247 - Redditch - Evesham

A bus service operated by Diamond Bus

Redditch to Evesham

Redditch Bus Station (Stand H) 09:3012:4015:50
Redditch, adj Station Way Top 09:3112:4115:51
Smallwood, opp Trafford Park 09:3212:4215:52
Smallwood, adj Kings Arms 09:3412:4415:54
Lakeside, opp St. Bede's School 09:3512:4515:55
Lakeside, opp Sillins Avenue 09:3612:4615:56
Lakeside, opp Winstone Close 09:3712:4715:57
Lakeside, adj Beoley Road East 09:3812:4815:58
Lakeside (Southbound) 09:3812:4815:58
Lakeside, opp Arthur Street 09:4012:5016:00
Lakeside, adj Arrowdale Road 09:4012:5016:00
Lodge Park, opp Barlich Way 09:4112:5116:01
Greenlands, adj Watery Lane 09:4212:5216:02
Greenlands Post Office (Opp) 09:4312:5316:03
Greenlands, opp Auxerre Avenue 09:4312:5316:03
Greenlands Auxerre Avenue (Westbound) 09:4312:5316:03
Greenlands Throckmorton Road (Westbound) 09:4412:5416:04
Greenlands, opp Wharrington Close 09:4412:5416:04
Greenlands, adj Milcote Close 09:4512:5516:05
Woodrow, opp Grafton Close 09:4712:5716:07
Woodrow, opp Tudor Grange Academy 09:5013:0016:10
Alexandra Hospital (Adj) 09:5113:0116:11
Washford South of Studley Road Island (SE bound) 09:5313:0316:13
Washford, opp Green Lane 09:5513:0516:15
Studley, adj Redditch Road 09:5713:0716:17
Studley, adj Shakespeare Inn 09:5813:0816:18
Studley, adj Bell Lane 09:5913:0916:19
Studley, adj Castle Road 09:5913:0916:19
Studley, adj Manor Road 09:5913:0916:19
Studley, opp Toms Town Lane 09:5913:0916:19
Studley, opp Royal Oak 10:0013:1016:20
Studley, opp Spernal Ash Garage 10:0113:1116:21
Coughton, opp Throckmorton Arms 10:0313:1316:23
Coughton Court (Adj) 10:0413:1416:24
Kings Coughton, adj Moat House Inn 10:0613:1616:26
Alcester, adj Roebuck Inn 10:0713:1716:27
Alcester, adj Grammar School 10:0913:1916:29
Alcester, opp Police Station 10:1013:2016:30
Alcester, opp Roman Way 10:1013:2016:30
Arrow, opp Worcester Road 10:1213:2216:32
Arrow, opp Ragley Hall 10:1213:2216:32
Wixford, adj Fish Inn 10:1713:2716:37
Wixford, opp Three Horseshoes 10:1713:2716:37
Bidford-on-Avon, adj Wellington Road 10:2013:3016:40
Bidford-on-Avon, adj The Leys 10:2113:3116:41
Bidford-on-Avon, adj Church 10:2313:3316:43
Bidford-on-Avon, nr Cleeve Road 10:2413:3416:44
Marlcliff, adj Bickmarsh Road 10:2613:3616:46
Cleeve Prior, adj King's Arms 10:2813:3816:48
Cleeve Prior, adj The Green 10:2913:3916:49
Cleeve Prior, opp Back Lane 10:2913:3916:49
Cleeve Prior, opp Buckthorn Farm 10:3113:4116:51
North Littleton Arrow Lane crossroads (Southbound) 10:3313:4316:53
Middle Littleton, adj Crossroads 10:3413:4416:54
South Littleton, adj Bus Shelter 10:3513:4516:55
Blackminster, opp Station Road 10:3713:4716:57
Badsey, opp Banks Road 10:3913:4916:59
Badsey, opp Horsebridge Avenue 10:4013:5017:00
Aldington Turn (opp) 10:4013:5017:00
Aldington, adj Badsey Road - Ashdown Farm 10:4113:5117:01
Four Pools, opp Morrisons 10:4513:5517:05
Four Pools, opp Woodlands 10:4713:5717:07
Four Pools, adj Oak Tree Close 10:4813:5817:08
Four Pools, adj Sycamore Avenue 10:5014:0017:10
Bengeworth, adj Digby Road 10:5114:0117:11
Bengeworth, adj Cemetery 10:5314:0317:13
Bengeworth, adj Church Street 10:5514:0517:15
Evesham Bus Station (Stand A) 11:0014:1017:20

Evesham to Redditch

Evesham Bus Station (Stand A) 11:0014:1017:20
Evesham, adj Police Station 11:0114:1117:21
Evesham, opp Leisure Centre 11:0214:1217:22
Evesham, opp Waterside Hospital 11:0414:1417:24
Bengeworth, opp Northwick Hotel 11:0414:1417:24
Bengeworth, opp Church Street 11:0514:1517:25
Bengeworth, opp Cemetery 11:0614:1617:26
Bengeworth, opp Digby Road 11:0614:1617:26
Four Pools, opp Sycamore Avenue 11:0714:1717:27
Four Pools, opp Oak Tree Close 11:0814:1817:28
Four Pools, adj Woodlands 11:0814:1817:28
Four Pools, adj Morrisons 11:0914:1917:29
Aldington, opp Badsey Road - Ashdown Farm 11:1314:2317:33
Aldington Turn (Adj) 11:1414:2417:34
Badsey, adj Horsebridge Avenue 11:1514:2517:35
Badsey, adj Banks Road 11:1614:2617:36
Blackminster, adj Station Road 11:1814:2817:38
South Littleton, opp Bus Shelter 11:2014:3017:40
Middle Littleton, opp Crossroads 11:2214:3217:42
North Littleton Arrow Lane crossroads (Northbound) 11:2314:3317:43
Cleeve Prior, adj Buckthorn Farm 11:2514:3517:45
Cleeve Prior, adj Back Lane 11:2814:3817:48
Cleeve Prior, opp The Green 11:2814:3817:48
Marlcliff, opp Bickmarsh Road 11:3114:4117:51
Bidford-on-Avon, opp Memorial 11:3414:4417:54
Bidford-on-Avon, adj Marleigh Road 11:3614:4617:56
Bidford-on-Avon, opp Waterloo Crescent 11:3614:4617:56
Bidford-on-Avon, opp Wellington Road 11:3614:4617:56
Broom, adj Turn 11:3714:4717:57
Wixford, adj Three Horseshoes 11:3814:4817:58
Wixford, opp Fish Inn 11:3914:4917:59
Arrow, adj Ragley Hall 11:4314:5318:03
Arrow, adj Worcester Road 11:4414:5418:04
Alcester, adj Roman Way 11:4814:5818:08
Alcester, adj Police Station 11:5015:0018:10
Alcester, opp Grammar School 11:5015:0018:10
Alcester, opp Roebuck Inn 11:5215:0218:12
Kings Coughton Lane (Adj) 11:5415:0418:14
Coughton Court (Opp) 11:5715:0718:17
Coughton, adj Throckmorton Arms 11:5815:0818:18
Studley, adj Spernal Ash Garage 12:0115:1118:21
Studley, adj Royal Oak 12:0315:1318:23
Studley, adj Toms Town Lane 12:0315:1318:23
Studley, opp Manor Road 12:0415:1418:24
Studley, opp Tesco 12:0515:1518:25
Studley, opp Shakespeare Inn 12:0515:1518:25
Studley, adj Redditch Road 12:0615:1618:26
Washford, opp Green Lane 12:0815:1818:28
Washford South of Studley Road Island (NW bound) 12:0915:1918:29
Alexandra Hospital (Adj) 12:1215:2218:32
Woodrow, adj Ombersley Close 12:1315:2318:33
Woodrow, opp Langdon Close 12:1515:2518:35
Greenlands, opp Milcote Close 12:1715:2718:37
Greenlands, adj Wharrington Close 12:1815:2818:38
Greenlands Throckmorton Road (Eastbound) 12:1815:2818:38
Greenlands Auxerre Avenue (Eastbound) 12:1815:2818:38
Greenlands, adj Auxerre Avenue 12:1815:2818:38
Greenlands Post Office (Adj) 12:1915:2918:39
Greenlands, opp Watery Lane 12:1915:2918:39
Lodge Park, adj Barlich Way 12:2015:3018:40
Lakeside, opp Arrowdale Road 12:2015:3018:40
Lakeside, adj Arthur Street 12:2115:3118:41
Lakeside (Northbound) 12:2215:3218:42
Lakeside, opp Beoley Road East 12:2315:3318:43
Lakeside, adj Winstone Close 12:2315:3318:43
Lakeside, adj Sillins Avenue 12:2515:3518:45
Lakeside, adj St. Bede's School 12:2615:3618:46
Smallwood, opp Kings Arms 12:2815:3818:48
Smallwood, adj Ipsley Street 12:3015:4018:50
Redditch Station Way Top (Westbound) 12:3115:4118:51
Redditch Bus Station (Stand H) 12:3415:4418:54

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/DIAM/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 16 April 2024

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