X2 - Assarts Farm - Nottm Business Pk - Nottingham

A bus service operated by CT4N

Assarts Farm - Nottingham

Assarts Farm, adj Willesden Green 06:0507:0508:0517:0018:30
Assarts Farm, opp Northolt Drive 06:0507:0508:0517:0018:30
Assarts Farm, adj Colindale Gardens 06:0507:0608:0617:0118:31
Assarts Farm, opp Wimbledon Drive 06:0607:0608:0617:0118:31
Assarts Farm, opp Canterbury Close 06:0607:0608:0617:0118:31
Strelley Nottingham Business Park (Stop AF08) 06:0907:1008:1017:0518:35
Strelley Greymede Avenue (Stop ST26) 06:0907:1108:1117:0618:36
Strelley Underwood Mews (Stop ST27) 06:1007:1208:1217:0718:37
Bilborough Strelly Village (Stop BI98) 06:1107:1308:1317:0818:38
Bilborough College (Stop BC) 08:15
Bilborough, adj College 06:1307:1508:1617:1018:40
Bilborough Road (Stop BI92) 06:1307:1608:1617:1118:41
Bilborough Tremayne Road (Stop BI53) 06:1407:1608:1717:1118:41
Bilborough Bramerton Road (Stop BI93) 06:1407:1608:1717:1218:42
Bilborough Burnside Green (Stop BI87) 06:1407:1708:1817:1218:42
Bilborough Staverton Road (Stop BI89) 06:1507:1808:1817:1318:43
Bilborough Hall View Drive (Stop BI82) 17:1418:44
Glaisdale Drive Industrial Estate Parkway Court (Stop BI78) 17:1518:45
Glaisdale Drive Industrial Estate ARCO (Stop BI79) 17:1718:47
Glaisdale Drive Industrial Estate Denholme Road (Stop BI81) 06:1607:1908:2017:1718:47
Bilborough Trowell Road (Stop BI63) 06:1607:2008:2017:1818:48
Wollaton Lidl (Stop WO61) 06:1807:2208:2217:2018:51
Wollaton Birdsall Avenue (Stop WO85) 06:1807:2208:2217:2018:51
Wollaton Thornton Close (Stop WO86) 06:1807:2308:2317:2118:52
Wollaton St Leonards Drive (Stop WO87) 06:1907:2408:2417:2218:53
Wollaton Old Coach Road (Stop WO22) 06:2007:2508:2517:2318:54
Wollaton Brendon Road (Stop WO23) 06:2007:2608:2617:2418:54
Wollaton Eton Grove (Stop WO24) 06:2107:2708:2717:2518:56
Wollaton Ringwood Crescent (Stop WO25) 06:2207:2808:2817:2618:56
Wollaton Jubilee Campus (Stop WO26) 06:2307:3008:3017:2818:58
Wollaton Hawton Crescent (Stop WO27) 06:2307:3008:3017:2818:58
Wollaton Scalford Drive (Stop WO28) 06:2407:3108:3117:2918:59
Wollaton Hall Drive (Stop WO29) 06:2407:3108:3117:2918:59
Queens Medical Centre QMC Main Entrance (Stop QM02) 06:2507:3208:3217:3019:00
Queens Medical Centre QMC (Stop QM03) 06:2507:3208:3217:3019:00
Lenton Hillside (Stop LE01) 06:2507:3208:3317:3119:01
Lenton Triumph Road (Stop LE02) 06:2607:3308:3417:3219:02
Lenton Faraday Road (Stop LE03) 06:2707:3408:3517:3319:03
Lenton Savoy Cinema (Stop LE04) 06:2807:3508:3717:3519:05
Lenton Harrington Drive (Stop LE05) 06:2807:3508:3717:3519:05
Lenton Seely Road (Stop LE06) 06:2907:3608:3817:3619:06
Canning Circus (Stop CC05) 06:3007:3708:4017:3819:08
Nottingham Talbot Street (Stop Y6) 06:3107:3808:4117:3919:09
Nottingham NTU City Campus (Stop G2) 06:3307:4008:4317:4119:11
Nottingham Victoria Centre (Stop J2) 06:3407:4108:4417:4219:12

Nottingham - Assarts Farm

Nottingham Victoria Centre (Stop J2) 05:3506:0506:3507:3508:0508:35
Nottingham Elite (Stop E2) 05:3506:0506:3507:3508:0508:35
Nottingham Upper Parliament Street (Stop U2) 05:3606:0606:3607:3608:0608:36
Nottingham Cathedral (Stop Y4) 05:3706:0706:3707:3708:0708:37
Canning Circus (Stop CC04) 05:3906:0906:3907:3908:0908:39
Lenton Seely Road (Stop LE07) 05:3906:0906:3907:3908:0908:39
Lenton Harrington Drive (Stop LE08) 05:4006:1006:4007:4008:1008:40
Lenton Savoy Cinema (Stop LE09) 05:4106:1106:4107:4108:1108:41
Lenton Boulevard (Stop LE10) 05:4106:1106:4107:4108:1108:41
Lenton Faraday Road (Stop LE11) 05:4206:1206:4207:4208:1208:42
Lenton Hillside (Stop LE12) 05:4306:1306:4307:4308:1308:43
Queens Medical Centre QMC Main Entrance (Stop QM04) 05:4506:1506:4507:4508:1508:45
Wollaton Oundle Drive (Stop WO30) 05:4606:1606:4607:4608:1608:46
Wollaton Hall Drive (Stop WO31) 05:4606:1606:4607:4608:1608:46
Wollaton Scalford Drive (Stop WO32) 05:4806:1806:4807:4808:1808:48
Wollaton Hawton Crescent (Stop WO78) 05:4806:1806:4807:4808:1808:48
Wollaton Jubilee Campus (Stop WO33) 05:4806:1806:4807:4808:1808:48
Wollaton Ringwood Crescent (Stop WO01) 05:4806:1806:4807:4808:1808:48
Wollaton Eton Grove (Stop WO02) 05:4906:1906:4907:4908:1908:49
Wollaton Brendon Road (Stop WO03) 05:4906:1906:4907:4908:1908:49
Wollaton Road (Stop WO88) 05:5006:2006:5007:5008:2008:50
Wollaton St Leonards Drive (Stop WO89) 05:5006:2006:5007:5008:2008:50
Wollaton Thornton Close (Stop WO90) 05:5106:2106:5107:5108:2108:51
Wollaton Birdsall Avenue (Stop WO91) 05:5106:2106:5107:5108:2108:51
Wollaton Lidl (Stop WO59) 05:5206:2206:5207:5208:2208:52
Wollaton Glaisdale Drive (Stop WO60) 05:5306:2306:5307:5308:2308:53
Bilborough Trowell Road (Stop BI46) 05:5306:2306:5307:5308:2308:53
Glaisdale Drive Industrial Estate Denholme Road (Stop BI47) 05:5406:2406:5407:5408:2408:54
Glaisdale Drive Industrial Estate ARCO (Stop BI74) 05:5506:2506:5507:5508:2508:55
Glaisdale Drive Industrial Estate John Browns (Stop BI75) 05:5506:2506:5507:5508:2508:55
Glaisdale Drive Industrial Estate Kingfisher (Stop BI76) 05:5506:2506:5507:5508:2508:55
Bilborough Amari Plastics (Stop BI77) 05:5606:2606:5607:5608:2608:56
Bilborough Hall View Drive (Stop BI69) 05:5606:2606:5607:5608:2608:56
Bilborough Staverton Road (Stop BI96) 05:5706:2706:5707:5708:2708:57
Bilborough Burnside Green (Stop BI19) 05:5706:2706:5707:5708:2708:57
Bilborough Bramerton Road (Stop BI90) 05:5806:2806:5807:5708:2708:57
Bilborough Tremayne Road (Stop BI61) 05:5806:2806:5807:5808:2808:58
Bilborough Road (Stop BI91) 05:5806:2806:5807:5808:2808:58
Bilborough, opp College 06:0006:3007:0007:5908:2908:59
Bilborough College (Stop BC) 08:0008:3009:00
Bilborough Strelly Village (Stop BI99) 06:0106:3107:0108:0108:3109:01
Nottingham Business Park (Stop AF07) 06:0306:3307:0308:0308:3309:03
Assarts Farm, adj Willesden Green 06:0406:3407:0408:0408:3409:04
Assarts Farm, opp Northolt Drive 06:0406:3407:0408:0408:3409:04
Assarts Farm, adj Colindale Gardens 06:0406:3407:0408:0408:3409:04
Assarts Farm, opp Wimbledon Drive 06:0406:3407:0408:0408:3409:04
Assarts Farm, opp Canterbury Close 06:0506:3507:0508:0508:3509:05

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)



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