X88 - Worton - Great Cheverell - Bratton - Steeple Ashton - Holt - Bath

A bus service operated by Faresaver



Worton - Great Cheverell - Bratton - Steeple Ashton - Holt - Bath

Worton Village Hall (E-bound) 09:20
Worton Rose and Crown (E-bound) 09:20
Worton Sandleaze (E-bound) 09:22
Littleton Panell Cheverell Road (S-bound) 09:26
Great Cheverell Railway Bridge (SW-bound) 09:28
Great Cheverell, o/s Hill Corner 09:29
Great Cheverell Chitham Close (SW-bound) 09:29
Great Cheverell Pear Tree Corner (SW-bound) 09:30
Great Cheverell Victoria Park (W-bound) 09:31
Erlestoke, adj High Street 09:33
Coulston The Turn (W-bound) 09:37
Edington Old Schoolhouse (W-bound) 09:39
Edington Monastery Road (W-bound) 09:41
Bratton, opp The Duke 09:45
Steeple Ashton Memorial (NW-bound) 09:55
Steeple Ashton St Mary's (NW-bound) 09:55
Steeple Ashton Newleaze (NW-bound) 09:56
Ashton Common April Cottages (NW-bound) 09:56
Broughton Gifford Lodge House (SW-bound) 10:07
Broughton Gifford Southfield Nurseries (W-bound) 10:08
Broughton Gifford Norrington Gate Farm (NW-bound) 10:08
Broughton Gifford Bell on the Common (W-bound) 10:10
Broughton Gifford The Fox (S-bound) 10:10
Broughton Gifford St Mary's Church (SW-bound) 10:11
Broughton Gifford Lower Farm (SW-bound) 10:12
Holt Gipsy Lane (SW-bound) 10:13
Holt Post Office (SW-bound) 10:14
Holt, o/s Three Lion Mews 10:15
Holt Toll Gate (W-bound) 10:15
Holt Forewoods Common (SW-bound) 10:17
Woolley Green The Triangle (W-bound) 10:20
Farleigh Wick, o/s Fox and Hounds 10:26
Farleigh Wick Pinckney Green (NW-bound) 10:28
Bathford Bridge (NW-bound) 10:31
Lambridge (SW-bound) 10:35
Grosvenor Balustrade (SW-bound) 10:36
Walcot Morrisons (SW-bound) 10:37
Walcot Snow Hill (SW-bound) 10:37
Walcot Gate (S-bound) 10:39
Bath Hilton Hotel (Se) 10:41
Bath Abbey (Cf) 10:43s
Combe Park Royal United Hospital (W-bound) 10:58

Bath - Holt - Steeple Ashton - Bratton - Great Cheverell - Worton

Combe Park Royal United Hospital (W-bound) 13:10
Bath Abbey (Cf) 13:25
Bath Hilton Hotel (Sf) 13:27
Walcot Gate (N-bound) 13:29
Walcot Snow Hill (NE-bound) 13:32
Walcot Morrisons (NE-bound) 13:32
Grosvenor Balustrade (NE-bound) 13:32s
Bathford Bridge (SE-bound) 13:37s
Farleigh Wick Pinckney Green (E-bound) 13:43s
Farleigh Wick, opp Fox and Hounds 13:44s
Woolley Green The Triangle (E-bound) 13:50s
Holt Forewoods Common (NE-bound) 13:52s
Holt Toll Gate (E-bound) 13:54s
Holt, opp Three Lion Mews 13:55s
Holt Post Office (NE-bound) 13:55s
Holt Gipsy Lane (NE-bound) 13:56s
Broughton Gifford Lower Farm (NE-bound) 13:58s
Broughton Gifford St Mary's Church (N-bound) 13:58s
Broughton Gifford The Fox (N-bound) 13:59s
Broughton Gifford Bell on the Common (E-bound) 14:00s
Broughton Gifford Norrington Gate Farm (SE-bound) 14:01s
Broughton Gifford Southfield Nurseries (E-bound) 14:02s
Broughton Gifford Lodge House (NE-bound) 14:03s
Steeple Ashton Newleaze (SE-bound) 14:16s
Steeple Ashton, opp St Marys 14:17s
Bratton Manor Fields (NE-bound) 14:26s
Bratton, o/s The Duke 14:26s
Edington Monastery Road (E-bound) 14:28s
Edington Old Schoolhouse (E-bound) 14:29s
Coulston The Turn (E-bound) 14:32s
Erlestoke, opp High Street 14:35s
Great Cheverell Victoria Park (E-bound) 14:36s
Great Cheverell Chitham Close (NE-bound) 14:37s
Great Cheverell Hill Corner (E-bound) 14:38s
Great Cheverell Railway Bridge (NE-bound) 14:39s
Worton Sandleaze (W-bound) 14:46s
Worton Rose and Crown (W-bound) 14:47s
Worton Village Hall (W-bound) 14:48

Times marked s – “sets down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Faresaver Buses/Bus Open Data Service, 21 June 2021. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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