18S - Lochside Academy - Dyce

A bus service operated by First Aberdeen

🧑‍🎓 This may be a "closed-door" school or works service, not open to the public

Lochside Academy - Dyce

Altens, at Lochside Academy 15:45
Altens, opp Souter Head Road 15:53
Redmoss Park (at) 15:55
Redmoss Road (at) 15:57
Nigg Way (opp) 15:57
Nigg, at Tollohill Place 15:58
Kincorth Abbotswell Crescent (o/s 11) 15:59
Kincorth, opp Cairngorm Crescent 15:59
Kincorth, at Tollohill Square 16:00
Kincorth, at Caiesdykes Road 16:01
Kincorth, at Cairnvale Crescent 16:02
Kincorth, opp Deevale Gardens 16:04
Kincorth, at Deevale Terrace 16:04
Kincorth, opp Abbotswell School 16:05
Kincorth, at Faulds Crescent Path 16:06
Kincorth, at Faulds Gate 16:07
Kincorth, at Abbotswell Drive 16:07
Kincorth Crescent (opp) 16:07
Ferryhill, opp Duthie Park 16:09
Ferryhill, at Allenvale Cemetery 16:10
Ferryhill, at Bloomfield Road 16:11
Ferryhill, at Hardgate 16:12
Holburn, at Nellfield Place 16:12
Holburn, at Great Western Road 16:13
Holburn Junction (Stop A2) 16:15
Aberdeen Langstane Kirk (Stop B3) 16:18
Aberdeen Music Hall (Stop C3) 16:20
Aberdeen St Nicholas Kirk (Stop F4) 16:23
Aberdeen Adelphi (Stop G1) 16:24
Aberdeen Broad Street (Stop H1) 16:25
Aberdeen, opp Seamount Road 16:27
Causewayend, adj Mounthooley Roundabout 16:30
Causewayend, at Fraser Place 16:31
Aberdeen, adj George Street 16:32
Kittybrewster Erskine Street (NW-bound) 16:33
Kittybrewster, at Ashgrove Road 16:34
Kittybrewster, at Northern Hotel (Stop A) 16:34
Kittybrewster, at Burnett Place 16:36
Woodside, opp Barron Street 16:37
Woodside, opp Don Street 16:38
Woodside, at Queen Street 16:39
Woodside, at Society Lane 16:40
Woodside, at Anderson Road 16:41
Woodside, at Smithfield Lane 16:42
Woodside, at North Anderson Drive 16:43
Persley Den Drive (opp) 16:44
Persley, at Grove Cemetery 16:45
Bucksburn, at Goodhope Park 16:46
Bucksburn, at Goodhope Road 16:47
Bucksburn, opp River Don Crescent 16:48
Bucksburn, at Mugiemoss Crescent 16:48
Bucksburn, at Mugiemoss Place West 16:49
Stoneywood, opp Beech Manor 16:52
Stoneywood, at Market Street 16:54
Stoneywood, opp Polo Gardens 16:55
Stoneywood Park (opp) 16:56
Dyce, opp Riverview Drive 16:57
Dyce, at Farburn Terrace 16:58
Dyce, at Skene Place 16:59
Dyce, opp Gladstone Place 17:00
Dyce, opp Southesk Place 17:01
Dyce, at McIntosh Crescent 17:01
Dyce, opp Balloch Way 17:03
Dyce, at Ardlair Terrace 17:03
Dyce, at Netherview Avenue 17:04
Dyce, opp Princess Road 17:04
Dyce, at Tornashean Gardens 17:05
Dyce, at Overton Avenue 17:07
Dyce, at Shopping Centre & Academy 17:08

Dyce - Lochside Academy

Dyce, at Shopping Centre & Academy 07:03
Dyce, opp Overton Avenue 07:04
Dyce, opp Tornashean Gardens 07:05
Dyce, at Fifehill Park 07:06
Dyce, adj Netherview Avenue 07:06
Dyce, at Parkhill Court 07:07
Dyce, opp Louden Place 07:07
Dyce, at Balloch Way 07:08
Dyce, opp McIntosh Crescent 07:08
Dyce, at Southesk Place 07:09
Dyce, at Don Place 07:10
Dyce, at Avon Place 07:11
Dyce, opp Farburn Terrace 07:12
Dyce, at Riverview Drive 07:13
Stoneywood Park (at) 07:15
Stoneywood, at Polo Gardens 07:15
Stoneywood, opp Market Street 07:16
Stoneywood, at Beech Manor 07:17
Bucksburn, opp Mugiemoss Walk 07:21
Bucksburn, at River Don Park 07:22
Bucksburn, at River Don Gardens 07:23
Bucksburn, opp Goodhope Park 07:24
Persley Den Drive (at) 07:26
Woodside, at Mugiemoss Road 07:27
Woodside, opp Smithfield Lane 07:28
Woodside, opp Anderson Road 07:29
Woodside, at Deer Road 07:30
Woodside, opp Grandholm Street 07:31
Woodside, at Don Street 07:31
Woodside, at Barron Street 07:32
Kittybrewster, opp Burnett Place 07:34
Kittybrewster, opp Lilybank Place 07:34
Kittybrewster, opp Northern Hotel 07:35
Kittybrewster, opp Ashgrove Road 07:35
Kittybrewster Erskine Street (SE-bound) 07:36
Causewayend, opp Powis Lane 07:37
Causewayend, opp Fraser Place 07:38
Causewayend, at Mounthooly Roundabout 07:39
Aberdeen, opp Spring Garden 07:41
Aberdeen, at Seamount Road 07:42
Aberdeen Broad Street (Stop H2) 07:44
Aberdeen Adelphi (Stop G5) 07:44
Aberdeen St Nicholas Kirk (Stop F6) 07:45
Aberdeen Music Hall (Stop C5) 07:47
Aberdeen Music Hall (Stop C7) 07:48
Aberdeen Langstane Kirk (Stop B6) 07:49
Aberdeen Holburn Junction (Stop A7) 07:51
Holburn, opp Nellfield Place 07:54
Ferryhill, opp Hardgate 07:55
Ferryhill, opp Bloomfield Road 07:56
Ferryhill, opp Allenvale Cemetary 07:57
Ferryhill, at Duthie Park 07:57
Kincorth Crescent (at) 07:59
Kincorth, at Abbotswell Crescent 08:00
Kincorth, at Provost Watt Drive 08:01
Kincorth, at Faulds Wynd Path 08:01
Kincorth, at Abbotswell School 08:02
Kincorth, opp Deevale Terrace 08:03
Kincorth, at Cairngorm Drive 08:04
Kincorth, opp Cairnvale Crescent 08:05
Kincorth, at Auldearn Place 08:07
Kincorth, opp Tollohill Square 08:08
Kincorth, opp Arbroath Place 08:09
Kincorth, at Abbotswell Crescent 08:10
Nigg, opp Tollohill Place 08:10
Nigg Way (opp) 08:11
Redmoss Road (at) 08:12
Redmoss Park (opp) 08:13
Altens, adj Souter Head Road 08:15
Altens, at Lochside Academy 08:17

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 24 May 2024

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