V4 - Manchester Royal Infirmary - Longwall Avenue

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Manchester Art Gallery, Princess Street - Bus Stop Closure
31 March–30 August 2024

Bus stop SE outside the Manchester Art Gallery on Princess Street is closed.

Please use bus stops before or after the closed stop.

Monday to Friday (not bank holidays)

Manchester Royal Infirmary to Longwall Avenue

Manchester Royal Infirmary (Stop S) 15:2315:5316:23
Chorlton upon Medlock, o/s University of Manchester 15:2615:5716:27
Chorlton upon Medlock University Shopping Centre (Stop D) 15:2916:0016:30
Chorlton upon Medlock, adj All Saints Park 15:3216:0316:33
Manchester Chester Street (Stop C) 15:3416:0616:36
Manchester Dickinson Street (Stop SO) 15:3716:1016:40
Manchester St Peter's Square (Stop SD) 15:4016:1316:4317:0717:37
Manchester St James Square (Stop CP) 15:4116:1416:4417:0817:38
Manchester St Mary's Parsonage (Stop WW) 15:4316:1616:4617:1017:40
Salford Central Rail Station (Stop WY) 15:4416:1716:4717:1117:41
Salford Cathedral (opp) 15:4616:1916:4917:1317:43
Salford University, nr Oldfield Road 15:4716:2116:5117:1517:44
Salford University, opp University of Salford 15:4916:2316:5317:1717:46
Salford Crescent Rail Station (Stop B) 15:5016:2416:5417:1817:47
Wallness Frederick Road (Stop N) 15:5216:2616:5617:2017:49
Pendleton Church (Stop Q) 15:5616:3017:0017:2417:53
Swinton Park, opp Barton Road 16:0216:3717:0717:3017:58
Deans, opp Leinster Road 16:0416:4017:1017:3318:00
Moorside Road (nr) 16:0616:4117:1117:3418:02
Roe Green East Lancs Park & Ride (Stop D) 16:0816:4417:1417:3718:04
Roe Green, nr Old Clough Lane 16:0916:4517:1517:3818:05
Ellenbrook, opp Walkden Road 16:1216:4817:1817:4118:08
Ellenbrook, opp Longwall Avenue 16:1716:5317:2317:4518:12

Longwall Avenue to Manchester Royal Infirmary

Ellenbrook, nr Longwall Avenue 06:4506:5507:1507:3507:50
Ellenbrook, nr Walkden Road 06:4906:5907:1907:3907:54
Roe Green, opp Old Clough Lane 06:5207:0207:2207:4207:57
Roe Green East Lancs Park & Ride (Stop C) 06:5507:0507:2507:4508:0008:15
Moorside Road (opp) 06:5607:0607:2607:4608:0108:16
Deans, nr Leinster Road 06:5707:0707:2707:4708:0208:17
Swinton Park, nr Barton Road 06:5907:0907:2907:4908:0408:19
Pendleton Church (Stop U) 07:0507:1507:3507:5508:1108:26
Wallness Frederick Road (Stop X) 07:0707:1707:3707:5708:1308:28
Salford Crescent Rail Station (Stop A) 07:0907:1907:3907:5908:1608:31
Salford University, o/s University of Salford 07:1107:2107:4108:0108:1708:32
Salford University, opp Oldfield Road 07:1307:2307:4308:0308:2008:35
Salford Cathedral (at) 07:1607:2607:4608:0608:2308:38
Salford Central Rail Station (Stop WV) 07:1807:2807:4808:0808:2508:40
Spinningfields St Mary's Parsonage (Stop WF) 07:2007:3007:5008:1008:2808:43
Albert Square Manchester Town Hall (Stop SB) 07:2307:3307:5308:1308:3108:46
Manchester St Peter's Square (Stop SF) 07:2407:3408:1408:3208:47
Manchester Portland Buildings (Stop SX) 07:2507:3508:1508:3308:48
Manchester Oxford Road Station (Stop B) 07:2707:3708:1708:3508:50
Manchester, nr Mancunian Way 07:2907:3908:1908:3608:51
Chorlton upon Medlock, o/s Aquatics Centre 07:3007:4008:2008:3808:53
Chorlton upon Medlock University Shopping Centre (Stop E) 07:3107:4108:2108:3908:54
Chorlton upon Medlock, adj University of Manchester 07:3407:4408:2408:4108:56
Manchester Royal Infirmary (Stop E) 07:3607:4608:2608:4308:58
Manchester Royal Infirmary (Stop S) 07:4007:5008:3008:4709:02

Timetable data from Transport for Greater Manchester/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 17 April 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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