DC01 - Okehampton - Duchy College

Operated by First Kernow

πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ“ This may be a "closed-door" school or works service, not open to the public

Okehampton - Duchy College

Okehampton West Street (Stop A) 07:20
Meldon, opp Betty Cottles 07:25
Meldon, opp Hughslade 07:25
Sourton Cross (SW-bound) 07:29
Sourton Windard Terrace (S-bound) 07:31
Southerly Bearslake Inn (S-bound) 07:33
Vale Down Fox and Hounds Hotel (SW-bound) 07:36
Vale Down Dartmoor Inn (SW-bound) 07:38
Mary Tavy War Memorial (S-bound) 07:44
Mary Tavy Station Road (S-bound) 07:45
Harford Bridge Peter Tavy Cross (SW-bound) 07:49
Tavistock, nr Pitts Cleave 07:50
Tavistock, opp Kelly College 07:52
Tavistock Bedford Hotel (SW-bound) 07:54
Tavistock Library (SW-bound) 07:55
Tavistock, opp Harewood House 07:56
Tavistock School (SE-bound) 07:57
Tavistock Grenville Drive (S-bound) 07:58
Tavistock Grenville Drive (N-bound) 07:58
Tavistock Morrisons (N-bound) 08:00
Tavistock School (NW-bound) 08:03
Tavistock Catholic Church (SW-bound) 08:04
Tavistock Monksmead (SW-bound) 08:05
Tavistock Lumburn Field (SW-bound) 08:06
Gulworthy Harvest Home (SW-bound) 08:12
Gulworthy Cross (W-bound) 08:15
Gulworthy, opp Tavistock Woodlands 08:17
Gunnislake, opp Cornish Inn 08:20
Gunnislake Railway Station Sand Hill (SW-bound) 08:20
Drakewalls Delaware Road (W-bound) 08:21
St Anns Chapel, opp Post Office 08:22
St Anns Chapel Rifle Volunteer (W-bound) 08:23
St Anns Chapel Honicombe Cross (W-bound) 08:24
Callington Southern Road (W-bound) 08:33
Callington Primary School (N-bound) 08:34
Callington, opp Urban Terrace 08:35
Callington Bowling Green (N-bound) 08:35
Kelly Bray, opp Isacombe Oaks 08:37
Kelly Bray Post Office (N-bound) 08:37
Kelly Bray The Swingletree (N-bound) 08:38
Kelly Bray Parsons Green (N-bound) 08:38
Downgate Turn (NW-bound) 08:41
Stoke Climsland Recreation Ground (N-bound) 08:43
Stoke Climsland Duchy College (S-bound) 08:45

Duchy College - Okehampton

Stoke Climsland Duchy College (S-bound) 16:23s
Kelly Bray, opp Trefloyd Close 16:47s
Kelly Bray Isacombe Oaks (S-bound) 16:48s
Callington Bowling Green (S-bound) 16:49s
Callington Urban Terrace (S-bound) 16:49s
Callington, opp Primary School 16:51s
Callington Saltash Road Car Park (E-bound) 16:51s
Callington Southern Road (E-bound) 16:51s
St Anns Chapel Honicombe Cross (E-bound) 16:59s
St Anns Chapel, opp Rifle Volunteer 17:00s
St Anns Chapel Post Office (E-bound) 17:01s
Drakewalls Delaware Road (E-bound) 17:04s
Gunnislake Railway Station Sand Hill (NE-bound) 17:04s
Gunnislake Cornish Inn (N-bound) 17:05s
Gunnislake Newbridge (N-bound) 17:06s
Gulworthy Tavistock Woodlands (NE-bound) 17:08s
Gulworthy Cross (E-bound) 17:11s
Gulworthy, opp Harvest Home 17:12s
Tavistock Uplands (NE-bound) 17:16s
Tavistock Monksmead (NE-bound) 17:17s
Tavistock School (SE-bound) 17:19s
Tavistock Grenville Drive (S-bound) 17:20s
Tavistock Grenville Drive (N-bound) 17:20s
Tavistock Morrisons (N-bound) 17:24s
Tavistock School (NW-bound) 17:29s
Tavistock Harewood House (NE-bound) 17:30s
Tavistock Bus Station (Bay 1) 17:32s
Tavistock, opp Bedford Hotel 17:34s
Harford Bridge Peter Tavy Cross (NE-bound) 17:39s
Mary Tavy, opp Station Road 17:42s
Mary Tavy War Memorial (N-bound) 17:42s
Vale Down, opp Dartmoor Inn 17:50s
Vale Down, opp Fox and Hounds Hotel 17:51s
Southerly Bearslake Inn (N-bound) 17:53s
Sourton Windard Terrace (NE-bound) 17:55s
Sourton Cross (NE-bound) 17:57s
Meldon Little Chef (E-bound) 17:57s
Meldon Hughslade (NE-bound) 17:59s
Meldon Betty Cottles (NE-bound) 18:00s
Okehampton New Road Cross (NE-bound) 18:02s
Okehampton New Road Cross (SW-bound) 18:02s
Okehampton West Street (Stop B) 18:05

Times marked s – β€œset down only” – the will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 17 April 2024

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