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A bus service operated by CT4N

Wollaton - Nottingham

Wollaton Hall Drive (Stop WO31) 09:3011:0012:0013:2014:30
Wollaton Scalford Drive (Stop WO32) 09:3111:0112:0113:2114:31
Wollaton Hawton Crescent (Stop WO78) 09:3211:0212:0213:2214:32
Wollaton Sutton Passeys Crescent (Stop WO113) 09:3311:0312:0313:2314:33
Wollaton Hawton Spinney (Stop WO114) 09:3411:0412:0413:2414:34
Wollaton Broughton Drive (Stop WO115) 09:3511:0512:0513:2514:35
Wollaton Selston Drive (Stop WO116) 09:3611:0612:0613:2614:36
Wollaton Farndon Green (Stop WO83) 09:3811:0812:0813:2814:38
Wollaton Hawton Crescent (Stop WO78) 09:3811:0812:0813:2814:38
Wollaton Jubilee Campus (Stop WO33) 09:3911:0912:0913:2914:39
Wollaton Charlbury Road (Stop WO95) 09:4312:1314:43
Wollaton Charlbury Rd HR (W-bound) 09:4512:1514:45
Wollaton Jubilee Campus (Stop WO26) 09:4811:1012:1813:3014:48
Wollaton Orston Drive HR (S-bound) 09:5011:1212:2013:3214:50
Wollaton Scalford Drive (Stop WO28) 09:5211:1412:2213:3414:52
Wollaton Hall Drive (Stop WO29) 09:5311:1512:2313:3514:53
Queens Medical Centre QMC Main Entrance (Stop QM02) 09:5511:1712:2513:3714:55
Queens Medical Centre QMC (Stop QM03) 09:5511:1712:2513:3714:55
Lenton Hillside (Stop LE01) 09:5611:1812:2613:3814:56
Lenton Triumph Road (Stop LE02) 09:5611:1812:2613:3814:56
Lenton Faraday Road (Stop LE03) 09:5811:2012:2813:4014:58
Lenton Willoughby Avenue (Stop LE27) 09:5811:2012:2813:4014:58
Lenton Church Street (Stop LE28) 09:5911:2112:2913:4114:59
Lenton Trinity Avenue (Stop LE29) 09:5911:2112:2913:4114:59
Lenton Alderney Street (Stop LE20) 10:0011:2212:3013:4215:00
Castle Marina Holiday Inn (Stop LE30) 10:0211:2412:3213:4415:02
Queens Drive (Stop ME35) 10:0311:2512:3313:4515:03
Queens Drive Wilford Road (Stop ME40) 10:0411:2612:3413:4615:04
Nottingham Railway Station (Stop S6) 10:0711:2912:3713:4915:07
Nottingham Maid Marian Way (Stop C9) 10:0911:3112:3913:5115:09
Nottingham St Nicholas' Church (Stop M5) 10:0911:3112:3913:5115:09
Nottingham Mount Street (Stop M6) 10:1011:3212:4013:5215:10
Nottingham Upper Parliament Street (Stop U5) 10:13s11:3512:4313:5515:13
Nottingham NTU City Campus (Stop G2) 10:1411:3612:4413:5615:14
Nottingham Victoria Centre (Stop J2) 10:1711:3912:4713:5915:17

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Nottingham - Wollaton

Nottingham Victoria Centre (Stop J2) 10:3011:3012:5014:0015:10
Nottingham Elite (Stop E2) 10:3211:3212:5214:0215:12
Nottingham Mount Street (Stop X2) 10:3511:3512:5514:0515:15
Nottingham Maid Marian Way (Stop M3) 10:3611:3612:5614:0615:16
Nottingham Collin Street (Stop C1) 10:3711:3712:5714:0715:17
Nottingham Railway Station (Stop S3) 10:4011:4013:0014:1015:20
Queens Drive Wilford Road (Stop ME16) 10:4311:4313:0314:1315:23
Queens Drive Castle Bridge Road (Stop ME17) 10:4411:4413:0414:1415:24
Queens Drive (Stop ME34) 10:4511:4513:0514:1515:25
Castle Marina Holiday Inn (Stop LE41) 10:4711:4713:0714:1715:27
Lenton Alderney Street (Stop LE15) 10:4811:4813:0814:1815:28
Lenton Trinity Avenue (Stop LE32) 10:5011:5013:1014:2015:30
Lenton Church Street (Stop LE22) 10:5011:5013:1014:2015:30
Lenton Willoughby Avenue (Stop LE23) 10:5111:5113:1114:2115:31
Lenton Boulevard (Stop LE10) 10:5211:5213:1214:2215:32
Lenton Faraday Road (Stop LE11) 10:5311:5313:1314:2315:33
Lenton Hillside (Stop LE12) 10:5511:5513:1514:2515:35
Queens Medical Centre QMC Main Entrance (Stop QM04) 10:5711:5713:1714:2715:37
Wollaton Oundle Drive (Stop WO30) 10:5911:5913:1914:2915:39
Wollaton Hall Drive (Stop WO31) 11:0012:0013:2014:3015:40
Wollaton Scalford Drive (Stop WO32) 11:0112:0113:2114:3115:41
Wollaton Hawton Crescent (Stop WO78) 11:0212:0213:2214:3215:42
Wollaton Sutton Passeys Crescent (Stop WO113) 11:0312:0313:2314:3315:43
Wollaton Hawton Spinney (Stop WO114) 11:0412:0413:2414:3415:44
Wollaton Broughton Drive (Stop WO115) 11:0512:0513:2514:3515:45
Wollaton Selston Drive (Stop WO116) 11:0612:0613:2614:3615:46
Wollaton Farndon Green (Stop WO83) 11:0812:0813:2814:3815:48
Wollaton Hawton Crescent (Stop WO78) 11:0812:0813:2814:3815:48
Wollaton Jubilee Campus (Stop WO33) 11:0912:0913:2914:3915:49
Wollaton Charlbury Road (Stop WO95) 12:1314:43
Wollaton Charlbury Rd HR (W-bound) 12:1514:45
Wollaton Jubilee Campus (Stop WO26) 11:1012:1813:3014:4815:50
Wollaton Orston Drive HR (S-bound) 11:1212:2013:3214:5015:52

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)



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