X58A - Edinburgh bus station - Dalgety Bay - Kirkcaldy bus station

Operated by Stagecoach East Scotland

Edinburgh bus station - Dalgety Bay - Kirkcaldy bus station

Edinburgh Bus Station (Gate C-Stance 4) 20:2021:2022:2023:20
Edinburgh Princes Street (Scott Mon.) (Stop PR) 20:2521:2522:2523:25
Edinburgh Princes Street (west) (Stop PU) 20:2821:2822:2823:28
West End Queensferry Street (Stop QE) 20:3121:3122:3123:31
Orchard Brae, opp Learmonth Terrace 20:3321:3322:3323:33
Craigleith Road (after) 20:3621:3622:3623:36
Blackhall, before Telford Road 20:3821:3822:3823:38
Blackhall, adj Hillpark Steps 20:4021:4022:4023:40
Barnton Junction (W-bound) 20:4221:4222:4223:42
Queensferry Slip Road (N-bound) 20:5221:5222:5223:52
North Queensferry North Access (N-Bound) 20:5521:5522:5523:55
Ferrytoll Park & Ride (Stance 1) 20:5721:5722:5723:57
Inverkeithing Square (NE Bound) 21:0022:0023:0000:00
Inverkeithing, opp Boreland Road 21:0122:0123:0100:01
Inverkeithing, opp Fraser Avenue 21:0222:0223:0200:02
Dalgety Bay, adj Parklands Crescent 21:0722:0723:0700:07
Dalgety Bay, opp Forth Reach 21:0822:0823:0800:08
Dalgety Bay, opp The Bridges 21:1022:1023:1000:10
Dalgety Bay, adj Oxcars Drive 21:1222:1223:1200:12
Dalgety Bay, adj Meadowfield 21:1322:1323:1300:13
Dalgety Bay, adj Pentland Rise 21:1522:1523:1500:15
Dalgety Bay, adj East Access Ridge Way 21:1622:1623:1600:16
Bernards Smithy, adj West Lodge 21:2322:2323:2300:23
Linktown Esplanade (NE Bound) 21:3122:3123:3100:31
Kirkcaldy Bus Station (Arrival Bay) 21:3322:3323:3300:33
Kirkcaldy Bus Station (Stance 4) 21:3522:3523:3500:35
Kirkcaldy Railway Station Stance A 21:3722:3723:3700:37
Kirkcaldy, adj Bennochy Road 21:3722:3723:3700:37
Kirkcaldy, adj Rosebery Terrace 21:3822:3823:3800:38
Kirkcaldy, opp Glebe Park 21:3822:3823:3800:38
Kirkcaldy, opp St Marie's Church 21:3922:3923:3900:39
Kirkcaldy, opp Priory Lodge 21:3922:3923:3900:39
Kirkcaldy, opp Mitchell Place 21:4022:4023:4000:40
Pathhead, opp Birrell Street Wynd 21:4122:4123:4100:41
Pathhead, opp Commercial Street 21:4222:4223:4200:42
Kirkcaldy, opp Ravenscraig Park 21:4322:4323:4300:43
Kirkcaldy, adj Briarcliffe Street 21:4322:4323:4300:43
Kirkcaldy, adj Wishart Place 21:4422:4423:4400:44
Dysart, opp West Quality Street 21:4522:4523:4500:45
Dysart, opp Porte 21:4622:4623:4600:46
Dysart, adj Fraser Place 21:4622:4623:4600:46
Dysart Road End (adj) 21:4722:4723:4700:47
Coaltown of Wemyss, adj Bowling Green 21:5122:5123:5100:51
East Wemyss, opp The Car Shed 21:5322:5323:5300:53
East Wemyss, opp School Wynd 21:5322:5323:5300:53
Muiredge Roundabout (SE Bound) 21:5622:5623:5600:56
Buckhaven College Street (adj 18) 21:5722:5723:5700:57
Lower Methil, adj Memorial Court 22:0123:0100:0101:01
Lower Methil, adj South Grove 22:0223:0200:0201:02
Leven Bus Station (Arrival Bay) 22:0523:0500:0501:05

Kirkcaldy bus station - Dalgety Bay - Edinburgh bus station

St Andrews Bus Station (Stance 2) 18:40
St Andrews, adj Alexandra Place 18:40
St Andrews Bridge Street - South (adj 96) 18:41
St Andrews, opp Fire Station 18:41
St Andrews, opp Animal Hospital 18:42
St Andrews, adj Community Hospital 18:42
Cairnsmill, opp Caravan Park 18:43
Radernie, adj Priorletham Road End 18:47
Radernie, opp Northbank Farm 18:49
Radernie, adj Brewsterwells 18:51
Lathones, opp Higham Toll 18:52
Lathones Hotel (Adj) 18:53
Largoward, opp Parish Church 18:54
Largoward, opp Durham Place 18:55
Largoward, opp Gilston Cottages 18:57
Upper Largo, opp Wester Newburn Farm 19:00
Upper Largo, adj Monturpie Farm 19:02
Upper Largo, adj Aithernie Road 19:03
Upper Largo, adj Post Office 19:03
Lundin Links, adj Durham Wynd 19:05
Lower Largo, adj Harbour Wynd 19:05
Lundin Links Largo Road (opp 41) 19:05
Lundin Links, adj Crescent Road 19:06
Lundin Links, adj Bowling Green 19:06
Lundin Links, adj Old Manor Hotel 19:07
Leven, adj Silverburn Park 19:10
Leven, adj Scoonie Golf Course 19:11
Leven, opp Cupar Road 19:11
Scoonie Letham Glen (Southbound) 19:12
Scoonie, opp Haughgate Avenue 19:12
Leven, adj Maitland Street 19:13
Leven, adj St Andrews Parish Church 19:13
Leven, opp Waggon Road 19:13
Leven, adj Viewforth Nursery 19:14
Leven Bus Station (Arrival Bay) 19:15
Leven Bus Station (Stance 4) 19:2020:2021:20
Lower Methil, opp South Grove 19:2320:2321:23
Lower Methil, opp Memorial Court 19:2420:2421:24
Buckhaven College Street (adj 9) 19:2820:2821:28
Muiredge Roundabout (NW Bound) 19:2920:2921:29
East Wemyss, adj School Wynd 19:3220:3221:32
East Wemyss, adj The Car Shed 19:3320:3321:33
Coaltown of Wemyss, adj Post Office 19:3520:3521:35
Dysart Road End (opp) 19:3920:3921:39
Dysart, adj Hill Street 19:3920:3921:39
Dysart, adj Porte 19:4020:4021:40
Kirkcaldy, opp Wishart Place 19:4220:4221:42
Kirkcaldy, opp Briarcliffe Street 19:4220:4221:42
Kirkcaldy, adj Ravenscraig Park 19:4320:4321:43
Pathhead, adj Commercial Street 19:4420:4421:44
Pathhead, adj Birrell Street Wynd 19:4520:4521:45
Kirkcaldy, adj Mitchell Place 19:4620:4621:46
Kirkcaldy, adj Priory Lodge 19:4620:4621:46
Kirkcaldy, adj Glebe Park 19:4720:4721:47
Kirkcaldy, adj Alexandra Street 19:4820:4821:48
Kirkcaldy, adj St Andrews Church 19:4820:4821:48
Kirkcaldy Railway Station Stance D 19:4920:4921:49
Kirkcaldy, adj Adam Smith Theatre 19:4920:4921:49
Kirkcaldy Bus Station (Arrival Bay) 19:5020:5021:50
Kirkcaldy Bus Station (Stance 5) 19:5520:5521:55
Linktown, adj Esplanade 19:5720:5721:57
Bernards Smithy, opp West Lodge 20:0521:0522:05
Dalgety Bay, opp East Access Ridge Way 20:1221:1222:12
Dalgety Bay, opp Pentland Rise 20:1321:1322:13
Dalgety Bay, opp Meadowfield 20:1521:1522:15
Dalgety Bay, opp Oxcars Drive 20:1621:1622:16
Dalgety Bay, adj The Bridges 20:1821:1822:18
Dalgety Bay, adj Forth Reach 20:2021:2022:20
Dalgety Bay, opp Parklands Crescent 20:2121:2122:21
Inverkeithing, adj Fraser Avenue 20:2421:2422:24
Inverkeithing, adj Boreland Road 20:2521:2522:25
Inverkeithing, adj Civic Centre 20:2621:2622:26
Ferrytoll Park & Ride (Stance 3) 20:3121:3122:31
North Queensferry North Access (S-Bound) 20:3221:3222:32
Queensferry Slip Road (S-bound) 20:3521:3522:35
Barnton Junction (E-bound) 20:4321:4322:43
Blackhall, opp Hillpark Steps 20:4521:4522:45
Blackhall, after Telford Road 20:4621:4622:46
Craigleith Drive (before) 20:5021:5022:50
Orchard Brae, o/s Learmonth Terrace 20:5421:5422:54
West End Queensferry Street (Stop QC) 20:5721:5722:57
Edinburgh Princes Street (west) (Stop PD) 21:0022:0023:00
Edinburgh Princes Street (Scott Mon.) (Stop PH) 21:0322:0323:03
Edinburgh, at Bus Station 21:0822:0823:08

Timetable data from Stagecoach East Scotland, 8 February 2024

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