115 - Dumfries - Ae

A bus service operated by Houston’s Minicoaches


Dumfries - Ae

Dumfries DG One A (Stance A) 10:4714:25
Dumfries Loreburne Centre (Stance 1) 10:5014:27
Dumfries Whitesands (Stance 2) 08:3010:5214:3015:3517:40
Dumfries Buccleuch Street (opp Court) 08:3010:5214:3015:3517:40
Dumfries Academy Street (o/s School) 08:3210:5514:3215:3617:43
Dumfries, opp Woodbank 08:3210:5514:3215:3617:43
Dumfries Edinburgh Road (opp Parkfoot) 08:3410:5614:3315:3817:44
Dumfries Edinburgh Road (o/s Golf Club) 08:3510:5714:3415:3817:44
Dumfries Edinburgh Road (opp Marchfields) 08:3610:5814:3515:3917:44
Dumfries Bloomfield (opp estate) 08:3810:5914:3615:4117:45
Heathhall Garden Centre (o/s Centre) 08:3911:0014:3715:4217:46
Locharbriggs Edinburgh Rd (opp Heathhall Terr) 08:4011:0114:3915:4217:46
Locharbriggs Gates Factory (opp Factory) 08:4011:0114:4015:4317:46
Locharbriggs, at Lochthorn Medical Centre 08:4111:0214:4115:4317:47
Locharbriggs Lochthorn (Opp Library) 08:4211:0314:43
Locharbriggs Catherinefield Cres (no 9) 11:0514:44
Locharbriggs Social Club (opp Club) 11:0514:44
Locharbriggs Post Office (opp Park) 11:0614:45
Locharbriggs Community Centre (o/s Centre) 11:0614:45
Locharbriggs Knowehead Rd (William Turner) 11:0714:46
Locharbriggs Burntscarthgreen (no 141) 11:0814:47
Locharbriggs Knowehead Rd (Quarry Rd) 08:4511:1014:49
Locharbriggs Hall (Opp Shop) 11:1014:4915:4517:49
Amisfield, at Primary School 11:1514:5415:50
Ae, at Bridgend 11:2215:0015:5417:58
Ae, at Hillview 11:2915:0715:5918:04
Ae, opp Post Office 11:3015:0816:0018:05
Operates on request to the driver
operates from Whitesands and Academy St stops only

Ae - Dumfries

Ae, opp Post Office 08:0011:3015:1016:05
Locharbriggs Knowehead Rd (Shelter) 08:55
Ae, opp Bridgend 08:0511:3515:1516:10
Locharbriggs Burntscarthgreen (no 141) 08:57
Amisfield, opp Primary School 08:0811:3815:1816:15
Locharbriggs Knowehead Rd (opp William Turner) 08:57
Locharbriggs Hall (o/s Shop) 08:1511:4515:2216:20
Locharbriggs Community Centre (opp Centre) 08:58
Locharbriggs Post Office (at Park) 08:58
Locharbriggs Social Club (o/s Club) 08:59
Locharbriggs Catherinefield Cres (no 1) 09:00
Locharbriggs Auchencrieff Rd (opp Garage) 09:00
Locharbriggs Lochthorn (Library) 08:1809:0011:4815:2416:22
Locharbriggs Gates Factory (o/s Factory) 08:1909:0111:4915:2516:22
Locharbriggs Kirkton Terrace (A701) 08:2009:0111:5015:2516:23
Heathhall Garden Centre (opp Centre) 08:2109:0311:5115:2616:24
Dumfries Bloomfield (o/s estate) 08:2209:0511:5215:2716:25
Dumfries Edinburgh Road (Marchfields) 08:2309:0611:5315:2816:25
Dumfries Edinburgh Road (opp Golf Club) 08:2509:0811:5515:2916:26
Dumfries Edinburgh Road (Parkfoot) 08:2609:1011:5615:2916:27
Dumfries, at Woodbank 08:2709:1211:5715:3016:28
Dumfries Loreburn Street (opp Car Park) 09:14
Dumfries Academy Street (Opp School) 08:2811:5815:3116:29
Dumfries Great King St (Old PO) 09:15
Dumfries Buccleuch Street (Court) 08:2911:5915:3116:29
Dumfries DG One D (Stance D) 09:21
Dumfries Whitesands (Stance 1) 08:3012:0015:3216:30
Dumfries Brooms Road (opp Church) 16:34
Dumfries Leafield Road (Opp Morrisons) 16:36
Dumfries Loreburne Centre 2 (at Centre) 16:40

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)

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