L1 - Lizard - Mullion, Cury, Flambards - Helston - Mullion, Cury, Flambards - Truro

A bus service operated by First Kernow

Lizard - Mullion, Cury, Flambards - Helston - Mullion, Cury, Flambards - Truro

Lizard The Green (N-bound) 07:05
Lizard Kynance Cove Turn (N-bound) 07:06
Lizard Mile End Garage (N-bound) 07:08
Cadgwith Turn (opp) 07:09
Ruan Minor, opp Ebenezer Chapel 07:10
Ruan Minor Treleague Crossroads (SE-bound) 07:13
Ruan Minor Glebe Place (S-bound) 07:14
Ruan Minor Treleague Cross Roads (NW-bound) 07:15
Ruan Minor Ebenezer Chapel (W-bound) 07:17
Ruan Major Predannick Holiday Village (N-bound) 07:18
Ruan Major Lizard Cider Barn (N-bound) 07:19
Penhale Mullion Holiday Park (W-bound) 07:21
Meaver Trecarne Pottery (W-bound) 07:23
Mullion School (W-bound) 07:2308:35
Mullion Methodist Church (SW-bound) 07:2408:49
Mullion Health Centre (SW-bound) 07:2508:50
Mullion Mini Market (SW-bound) 07:2508:50
Mullion Cricket Club (SW-bound) 07:2608:51
Mullion Clifden Parc (N-bound) 07:2708:52
Mullion Laflouder Fields (NE-bound) 07:2808:53
Mullion, opp Woodlands 07:2908:54
Mullion The Commons (NW-bound) 07:3008:55
Mullion Poldhu Cove (NW-bound) 07:3208:57
Cury Mullion Golf Club (N-bound) 07:3408:59
Cury School (E-bound) 07:3709:02
Cury, opp Parc Enys 07:3709:02
White Cross Village Hall (N-bound) 07:3809:03
Nantithet The Bridge (N-bound) 07:4009:05
Nantithet Treloskan Farm (N-bound) 07:4109:06
Culdrose Roundabout (N-bound) 07:4209:07
Culdrose RNAS Main Entrance (NW-bound) 07:4509:10
Helston Cottage Hospital (NE-bound) 07:4909:14
Helston Sainsburys (N-bound) 07:5009:15
Helston Cottage Hospital (NW-bound) 07:5109:16
Helston Spar Shop (NW-bound) 07:5209:17
Helston, opp Seven Stars 07:5509:20
Helston Godolphin Road (NE-bound) 07:5809:28
Helston Tesco (S-bound) 08:0009:30
Helston Gweal Dues Entrance (NE-bound) 08:0109:31
Trewennack Bus Shelter (E-bound) 08:0309:33
Trewennack Tremenhere House (NE-bound) 08:0409:34
Trevenen Bal Bus Shelter (NE-bound) 08:0509:35
Lower Manhay Farm (NE-bound) 08:0609:36
Laity Turn (NE-bound) 08:0809:38
Rame Retanna Caravan Park (E-bound) 08:1009:40
Rame Post Office (N-bound) 08:1409:44
Rame Post Office and Stores (NE-bound) 08:1409:44
Rame, opp Little Herniss 08:1509:45
Long Downs Herniss (E-bound) 08:1509:45
Long Downs Post Office (E-bound) 08:1609:46
Treluswell Roundabout (NE-bound) 08:2009:50
Burnthouse Goonhilland Barn (N-bound) 08:2109:51
Ponsanooth The Old School (W-bound) 08:2309:53
Ponsanooth Stag Hunt (NW-bound) 08:2309:53
Ponsanooth, opp Kemyel House 08:2409:54
Ponsanooth Postbox Pelean Cross (E-bound) 08:2509:55
Perranarworthal Perrandown Crossroads (NE-bound) 08:2809:58
Perranwell School House (NE-bound) 08:2909:59
Perranwell Station West Moor Crescent (NE-bound) 08:2909:59
Perranwell Station Royal Oak (NE-bound) 08:2909:59
Perranwell, opp Chapel 08:3010:00
Perranwell Station Railway Station (NE-bound) 08:3110:01
Carnon Downs Penvale (E-bound) 08:3310:03
Carnon Downs Creek Cottage (E-bound) 08:3410:04
Carnon Downs Old Carnon Hill (NE-bound) 08:3710:07
Carnon Downs Bus Shelter (NE-bound) 08:3810:08
Carnon Downs Forth Noweth (N-bound) 08:3810:08
Baldhu, opp Bus Shelter 08:4410:14
Greenbottom Bridgeway (NE-bound) 08:5110:21
Threemilestone Truro Camping and Caravanning Park (E-bound) 08:5310:23
Threemilestone Retail Park (E-bound) 08:5410:24
Threemilestone, opp Industrial Estate 08:5510:25
Threemilestone Glenthorne Road (E-bound) 08:5510:25
Threemilestone Victoria Inn (E-bound) 08:5610:26
Gloweth Truro College (SW-bound) 09:0010:30

Truro - Mullion, Cury, Flambards - Helston - Mullion, Cury, Flambards - Lizard

Gloweth Truro College (SW-bound) 15:28
Threemilestone Slip Road (W-bound) 12:2716:2716:27
Threemilestone Post Office (W-bound) 12:2816:2816:28
Threemilestone, opp Glenthorne Road 12:2916:2916:29
Threemilestone Industrial Estate (W-bound) 12:2916:2916:29
Threemilestone, opp Retail Park 12:3016:3016:30
Threemilestone, opp Truro Camping and Caravanning Park 12:3116:3116:31
Greenbottom, opp Bridgeway 12:3216:3216:32
Saveock Kerley Downs (SE-bound) 12:3316:3316:33
Baldhu Bus Shelter (SE-bound) 12:3816:3816:38
Carnon Downs Bus Shelter (SW-bound) 12:4616:4616:46
Carnon Downs Old Carnon Hill (SW-bound) 12:4716:4716:47
Carnon Downs Wellington Place (SW-bound) 12:4916:4916:49
Carnon Downs, opp Creek Cottage 12:5116:5116:51
Carnon Downs, opp Penvale 12:5116:5116:51
Perranwell Station Railway Station (W-bound) 12:5316:5316:53
Perranwell Chapel (SW-bound) 12:5416:5416:54
Perranwell Station, opp Royal Oak 12:5416:5416:54
Perranwell Station, opp West Moor Crescent 12:5416:5416:54
Perranwell, opp School House 12:5516:5516:55
Perranarworthal Perrandown Crossroads (SW-bound) 12:5516:5516:55
Ponsanooth Pelean Cross (SE-bound) 12:5816:5816:58
Ponsanooth Kemyel House (SE-bound) 12:5816:5816:58
Ponsanooth Stag Hunt (SE-bound) 12:5916:5916:59
Ponsanooth The Old School (E-bound) 12:5916:5916:59
Burnthouse Goonhilland Barn (S-bound) 13:0017:0017:00
Treluswell Roundabout (SW-bound) 13:0117:0117:01
Long Downs Post Office (W-bound) 13:0617:0617:06
Long Downs Herniss (W-bound) 13:0717:0717:07
Rame Little Herniss (W-bound) 13:0817:0817:08
Rame Cross (opp) 13:0917:0917:09
Rame, opp Edgcumbe 13:1017:1017:10
Rame, opp Retanna Caravan Park 13:1217:1217:12
Laity Turn (SW-bound) 13:1517:1517:15
Lower Manhay Farm (opp) 13:1617:1617:16
Trevenen Bal Bus Shelter (SW-bound) 13:1717:1717:17
Trewennack, opp Tremenhere House 13:1817:1817:18
Trewennack Bus Shelter (W-bound) 13:1917:1917:19
Helston Gweal Dues Entrance (SW-bound) 13:2017:2017:20
Helston Tesco (S-bound) 13:2117:2117:21
Helston Blue Anchor (W-bound) 13:3017:3017:30
Helston, opp Cottage Hospital 13:3417:3417:34
Helston Sainsburys (N-bound) 13:3517:3517:35
Helston Cottage Hospital (SW-bound) 13:3617:36
Culdrose RNAS Main Entrance (SE-bound) 13:4017:40
Culdrose Roundabout (S-bound) 13:4217:42
Nantithet Treloskan Farm (S-bound) 13:4417:44
Nantithet The Bridge (S-bound) 13:4517:45
White Cross Village Hall (S-bound) 13:4617:46
Cury Parc Enys (W-bound) 13:4817:48
Cury, opp School 13:4817:48
Cury, opp Mullion Golf Club 13:5017:50
Mullion Poldhu Cove (SE-bound) 13:5217:52
Mullion The Commons (SE-bound) 13:5317:53
Mullion Woodlands (SE-bound) 13:5417:54
Mullion Laflouder Fields (SW-bound) 13:5517:55
Mullion Clifden Parc (S-bound) 13:5717:57
Mullion, opp Cricket Club 13:5817:58
Mullion, opp Mini Market 13:5817:58
Mullion, opp Health Centre 13:5917:59
Mullion The Old Chapel (E-bound) 14:0018:00
Mullion School (E-bound) 14:0218:02
Meaver Trecarne Pottery (E-bound) 14:0218:02
Penhale Mullion Holiday Park (S-bound) 14:0418:04
Ruan Major, opp Lizard Cider Barn 14:0618:06
Ruan Major, opp Predannick Holiday Village 14:0718:07
Ruan Minor, opp Ebenezer Chapel 14:0718:07
Ruan Minor Treleague Crossroads (SE-bound) 14:1018:10
Ruan Minor Glebe Place (S-bound) 14:1118:11
Ruan Minor Treleague Cross Roads (NW-bound) 14:1218:12
Ruan Minor Ebenezer Chapel (W-bound) 14:1418:14
Cadgwith Turn (S-bound) 14:1518:15
Lizard, opp Mile End Garage 14:1618:16
Lizard, opp Kynance Cove Turn 14:1818:18
Lizard Croft Parc (E-bound) 14:1918:19
Lizard Top Church Cove (S-bound) 14:1918:19
Lizard, opp Landewednack Cp School 14:2018:20
Lizard The Green (N-bound) 14:2018:20

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