dual Carriageway (NE-bound) 16:47
Truro Tregolls Road Hill (N-bound) 16:48
Truro Waitrose (NE-bound) 16:48
Tresillian River View (E-bound) 16:53
Tresillian, opp Carrs Garage 16:54
Tresillian, opp Fal Garage 16:55
Tresillian Fairfax Road (E-bound) 16:56
Tresillian Mercedes Garage (E-bound) 16:57
Tresillian Business Park (o/s) 16:57
Tresillian Geen Mill (NE-bound) 16:58
Truck, opp Riverside Villas 16:59
Ladock, opp Post Office 17:05
New Mills Methodist Church (NE-bound) 17:07
Brighton Cross Roundabout A3058 (W-bound) 17:10
Summercourt Bus Depot (NW-bound) 17:14
Summercourt Beaconside (NW-bound) 17:15
Fraddon Kingsley Village (W-bound) 17:20
Fraddon Westbourne Terrace (NE-bound) 17:21
Fraddon Blue Anchor (NE-bound) 17:22
Fraddon Oakdene Villas (N-bound) 17:22
Fraddon, opp Seaview 17:23
Indian Queens Top Fraddon Hill (NE-bound) 17:23
Indian Queens Tregawne (NE-bound) 17:24
Indian Queens Cemetery (NE-bound) 17:25
Indian Queens Lodge Way (S-bound) 17:26
Indian Queens, opp Heidelberg 17:28
St Dennis, opp Domellick Farm 17:32
St Dennis Maple Close (SE-bound) 17:34
St Dennis Surgery (SW-bound) 17:35
St Dennis Chy Ughel (S-bound) 17:36
St Dennis, opp Whitemoor Turn 17:38
Whitemoor Carmega (E-bound) 17:40
Whitemoor School (SE-bound) 17:41
Whitemoor Allens Tyres (N-bound) 17:43
Trezaise, opp Trendale Industrial Park 17:45
Trezaise Avenue (NW-bound) 17:46
Roche, opp Recreation Ground 17:47
Roche Hall (N-bound) 17:47
Roche Firsleigh Park (N-bound) 17:48
Roche Pentre Clsoe (N-bound) 17:49
Victoria Travelodge (N-bound) 17:50
Victoria, opp Vospers 17:51
Victoria Cornwall Services (N-bound) 17:53
Innis Downs Roundabout (NE-bound) 17:57
Lanivet, opp Car Park 17:59
Lamorick The Old Workshop (NE-bound) 18:00
Treningle Tollgate House (NE-bound) 18:01
Bodmin Beech Drive (NE-bound) 18:04
Berryfields St Lawrences Church (NE-bound) 18:04
Bodmin Higher Bore Street (E-bound) 18:05
Bodmin Lower Bore Street (E-bound) 18:05
Bodmin Sainsburys Entrance (E-bound) 18:06
Bodmin, opp Car Park 18:06
Bodmin Lidl (SE-bound) 18:07
Bodmin Homebase (NE-bound) 18:08
Bodmin Asda (NE-bound) 18:09
Bodmin Business Park (opp) 18:10
Cardinham Lay By (NE-bound) 18:13
Bolventor Layby (NE-bound) 18:22
Trewint Laskeys (NE-bound) 18:28
Fivelanes Bus Shelter (E-bound) 18:29
Launceston St Johns Road (NE-bound) 18:39
Launceston Western Road (N-bound) 18:39
Launceston Westgate Street (E-bound) 18:41

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