3 - Norwich - Watton via N&NU Hospital, Hingham

A bus service operated by Konectbus

Norwich - N&NU Hospital, Hingham - Watton

Norwich Railway Station (Stop DE) 20:30
Norwich Prince of Wales Road (Stop DL) 20:30
Norwich Castle Meadow (Stop CW) 20:34
Norwich Bus Station (Stand B) 09:4510:4511:4513:4514:4515:5520:40
Norwich St Stephens Street (Stop BT) 09:4610:4611:4613:4614:4615:5620:41
Norwich, opp St Stephens Square 09:4610:4611:4613:4614:4615:5620:41
Norwich, opp Brunswick Road 09:4710:4711:4713:4714:4715:5820:43
Norwich, opp Eagle Walk 09:4810:4811:4813:4814:4815:5820:43
Norwich, opp Albemarle Road 09:4910:4911:4913:4914:4916:0020:45
Norwich, adj Lime Tree Road 09:4910:4911:4913:4914:4916:0020:45
Norwich, opp Leopold Road 09:5010:5011:5013:5014:5016:0120:45
Norwich, adj Branksome Road 09:5010:5011:5013:5014:5016:0120:46
Norwich, opp Judges Walk 09:5110:5111:5113:5114:5116:0220:46
Norwich, adj Elveden Close 09:5210:5211:5213:5214:5216:0320:47
Cringleford Interchange (Stand A) 09:5710:5711:5713:5714:57
Eaton, adj The Cellarhouse 16:0420:48
Cringleford, opp Cavell Court 09:5810:5811:5813:5814:58
Norwich, opp North Park Avenue 16:0620:50
Cringleford Heights (adj) 09:5910:5911:5913:5914:59
University of East Anglia, adj University Entrance 16:0720:51
University of East Anglia University Drive (Stop C) 16:0820:52
University of East Anglia, adj Enterprise Centre 16:0920:53
Colney, opp Old Watton Road 16:1320:55
Colney, opp church 16:1420:56
Norwich Research Park, opp John Innes Institute 16:1520:57
Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital Forecourt (Stand B) 10:0211:0212:0214:0215:0216:2021:00
Norwich Research Park, adj John Innes Institute 10:0311:0312:0314:0315:0316:2121:01
Colney, opp Wood Burial Park 10:0511:0512:0514:0515:0516:2421:03
Barford, adj Bus Shelter 10:1311:1312:1314:1315:1316:3221:10
Kimberley, adj Station Road 10:1811:1812:1814:1815:1816:3721:15
Kimberley, adj Old Station 10:1911:1912:1914:1915:1916:3821:16
Hackford, opp Gaylers corner 21:18
Hingham, opp Ironside Way 10:2411:2412:2414:2415:2416:4321:21
Hingham, adj Bears Lane 10:2411:2412:2414:2415:2416:4321:21
Hingham, opp Bus Shelter 10:2511:2512:2514:2515:2516:4421:22
Hingham, adj Library 10:2511:2512:2514:2515:2516:4421:22
Hingham, opp Greenacre Road 10:2511:2512:2514:2515:2516:4421:22
Scoulton, opp Tollgate Farm 10:2811:2812:2814:2815:2816:4721:25
Scoulton, adj Breckland Crematorium 10:2811:2812:2814:2815:2816:4721:25
Scoulton, adj Bus Shelter 10:3011:3012:3014:3015:3016:4921:26
Carbrooke, adj Shire Autos 10:3511:3512:3514:3515:3516:5421:31
Watton, opp Salmond Road 10:3611:3612:3614:3615:3616:5521:32
Watton, adj Camp Main Gate 10:3711:3712:3714:3715:3716:5621:33
Watton, adj Portal Avenue 08:3010:3811:3812:3814:3815:3816:5721:34
Watton, adj Lovell Gardens 08:3210:4011:4012:4014:4015:4016:5921:36
Watton, opp Blenheim Way 08:3410:4211:4212:4214:4115:4117:0021:37
Watton, adj Griston Road 08:3510:4311:4312:4314:4215:4217:0121:38
Watton, adj Regal Court 08:3710:4411:4412:4414:4315:4317:0221:39
Watton, adj Crown 08:4010:4711:4712:4714:4615:4617:0521:42
Watton, adj Wayland High School 08:45
Watton, opp Swaffham Road 10:4811:4812:4817:0621:43
Watton, adj Wayland Avenue 10:5011:5012:50

Watton - N&NU Hospital, Hingham - Norwich

Toftwood, adj Westfield Road 06:1006:40
Watton, adj Wayland Avenue 10:2012:2013:2014:2015:2016:40
Toftwood, opp Millwrights 06:1006:40
Toftwood, opp Holland Court 06:1106:41
Shipdham, adj Eastgate 06:1506:45
Shipdham, adj Kings Head 06:1506:45
Shipdham, opp Swan Lane 06:1506:45
Shipdham, adj Pound Green Lane 06:1606:46
Shipdham, opp Chapel Street 06:1606:46
Shipdham, opp Post Office 06:1706:47
Shipdham, opp Threeways Garage 06:1706:47
Shipdham, adj King Row Post Box 06:2006:50
Ovington, adj The Street 06:2606:56
Watton, opp Loch Lane 06:2606:56
Watton, adj Lime Tree Walk 06:2706:57
Watton, adj Crown 06:2806:58
Watton, opp Swaffham Road 06:2906:59
Watton, adj Swaffham Road 06:3007:0010:2212:2213:2214:2215:2216:42
Watton, opp Crown 06:3508:3010:3012:3013:3014:3015:3516:50
Watton, opp Griston Road 06:3608:3110:3112:3113:3114:3115:3616:51
Watton, adj Blenheim Way 06:3708:3210:3212:3213:3214:3215:3716:52
Watton, opp Lovell Gardens 06:3808:3310:3312:3313:3314:3315:3816:53
Watton, opp Portal Avenue 06:3908:3410:3412:3413:3414:3415:3916:54
Watton, opp Camp Main Gate 06:3908:3410:3412:3413:3414:3415:3916:54
Watton, adj Salmond Road 06:4108:3610:3612:3613:3614:3615:4116:56
Carbrooke, opp Shire Autos 06:4108:3610:3612:3613:3614:3615:4116:56
Scoulton, opp Bus Shelter 06:4608:4110:4112:4113:4114:4115:4617:01
Scoulton, opp Breckland Crematorium 06:4808:4310:4312:4313:4314:4315:4817:03
Scoulton, adj Tollgate Farm 06:4808:4310:4312:4313:4314:4315:4817:03
Hingham, adj Greenacre Road 06:5108:4610:4612:4613:4614:4615:5117:06
Hingham, adj The Fairland 06:5108:4610:4612:4613:4614:4615:5117:06
Hingham, adj Bus Shelter 06:5208:4710:4712:4713:4714:4715:5217:07
Hingham, adj Ringers Lane 06:5208:4710:4712:4713:4714:4715:5217:07
Hingham, adj Ironside Way 06:5208:4710:4712:4713:4714:4715:5217:07
Kimberley, opp Old Station 06:5608:5110:5112:5113:5114:5115:5617:11
Kimberley, opp Station Road 06:5708:5210:5212:5213:5214:5215:5717:12
Barford, opp Bus Shelter 07:0308:5810:5812:5813:5814:5816:0317:18
Colney, adj Wood Burial Park 07:1009:0511:0513:0514:0515:0516:1417:25
Norwich Research Park, opp John Innes Institute 07:1309:0811:0813:0814:0815:0816:1717:28
Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital Forecourt (Stand A) 07:1509:1011:1013:1014:1015:1016:2017:30
Norwich Research Park, adj John Innes Institute 07:1709:13
Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital Colney Lane (S-bound) 11:1113:1114:1115:1116:2117:31
Colney, adj church 07:1809:14
Cringleford Heights (opp) 11:1213:1214:1215:1216:2217:32
Colney, adj Old Watton Road 07:1909:15
Cringleford, adj Cavell Court 11:1313:1314:1315:1316:2317:33
University of East Anglia, opp Enterprise Centre 07:2109:18
Cringleford Interchange (Stand B) 11:1513:1514:1515:1516:2517:35
University of East Anglia University Drive (Stop A) 07:2309:20
University of East Anglia, opp University Entrance 07:2409:21
Norwich, adj North Park Avenue 07:2409:21
Eaton, adj Norvic Drive 07:2609:23
Eaton, adj Slip Road 07:2709:24
Norwich, opp Elveden Close 07:2709:2411:1713:1714:1715:1716:2717:37
Norwich, adj Judges Walk 07:2809:2511:1813:1814:1815:1816:2817:38
Norwich, opp Branksome Road 07:2809:2511:1813:1814:1815:1816:2817:38
Norwich, adj Leopold Road 07:2909:2611:1913:1914:1915:1916:2917:39
Norwich, opp Lime Tree Road 07:3009:2711:1913:1914:1915:1916:2917:39
Norwich, adj Albemarle Road 07:3009:2711:1913:1914:1915:1916:2917:39
Norwich, opp Town Close Road 07:3109:2811:2013:2014:2015:2016:3017:40
Norwich, adj Eagle Walk 07:3209:2911:2113:2114:2115:2116:3117:41
Norwich, adj Brunswick Road 07:3209:3011:2113:2114:2115:2116:3117:41
Norwich, adj St Stephens Square 07:3309:3111:2213:2214:2215:2216:3217:42
Norwich Bus Station (Stand B) 07:3609:3411:2513:2514:2515:2516:3517:45

Timetable data from Konectbus, 12 April 2024



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