N12 - Seaford Library-Brighton Station (D)

Operated by Brighton & Hove

Brighton Stn (D) - Seaford Library

Brighton Station (Stop D) 01:3003:30
Brighton Clock Tower (Stop N) 01:3203:32
Brighton North Street (Stop C) 01:3403:34
Brighton Sea Life Centre (Stop K) 01:3603:36
Brighton, adj New Steine 01:3803:38
Kemp Town, adj Bedford Street South 01:4003:40
Kemp Town, adj Burlington Street 01:4003:40
Kemp Town, adj Paston Place 01:4203:42
Kemp Town, adj Eaton Place 01:4203:42
Kemp Town, opp Duke's Mound 01:4303:43
Kemp Town, adj Arundel Terrace 01:4303:43
Brighton, adj Marine Gate 01:4403:44
Brighton, adj Marine Gate Flats 01:4403:44
Brighton, adj Roedean Cafe 01:4503:45
Brighton, adj Roedean School 01:4503:45
Ovingdean, adj Greenways 01:4703:47
Rottingdean, adj The Windmill 01:4803:48
Rottingdean, opp White Horse 01:4903:49
Rottingdean, adj Newlands Road 01:4903:49
Rottingdean, adj Chailey Avenue 01:5003:50
Saltdean, adj Cranleigh Avenue 01:5003:50
Saltdean, adj Chichester Drive West 01:5103:51
Saltdean, adj Longridge Avenue 01:5203:52
East Saltdean, adj Bannings Vale 01:5203:53
East Saltdean, adj Telscombe Tye 01:5303:54
Telscombe Cliffs, adj Highview Road 01:5403:55
Telscombe Cliffs, adj Broomfield Avenue 01:5403:55
Telscombe Cliffs Way (adj) 01:5503:56
Peacehaven, adj Lincoln Avenue 01:5503:57
Peacehaven Hoddern Avenue (E-bound) 01:5603:58
Peacehaven, after Roderick Avenue 01:5703:59
Peacehaven, after Bramber Avenue 01:5703:59
Peacehaven Heights Slindon Avenue (E-bound) 01:5803:59
Peacehaven Heights, adj Gladys Avenue 01:5803:59
Peacehaven Heights, opp Seaview Road 01:5904:00
Peacehaven Heights, o/s Tudor Rose Park 01:5904:00
Newhaven, opp Blakeney Avenue 02:0004:01
Newhaven, o/s Peacehaven Golf Club 02:0004:01
Newhaven, adj The Fairway 02:0104:01
Newhaven, opp Kwik Fit Centre 02:0104:02
Newhaven, opp The Rose Walk 02:0204:02
Newhaven, on Lower Place 02:0304:03
Newhaven Railway Station Interchange (E-bound) 02:0504:05
Newhaven, opp Retail Park 02:0504:05
Newhaven Denton Corner (Stop 2) 02:0704:07
Newhaven, adj Stud Farm 02:0804:08
Tide Mills (opp) 02:0904:09
Bishopstone Road (adj) 02:1004:10
Seaford, adj Hill Rise 02:1004:10
Seaford, adj Beacon Road 02:1104:11
Seaford, adj Belgrave Road 02:1204:12
Seaford, opp Railway Station 02:1204:12
Seaford, o/s Library 02:1304:13
Seaford, adj War Memorial 04:13
Seaford, opp Southdown Road 04:13
Seaford, opp Downs Road 04:14
Seaford Sutton Corner (SE-bound) 04:14
Seaford, opp Manor Road 04:15
Seaford, adj Chyngton Gardens 04:16
Seaford, opp Chyngton Lane 04:16
Exceat, o/s Seven Sisters Park Centre 04:18
Friston, opp Gayles Farm 04:20
Friston, opp Pond 04:22
East Dean Garage (adj) 04:23
East Dean, adj Downs View Lane 04:23
East Dean, opp Halfway Cottages 04:25
Old Town, before South Downs Way 04:27
Old Town, adj Youth Hostel 04:28
Old Town, adj Cherry Garden Road 04:28
Old Town, adj Tally Ho 04:29
Old Town, adj The Lamb 04:30
Old Town The Goffs (o/s 44) 04:30
Eastbourne, adj Hartfield Road 04:31
Eastbourne Railway Station (Stop R2) 04:31
Eastbourne Cornfield Road (Stop C1) 04:32

Seaford Library - Brighton Stn (D)

Seaford, opp Library 02:35
Seaford, adj Railway Station 02:35
Seaford, opp Belgrave Road 02:35
Seaford, opp Beacon Road 02:36
Seaford, opp Hill Rise 02:37
Bishopstone Road (opp) 02:38
Tide Mills (adj) 02:38
Newhaven, opp Stud Farm 02:39
Newhaven Denton Corner (Stop 1) 02:42
Newhaven, adj Retail Park 02:44
Newhaven Railway Station Interchange (W-bound) 02:45
Newhaven South Way (SW-bound) 02:47
Newhaven, adj Elim Church 02:47
Newhaven, adj The Rose Walk 02:47
Newhaven, adj Kwik Fit Centre 02:47
Newhaven, opp The Fairway 02:48
Newhaven, adj Blakeney Avenue 02:48
Peacehaven Heights, opp Tudor Rose Park 02:49
Peacehaven Heights, adj Seaview Road 02:49
Peacehaven Heights, adj Seaview Avenue 02:49
Peacehaven Heights Slindon Avenue (W-bound) 02:50
Peacehaven, before Bramber Avenue 02:50
Peacehaven, before Roderick Avenue 02:51
Peacehaven Hoddern Avenue (W-bound) 02:52
Peacehaven, opp Lincoln Avenue 02:53
Telscombe Cliffs Way (opp) 02:54
Telscombe Cliffs, opp Broomfield Avenue 02:55
East Saltdean, opp Telscombe Tye 02:57
East Saltdean, opp Bannings Vale 02:58
Saltdean, opp Longridge Avenue 03:00
Saltdean, opp Chichester Drive West 03:00
Saltdean, opp Cranleigh Avenue 03:01
Rottingdean, opp Chailey Avenue 03:01
Rottingdean, opp Newlands Road 03:02
Rottingdean, o/s White Horse 03:03
Rottingdean, opp The Windmill 03:03
Ovingdean, opp Greenways 03:04
Brighton, opp Roedean School 03:05
Brighton, opp Roedean Cafe 03:06
Brighton, opp Marine Gate 03:07
Kemp Town, opp Arundel Terrace 03:08
Kemp Town, adj Duke's Mound 03:08
Kemp Town, opp Eaton Place 03:08
Kemp Town, opp Paston Place 03:09
Kemp Town, opp Burlington Street 03:09
Kemp Town, opp Bedford Street South 03:10
Brighton, opp New Steine 03:11
Brighton Sea Life Centre (Stop L) 03:12
Brighton Old Steine south (Stop U) 03:13
Brighton North Street (Stop X) 03:14
Brighton Clock Tower (Stop L) 03:16
Brighton, opp North Road 03:18
Brighton Station (Stop D) 03:20

Timetable data from Brighton & Hove Buses, 22 January 2024

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