ST02 - Saltash - Cornwall College

Operated by First Kernow

πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ“ This may be a "closed-door" school or works service, not open to the public


Saltash - Cornwall College

Callington New Road (N-bound) 07:20
Callington Werrington Drive (S-bound) 07:22
Newbridge, opp Telephone Box 07:24
Keason Cottages (SW-bound) 07:30
St Ive, opp Butchers Arms 07:32
St Ive, opp Church 07:32
Merrymeet Bus Shelter (W-bound) 07:37
Liskeard Belgrave Terrace (SW-bound) 07:40
Liskeard Addington (W-bound) 07:40
Liskeard Cornwall Council Offices (SW-bound) 07:40
Liskeard Post Office (S-bound) 07:41
Liskeard Gipsy Lane (W-bound) 07:43
Dobwalls, opp Church 07:47
Dobwalls, opp Institute 07:48
Doublebois Cross Roads (W-bound) 07:50
Entrance to Trago Mills (W-bound) 07:52
Drawbridge Halfway House (E-bound) 07:55
Turfdown Roundabout (NW-bound) 08:04
Bodmin Priory Road (NW-bound) 08:08
Bodmin Lidl (NW-bound) 08:09
Bodmin Priory House (W-bound) 08:09
Bodmin Lower Bore Street (W-bound) 08:12
Bodmin Higher Bore Street (W-bound) 08:12
Berryfields Roundabout (SW-bound) 08:14
Bodmin, opp Beech Drive 08:15
Treningle, opp Tollgate House 08:17
Lamorick The Old Workshop (SW-bound) 08:18
Lanivet Car Park (S-bound) 08:18
Innis Downs Roundabout (SW-bound) 08:20
Lockengate Shelter (SW-bound) 08:22
Molinnis Bilberry Turn (SW-bound) 08:24
Molinnis Red Lane (SW-bound) 08:25
Bugle CP School (S-bound) 08:25
Bugle Rosevear Road (SE-bound) 08:26
Rosevean Bowling Green Turn (S-bound) 08:27
Bugle Kerrow Moor Farm (S-bound) 08:27
Resugga Green Rescorla Turn (SE-bound) 08:28
Resugga Green Bodmin Blocks (S-bound) 08:29
Penwithick Road (S-bound) 08:29
Penwithick Pengrowyn (S-bound) 08:30
Carluddon Roundabout (W-bound) 08:32
Carluddon St Austell Enterprise Park (S-bound) 08:37
Carclaze Industrial Estate (S-bound) 08:39
Carclaze Carwollen Road (S-bound) 08:40
Carclaze Treverbyn Road (S-bound) 08:42
Carclaze Tregonissey Lane End (SW-bound) 08:43
St Austell, opp Tesco Extra 08:43
St Austell Cornwall College (SE-bound) 08:45

Cornwall College - Saltash

St Austell Cornwall College (SE-bound) 16:27s
St Austell Tesco Extra (NE-bound) 16:46s
Carclaze Tregonissey Lane End (NE-bound) 16:47s
Carclaze Treverbyn Road (N-bound) 16:47s
Carclaze Carwollen Road (N-bound) 16:48s
Carclaze, opp Industrial Estate 16:49s
Carluddon St Austell Enterprise Park (N-bound) 16:50s
Carluddon Roundabout (E-bound) 16:53s
Penwithick, opp Pengrowyn 16:54s
Penwithick Road (N-bound) 16:55s
Resugga Green, opp Bodmin Blocks 16:55s
Resugga Green, opp Rescorla Turn 16:56s
Bugle Kerrow Moor Farm (N-bound) 16:57s
Rosevean, opp Bowling Green Turn 16:57s
Bugle Rosevear Road (NW-bound) 16:58s
Bugle CP School (opp) 16:59s
Molinnis, opp Red Lane 16:59s
Molinnis Bilberry Turn (NE-bound) 17:00s
Lockengate, opp Shelter 17:02s
Innis Downs Roundabout (NE-bound) 17:04s
Lanivet, opp Car Park 17:06s
Lamorick The Old Workshop (NE-bound) 17:06s
Treningle Tollgate House (NE-bound) 17:08s
Bodmin Beech Drive (NE-bound) 17:09s
Berryfields St Lawrences Church (NE-bound) 17:10s
Bodmin Higher Bore Street (E-bound) 17:11s
Bodmin Lower Bore Street (E-bound) 17:12s
Bodmin Sainsburys Entrance (E-bound) 17:13s
Bodmin Health Centre (E-bound) 17:13s
Bodmin, opp Car Park 17:14s
Bodmin Lidl (SE-bound) 17:15s
Bodmin Priory Road (SE-bound) 17:16s
Turfdown, opp Roundabout 17:20s
Drawbridge Halfway House (E-bound) 17:29s
Doublebois Cross Roads (E-bound) 17:34s
Dobwalls Institute (E-bound) 17:36s
Dobwalls Church (E-bound) 17:36s
Liskeard Gipsy Lane Junction (E-bound) 17:40s
Liskeard Lloyds Bank (N-bound) 17:41s
Liskeard Cornwall Council Offices (NE-bound) 17:42s
Liskeard, opp Addington 17:42s
Liskeard, opp Belgrave Terrace 17:42s
Merrymeet, opp Bus Shelter 17:46s
St Ive Church (NE-bound) 17:51s
St Ive Butchers Arms (E-bound) 17:51s
St Ive Cross, opp Bus Shelter 17:52s
Keason Cottages (NE-bound) 17:53s
Newbridge Telephone Box (E-bound) 17:57s
Callington, opp St Germans Road 18:00s
Callington Southern Road (W-bound) 18:00s
Callington Primary School (N-bound) 18:01s
Callington New Road (N-bound) 18:01

Times marked s – β€œset down only” – the will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)

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