X7R - Salisbury - Whiteparish - Romsey - Totton - Southampton

A bus service operated by Salisbury Reds


Salisbury - Whiteparish - Romsey - Totton - Southampton

Salisbury Endless Street (Stop D) 09:4011:4013:40
Salisbury Brown Street (S-bound) 09:4111:4113:41
Salisbury St Osmunds School (S-bound) 09:4211:4213:42
Salisbury Wiltshire College (E-bound) 09:4411:4413:44
Salisbury, o/s Retail Park 09:4411:4413:44
Britford Bourne Retail Park (E-bound) 09:4511:4513:45
Petersfinger The Bend (SE-bound) 09:4711:4713:47
Petersfinger Haven Court (S-bound) 09:4811:4813:48
Alderbury Shute End (S-bound) 09:4911:4913:49
Alderbury Green Dragon (SE-bound) 09:5211:5213:52
Alderbury Crossroads (SE-bound) 09:5311:5313:53
Alderbury Lights Lane (SE-bound) 09:5311:5313:53
Alderbury, opp Village Hall 09:5411:5413:54
Alderbury Old Police Station (SE-bound) 09:5511:5513:55
Alderbury Grimstead Road (SE-bound) 09:5511:5513:55
Whaddon Post Office (S-bound) 09:5611:5613:56
Whiteparish Pepperbox Hill (E-bound) 09:5811:5813:58
Whiteparish Lime Kiln Quarry (SE-bound) 09:5911:5913:59
Whiteparish Garage (E-bound) 10:0012:0014:00
Whiteparish Newton Buildings (E-bound) 10:0212:0214:02
Whiteparish, opp All Saint's Church 10:0312:0314:03
Whiteparish, o/s Green Close 10:0312:0314:03
Whiteparish Meadow Court (SE-bound) 10:0412:0414:04
Cowesfield Green, o/s Greenways Cottage 10:0412:0414:04
Sherfield English, o/s Graemar Cottages 10:0812:0814:08
Sherfield English, nr Hatchet Inn 10:0912:0914:09
Doctor’s Hill, adj Newtown Road 10:1012:1014:10
Shootash Crossroads (SE-bound) 10:1312:1314:13
Shootash Embley Park Lodge (SE-bound) 10:1512:1514:15
Romsey Bus Station (Stop C) 10:2212:2214:22
Wigley Vine Inn (S-bound) 10:2712:2714:27
Ower Paultons Park (S-bound) 10:2812:2814:28
Wigley Paultons Park (NE-bound) 10:32
Stonyford Golden Gutter (SE-bound) 10:3412:2914:29
Hillstreet, adj Hill Street 10:3612:3114:31
Calmore, adj Testwood Stadium 10:3712:3214:32
Calmore Testwood Crescent (SE-bound) 10:3812:3314:33
Testwood Stanley Road (SE-bound) 10:3912:3414:34
Testwood, opp Sylvia Crescent 10:3912:3414:34
Totton, adj Testwood Lane 10:4112:3614:36
Totton Salisbury Road Shops (Stop K) 10:4212:3714:37
Totton Shopping Centre (Stop B) 10:4412:3914:39
Totton Station (Stop E) 10:4412:3914:39
Millbrook Roundabout (SE-bound) 10:4812:4314:43
Freemantle Millbrook Station (SE-bound) 10:5112:4614:46
Southampton Central Station (Stop SD) 10:5512:5014:50
Southampton SeaCity Museum (Stop AM) 10:5812:5314:53
Southampton Marlands (Stop AK) 11:0012:5514:55
Southampton WestQuay (Stop BP) 11:0212:5714:57

Southampton - Totton - Romsey - Whiteparish - Salisbury

Southampton WestQuay (Stop BS) 10:1012:1014:10
Southampton ASDA & Marlands (N-bound) 10:1112:1114:11
Southampton SeaCity Museum (Stop AL) 10:1212:1214:12
Southampton Central Station (Stop SB) 10:1412:1414:14
Freemantle Millbrook Station (NW-bound) 10:1812:1814:18
Millbrook Roundabout (NW-bound) 10:2212:2214:22
Totton Station (Stop D) 10:2612:2614:26
Totton St Theresas Church (Stop C) 10:2712:2714:27
Totton Salisbury Road Shops (Stop J) 10:2712:2714:27
Totton Morpeth Avenue (NW-bound) 10:2812:2814:28
Totton, opp Testwood Lane 10:2912:2914:29
Testwood, nr Sylvia Crescent 10:3012:3014:30
Testwood Stanley Road (NW-bound) 10:3012:3014:30
Calmore Testwood Crescent (NW-bound) 10:3212:3214:32
Calmore, opp Testwood Stadium 10:3212:3214:32
Hillstreet, opp Hill Street 10:3312:3314:33
Stonyford, nr Golden Gutter 10:3512:3514:35
Wigley Paultons Park (NE-bound) 10:38
Ower Paultons Park (N-bound) 10:4212:3714:37
Wigley Vine Inn (N-bound) 10:4312:3814:38
Romsey Bus Station (Stop C) 10:5212:4714:47
Shootash Embley Park Lodge (NW-bound) 10:5512:5014:50
Shootash Crossroads (NW-bound) 10:5712:5214:52
Doctor’s Hill, opp Newtown Road 10:5812:5314:53
Sherfield English, adj Hatchet Inn 11:0012:5514:55
Sherfield English, opp Graemar Cottages 11:0112:5614:56
Cowesfield Green, opp Greenways Cottage 11:0412:5914:59
Whiteparish, opp Meadow Court 11:0513:0015:00
Whiteparish, opp Green Close 11:0613:0115:01
Whiteparish, opp All Saint's Church 11:0713:0215:02
Whiteparish Newton Buildings (W-bound) 11:0713:0215:02
Whiteparish Garage (W-bound) 11:0913:0415:04
Whiteparish Lime Kiln Quarry (NW-bound) 11:1013:0515:05
Whiteparish Pepperbox Hill (W-bound) 11:1113:0615:06
Whaddon Post Office (N-bound) 11:1413:0915:09
Alderbury Grimstead Road (NW-bound) 11:1413:0915:09
Alderbury Old Police Station (NW-bound) 11:1413:0915:09
Alderbury Village Hall (NW-bound) 11:1513:1015:10
Alderbury Lights Lane (NW-bound) 11:1613:1115:11
Alderbury Crossroads (NW-bound) 11:1713:1215:12
Alderbury Green Dragon (NW-bound) 11:1713:1215:12
Alderbury Shute End (N-bound) 11:2113:1615:16
Petersfinger Haven Court (N-bound) 11:2313:1815:18
Petersfinger The Bend (NW-bound) 11:2413:1915:19
Britford Bourne Retail Park (W-bound) 11:2713:2215:22
Salisbury, opp Retail Park 11:2813:2315:23
Salisbury Wiltshire College (W-bound) 11:2813:2315:23
Salisbury St Osmunds School (N-bound) 11:3013:2515:25
Salisbury Catherine Street (N-bound) 11:3213:2715:27
Salisbury New Canal (Stop U) 11:3313:2815:28
Salisbury Endless Street (Stop D) 11:3513:3015:30

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