91 - Totnes - Ermington - Plymstock - Plymouth

A bus service operated by Country Bus (Newton Abbot)


Totnes - Ermington - Plymstock - Plymouth

Totnes Coronation Road opp Town Mill (Stop D) 09:0013:15
Totnes Rail Station (Stop C) 09:0113:16
Totnes Western By-pass (S-bound) 09:0213:17
Totnes Kellock Drive (W-bound) 09:0313:18
Follaton Bungalows (opp) 09:0413:19
Follaton House (opp) 09:0513:20
Follaton Cross (NW-bound) 09:0513:20
Tigley Fork Cross (W-bound) 09:0713:22
Culverlane Shorter Cross (W-bound) 09:1113:26
Avonwick, opp Avon Inn 09:1413:29
Ugborough Kitterford Cross (SW-bound) 09:1913:34
Ugborough Post Office (NW-bound) 09:2213:37
Ludbrook Cross (SW-bound) 09:2513:40
Ermington, opp Post Office 09:3013:45
Holbeton Western Lodge (W-bound) 09:3313:48
Yealmbridge Dunstone Cross (W-bound) 09:3613:51
Yealmbridge The Old Smithy (W-bound) 09:3613:51
Yealmpton, opp Volunteer Inn 09:3813:53
Yealmpton Stray Park (W-bound) 09:3813:53
Yealmpton Yealm Park (W-bound) 09:3913:54
Yealmpton Kitley House (W-bound) 09:3913:54
Brixton Winstone Lane (E-bound) 09:4113:56
Brixton Elliots Hill (W-bound) 09:4213:57
Brixton Sutherland Cottages (NW-bound) 09:4213:57
Brixton Combe Lane (NW-bound) 09:4313:58
Combe Rogers Garage (NW-bound) 09:4413:59
Elburton School (NW-bound) 09:4614:01
Elburton Stanborough Cross (NW-bound) 09:4614:01
Elburton Reservoir Road (End) 09:46
Elburton Reservoir Road (W-bound) 14:02
Elburton Roseveare Close (NW-bound) 09:46
Plymstock Russell Close (NW-bound) 14:02
Billacombe Southernway (NW-bound) 09:47
Plymstock Moorcroft Close (W-bound) 14:03
Billacombe Stentaway Road (W-bound) 09:47
Plymstock Southernway (SW-bound) 14:04
Billacombe Pleasure Hill (W-bound) 09:48
Plymstock Easterdown Close (W-bound) 14:04
Pomphlett Billacombe Road (W-bound) 09:49
Plymstock Maple Court (W-bound) 14:05
Pomphlett Billacombe Road (W-bound) 09:51
Plymstock Library (E-bound) 14:05
Pomphlett Superstore (W-bound) 09:52
Plymstock Broadway East (NW-bound) 14:06
Pomphlett Rocky Park Road (NW-bound) 14:06
Pomphlett Blue Peter (W-bound) 14:07
Pomphlett Roundabout (NW-bound) 14:07
Pomphlett Morley Arms (NW-bound) 09:5514:09
Prince Rock Laira Bridge (NW-bound) 09:5514:10
Prince Rock Elliott Road (W-bound) 09:5614:11
Cattedown Astor Fields (W-bound) 09:5714:11
Cattedown St Johns Church (W-bound) 09:5714:12
Plymouth, o/s Charles Church 09:58
Plymouth Viaduct (Stop B5) 09:5914:13
Plymouth Royal Parade A11 (Stop A11) 10:0114:16

Plymouth - Plymstock - Ermington - Totnes

Plymouth Royal Parade A11 (Stop A11) 10:0514:25
Plymouth Viaduct B2 (Stop B2) 10:0514:25
Plymouth, opp Exeter Street 10:0614:26
Cattedown Friary Park (E-bound) 10:0714:27
Cattedown Roundabout (E-bound) 10:0814:28
Cattedown Higher Stert Terrace (NE-bound) 10:0814:28
Prince Rock School (SE-bound) 10:0914:29
Prince Rock Plymouth Gate (SE-bound) 10:0914:29
Pomphlett Sugar Mill (SE-bound) 10:1114:31
Pomphlett Morrisons (SE-bound) 10:12
Pomphlett Rock Gardens (NE-bound) 14:31
Pomphlett Howard Road (SE-bound) 10:13
Pomphlett Billacombe Green (SE-bound) 14:31
Pomphlett Rockville Park (SE-bound) 10:13
Billacombe Boringdon Terrace (SE-bound) 14:32
Plymstock Horn Cross (SE-bound) 10:14
Billacombe Colesdown Hill (E-bound) 14:33
Plymstock Library (E-bound) 10:15
Billacombe Southernway (SE-bound) 14:34
Plymstock Southernway (NE-bound) 10:16
Elburton Woodland Avenue (SE-bound) 14:35
Plymstock Moorcroft Close (E-bound) 10:17
Elburton Stag Lane (SE-bound) 14:37
Plymstock Russell Close (E-bound) 10:18
Elburton Stanborough Cross (SE-bound) 14:38
Elburton Reservoir Road (E-bound) 10:18
Elburton Stanborough Cross (E-bound) 10:19
Elburton Hotel (SE-bound) 10:2014:40
Combe, opp Rogers Garage 10:2214:42
Brixton Combe Lane (SE-bound) 10:2214:42
Brixton Sutherland Cottages (SE-bound) 10:2314:43
Brixton, opp Elliots Hill 10:2414:44
Brixton, opp Winstone Lane 10:2414:44
Yealmpton Kitley House (E-bound) 10:2614:46
Yealmpton Yealm Park (E-bound) 10:2614:46
Yealmpton Stray Park (E-bound) 10:2714:47
Yealmpton, opp Post Office 10:2814:48
Yealmbridge, opp The Old Smithy 10:2914:49
Yealmbridge Dunstone Cross (E-bound) 10:2914:49
Holbeton, opp Western Lodge 10:3214:52
Ermington Post Office (NW-bound) 10:3614:56
Ludbrook Cross (NE-bound) 10:4015:00
Ugborough Post Office (NW-bound) 10:4415:04
Ugborough Kitterford Cross (NE-bound) 10:4615:06
Avonwick Avon Inn (E-bound) 10:5215:12
Culverlane Shorter Cross (E-bound) 10:5415:14
Tigley Fork Cross (E-bound) 10:5815:18
Follaton Cross (SE-bound) 11:0015:20
Follaton House (E-bound) 11:0115:21
Follaton Bungalows (E-bound) 11:0115:21
Totnes, opp Kellock Drive 11:0315:23
Totnes Western By-pass (N-bound) 11:0315:23
Totnes Rail Station (Stop B) 11:0515:25
Totnes Opposite Royal Seven Stars Hotel (Stop E) 11:0715:27

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