N250 - Brixton - Streatham - Thornton Heath - Croydon Town Centre

A bus service operated by Arriva London

29 March–25 April 2024

From 01:00 Friday 29 March until 05:00 Thursday 25 April, ROUTES 64 194 198 367 410 N68 N250 SL7 towards New Addington, Lower Sydenham, Shrublands, Bromley, Crystal Palace, Old Coulsdon, Croydon or Heathrow are on diversion via Wellesley Road and George Street due to Tram maintenance works taking place.

Buses will not serve the stop 'Dingwall Road/East Croydon Station' (E8), but instead serve 'East Croydon Bus Station' (E2 / E3).

16–22 April 2024

Until 00:00 on Tuesday 23 April, Routes 250 and N250 are on diversion from London Road/Broad Green Avenue to Wellesley Road/West Croydon via St James Road, Newgate and Wellesley Road due to Thames Water works.

Buses towards Croydon Town Centre are missing the stops Sumner Road, Montague Road, West Croydon Station and Poplar Walk.

Brixton Rd /Brixton Police Stn - Fairfield Halls

Brixton Road / Brixton Police Station (Stop G) 01:1501:4502:1502:4503:1503:4504:1504:4505:15
Brixton Station (Stop P) 01:1601:4602:1602:4603:1603:4604:1604:4605:16
Brixton Rush Common (Stop BA) 01:1701:4702:1702:4703:1703:4704:1704:4705:17
Brixton Water Lane (Stop BB) 01:1801:4802:1702:4703:1703:4704:1704:4705:17
Clapham Park Blenheim Gardens (Stop BC) 01:1801:4802:1802:4803:1803:4804:1804:4805:18
Clapham Park Jebb Avenue / Brixton Prison (Stop BD) 01:1901:4902:1802:4803:1803:4804:1804:4805:18
Streatham Hill New Park Road (Stop BE) 01:2001:5002:1902:4903:1903:4904:1904:4905:19
Streatham Hill Holmewood Road (Stop BF) 01:2101:5102:2002:5003:2003:5004:2004:5005:20
Streatham Hill / Christchurch Road (Stop BH) 01:2201:5202:2102:5103:2103:5104:2104:5105:21
Streatham Hill Telford Avenue (Stop W) 01:2301:5302:2202:5203:2203:5204:2204:5205:22
Streatham Hill Stn / Streatham Hill (Stop D) 01:2301:5302:2202:5203:2203:5204:2204:5205:22
Streatham Hill Leigham Court Road (Stop F) 01:2401:5402:2302:5303:2303:5304:2304:5305:23
Streatham Mount Ephraim Road (Stop J) 01:2501:5502:2402:5403:2403:5404:2404:5405:24
Streatham Kingscourt Road (Stop L) 01:2501:5502:2402:5403:2403:5404:2404:5405:24
Streatham Becmead Avenue (Stop N) 01:2601:5602:2502:5503:2503:5504:2504:5505:25
Streatham St Leonard's Church (Stop SA) 01:2801:5802:2702:5703:2703:5704:2704:5705:27
Streatham Station (Stop SC) 01:2901:5902:2802:5803:2803:5804:2804:5805:28
Streatham United Reformed Church (Stop SD) 01:2901:5902:2802:5803:2803:5804:2804:5805:28
Streatham Common / Greyhound Lane (Stop CH) 01:3002:0002:2902:5903:2903:5904:2904:5905:29
Streatham Vale Arragon Gardens (Stop CJ) 01:3102:0102:3003:0003:3004:0004:3005:0005:30
Norbury Hermitage Lane (Stop P) 01:3302:0302:3203:0203:3204:0204:3205:0205:32
Norbury Courtland Avenue (Stop R) 01:3302:0302:3203:0203:3204:0204:3205:0205:33
Norbury Hill (->S) 01:3402:0402:3303:0303:3304:0304:3305:0305:33
Norbury Kensington Avenue (->SE) 01:3602:0602:3503:0503:3504:0504:3505:0505:35
Norbury Green Lane Post Office (->S) 01:3702:0702:3603:0603:3604:0604:3605:0605:36
Thornton Heath County Road (->S) 01:3702:0702:3603:0603:3604:0604:3605:0605:37
Thornton Heath Park Lawn (->S) 01:3802:0802:3703:0703:3704:0704:3705:0705:37
Thornton Heath Sandfield Road (->S) 01:3802:0802:3703:0703:3704:0704:3705:0705:38
Thornton Heath Parchmore Methodist Church (->S) 01:3902:0902:3803:0803:3804:0804:3805:0805:39
Thornton Heath Clock Tower (Stop F) 01:4002:1002:3903:0903:3904:0904:3905:0905:40
Thornton Heath Station (Stop C) 01:4102:1102:4003:1003:4004:1004:4005:1005:41
Thornton Heath Brook Road (Stop A) 01:4102:1102:4003:1003:4004:1004:4005:1005:41
Thornton Heath Bensham Lane (Stop X) 01:4202:1202:4103:1103:4104:1104:4105:1105:42
Thornton Heath Whitehorse Manor Brigstock Site (Stop N) 01:4302:1302:4203:1203:4204:1204:4205:1205:43
Thornton Heath Brigstock Road / London Road (Stop M) 01:4402:1402:4303:1303:4304:1304:4305:1305:44
Broad Green Thornton Heath Pond (Stop G) 01:4502:1502:4403:1403:4404:1404:4405:1405:45
Broad Green Dunheved Road North (Stop E) 01:4502:1502:4403:1403:4404:1404:4405:1405:45
Broad Green Croydon University Hospital (Stop C) 01:4602:1602:4503:1503:4504:1504:4505:1505:46
Broad Green Avenue (Stop LA) 01:4602:1602:4503:1503:4504:1504:4605:1605:47
Broad Green Sumner Road (Stop LB) 01:4702:1702:4603:1603:4604:1604:4705:1705:48
Broad Green Montague Road (Stop LC) 01:4802:1802:4703:1703:4704:1704:4805:1805:49
West Croydon Station (Stop WB) 01:4902:1902:4803:1803:4804:1804:4905:1905:50
Croydon Poplar Walk (Stop WD) 01:5002:2002:4903:1903:4904:1904:5005:2005:51
Croydon Whitgift Centre (Stop WJ) 01:5102:2102:5003:2003:5004:2004:5105:2105:52
Dingwall Road / East Croydon Station (Stop E8) 01:5502:2502:5403:2403:5404:2404:5505:2505:56
Croydon Fairfield Halls (Stop Z1) 01:5702:2702:5603:2603:5604:2604:5705:2705:58

Fairfield Halls - Brixton Rd /Brixton Police Stn

Croydon Fairfield Halls (Stop KD) 00:5001:2001:5003:2003:5004:2004:35
East Croydon Rail Station (Stop E6) 00:5301:2301:5303:2303:5304:2304:38
Croydon Whitgift Centre (Stop WL) 00:5501:2501:5503:2503:5504:2504:40
West Croydon Bus Station (Stop B4) 00:5701:2701:5703:2703:5704:2704:42
West Croydon Station (Stop WS) 00:5701:2701:5703:2703:5704:2704:42
Broad Green Montague Road (Stop LD) 00:5801:2801:5803:2803:5804:2804:43
Broad Green Sumner Road (Stop LE) 00:5901:2901:5903:2903:5904:2904:44
Broad Green Avenue (Stop LF) 01:0001:3002:0003:3004:0004:3004:45
Broad Green Canterbury Road (Stop B) 01:0001:3002:0003:3004:0004:3004:45
Broad Green Croydon University Hospital (Stop D) 01:0201:3202:0203:3204:0204:3204:47
Broad Green Thornton Heath Pond (Stop H) 01:0301:3302:0303:3304:0304:3304:48
Thornton Heath Brigstock Road / London Road (Stop P) 01:0301:3302:0303:3304:0304:3304:48
Thornton Heath Whitehorse Manor-Brigstock Site (Stop R) 01:0401:3402:0403:3404:0404:3404:49
Thornton Heath Nutfield Road (Stop Q) 01:0401:3402:0403:3404:0404:3404:49
Thornton Heath Library (Stop Z) 01:0501:3502:0503:3504:0504:3504:50
Thornton Heath Brook Road (Stop B) 01:0601:3602:0603:3604:0604:3604:51
Thornton Heath Station (Stop D) 01:0701:3702:0703:3704:0704:3704:52
Thornton Heath Parchmore Methodist Church (->N) 01:0701:3702:0703:3704:0804:3804:53
Thornton Heath Sandfield Road (->N) 01:0801:3802:0803:3804:0904:3904:54
Thornton Heath Park Lawn (->N) 01:0901:3902:0903:3904:0904:3904:54
Thornton Heath County Road (->N) 01:0901:3902:0903:3904:1004:4004:55
Norbury Green Lane Post Office (->N) 01:1001:4002:1003:4004:1104:4104:56
Norbury Kensington Avenue (->NW) 01:1101:4102:1103:4104:1104:4104:56
Norbury Hill (->N) 01:1101:4102:1103:4104:1204:4204:57
Norbury Courtland Avenue (Stop T) 01:1301:4302:1303:4304:1404:4404:59
Norbury Hermitage Lane (Stop M) 01:1401:4402:1403:4404:1504:4505:00
Streatham Vale Arragon Gardens (Stop CK) 01:1401:4402:1403:4404:1504:4505:00
Streatham Vale Kempshott Road (Stand CL) 01:1501:4502:1503:4504:1604:4605:01
Streatham Common / Greyhound Lane (Stop CM) 01:1601:4602:1603:4604:1704:4705:02
Streatham Station (Stop SJ) 01:1701:4702:1703:4704:1804:4805:03
Streatham St Leonard's Church (Stop SK) 01:1901:4902:1903:4904:2004:5005:05
Streatham Becmead Avenue (Stop OA) 01:2001:5002:2003:5004:2104:5105:06
Streatham Kingscourt Road (Stop M) 01:2001:5002:2003:5104:2204:5205:07
Streatham Mount Ephraim Road (Stop K) 01:2101:5102:2103:5104:2204:5205:07
Streatham Hill Stn / Streatham Hill (Stop A) 01:2101:5102:2103:5204:2304:5305:08
Streatham Hill Barrhill Road (Stop S) 01:2201:5202:2203:5304:2404:5405:09
Streatham Hill Telford Avenue (Stop T) 01:2301:5302:2303:5404:2504:5505:10
Streatham Hill Christchurch Road (Stop BS) 01:2301:5302:2303:5404:2504:5505:10
Streatham Hill Holmewood Road (Stop BT) 01:2401:5402:2403:5504:2604:5605:11
Streatham Hill New Park Road (Stop BU) 01:2401:5402:2403:5504:2604:5605:11
Clapham Park Jebb Avenue / Brixton Prison (Stop BV) 01:2501:5502:2503:5604:2704:5705:12
Clapham Park Blenheim Gardens (Stop BW) 01:2601:5602:2603:5704:2804:5805:13
Brixton Rush Common (Stop BY) 01:2701:5702:2703:5804:2904:5905:14
Brixton Lambeth Town Hall (Stop W) 01:2801:5802:2803:5904:3005:0005:15
Brixton Station (Stop T) 01:2901:5902:2904:0004:3105:0105:16

Timetable data from Transport for London

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