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SC1 - Kelty - St Columba's High Sch

A bus service operated by Bay Travel


Kelty - St Columba's High Sch

Kelty, opp Greenknowes Farm 07:47
Kelty, adj Blackhall Road 07:54
Kelty, opp Kingsland Terrace 07:56
Kelty, adj War Memorial 07:58
Kelty, opp Muirton Terrace 07:58
Kelty, adj North Road 07:58
Kelty, adj Shiels Cottages 07:58
Kelty, opp Gowanbank Farm 08:00
Kelty, opp Westcroft Way 08:01
Kelty, adj Community Centre 08:03
Kelty, adj Primary School 08:05
Kelty, opp Crown Hotel 08:06
Kelty Main Street (adj 23) 08:08
Kelty, opp Cocklaw Street 08:10
Kelty Oakfield Street (opp 96) 08:10
Kelty Cantsdam Road (S-bound) 08:10
Kelty, opp Muirton Farm 08:11
Kingseat, opp Memorial 08:13
Kingseat, adj Henderson Street 08:15
Kingseat, adj Church Street 08:15
Kingseat, opp Player Drive 08:16
Bellyeoman, adj Paton Street 08:22
Bellyeoman, adj Kent Street 08:22
Townhill, adj Town Loch 08:23
Townhill, adj Stewart Street 08:23
Townhill, opp Forest Road 08:24
Townhill, adj Main Street Turning Circle 08:25
Townhill, adj Garden Court 08:25
Townhill, opp Stewart Street 08:25
Townhill, opp Town Loch 08:26
Bellyeoman, opp Kent Street 08:26
Headwell, opp Blair Drive 08:27
Headwell Avenue (opp) 08:27
Bellyeoman, adj Adamson Crescent 08:28
Bellyeoman Primary School (adj) 08:28
Bellyeoman, opp Balfour Court 08:29
Bellyeoman, adj Canmore Lodge 08:30
Bellyeoman, opp Lauriston Drive 08:31
Bellyeoman, adj Robertson Road Pavilion 08:33
Bellyeoman, opp QM Hospital Access 08:35
Bellyeoman, adj Queen Margaret Rail Station 08:35
Touch, opp Halbeath Place 08:36
Touch, opp Durie Place 08:38
Touch, adj Gilfillan Road 08:38
Abbeyview, at St Columba's High School 08:40
Operates on Fife schooldays only

St Columba's High Sch - Kelty

Abbeyview, at St Columba's High School 15:50
Touch, adj Old Linburn Road 15:52
Touch, adj Linburn Grove 15:55
Bellyeoman, opp Queen Margaret Rail Station 15:58
Bellyeoman, adj QM Hospital Access 16:00
Bellyeoman, opp Robertson Road Pavilion 16:03
Bellyeoman, opp Alderston Drive 16:05
Bellyeoman, opp Canmore Lodge 16:06
Bellyeoman, adj Balfour Court 16:07
Bellyeoman Primary School (opp) 16:08
Bellyeoman, opp Adamson Crescent 16:09
Headwell, adj Blair Drive 16:10
Bellyeoman, adj Kent Street 16:11
Townhill, adj Town Loch 16:12
Townhill, adj Stewart Street 16:13
Townhill, opp Forest Road 16:14
Townhill, adj Main Street Turning Circle 16:15
Townhill, adj Garden Court 16:15
Townhill, opp Stewart Street 16:16
Townhill, opp Town Loch 16:16
Bellyeoman, opp Kent Street 16:17
Bellyeoman, opp Paton Street 16:17
Kingseat, adj Player Drive 16:24
Kingseat, opp Church Street 16:25
Kingseat, opp Henderson Street 16:25
Kingseat, adj Memorial 16:26
Kelty, adj Muirton Farm 16:28
Kelty Cantsdam Road (N-bound) 16:29
Kelty Oakfield Street (adj 114) 16:30
Kelty, adj Cocklaw Street 16:30
Kelty, adj War Memorial 16:31
Kelty, opp Muirton Terrace 16:31
Kelty, adj North Road 16:31
Kelty, adj Shiels Cottages 16:31
Kelty, opp Gowanbank Farm 16:31
Kelty, opp Westcroft Way 16:32
Kelty, adj Community Centre 16:34
Kelty, adj Primary School 16:35
Kelty, opp Crown Hotel 16:35
Kelty, adj Kingsland Terrace 16:35
Kelty, adj St Joseph's Primary School 16:35
Kelty, opp Blackhall Road 16:36
Kelty, adj Greenknowes Farm 16:42
Operates on Fife schooldays only

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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