376 - Beckton Station - East Ham, Newham Town Hall, school extras

A bus service operated by Docklands Buses


Monday to Friday, Not School vacation in free public holidays regulation holidays

East Ham, Newham Town Hall, school extras - Beckton Station

E Ham Newham Town Hall (Stop W) 07:3507:4708:02
E Ham Kempton Road (Stop L) 07:3607:4808:03
E Ham Caledon Road (Stop J) 07:3707:4908:04
E Ham Bendish Road (Stop D) 07:3807:5008:05
E Ham East Ham Station (Stop B) 07:4007:5208:07
Plashet School (Stop L) 07:4107:5308:08
Shrewsbury Road Plashet (Stop M) 07:4207:5408:09
Katherine Road Plashet (Stop N) 07:4307:5608:11
Upton Park Whitfield Road (Stop L) 07:4407:5708:12
Upton Park Green Street (E13) (Stop J) 07:4507:5808:13
Upton Park Station (Stop B) 07:4708:0008:15
Upton Park Queens Market (Stop C) 07:4808:0108:16
Upton Park / Boleyn (Stop F) 07:4908:0208:17
Upton Park Benson Avenue (Stop) 07:5008:0308:18
Upton Park Frinton Road (E6) (Stop HM) 07:5108:0408:19
Plaistow Brampton Manor School (Stop HN) 07:5208:0608:21
Plaistow Newham Uni Hosp Main Reception (Stop HA) 07:5308:0708:22
Plaistow Newham Uni Hosp Emergency Dept (Stop HB) 07:5508:0908:24
Plaistow Bennett Road (Stop A) 07:5608:1008:25
Plaistow Newham Leisure Centre (->S) 07:5708:1108:26
Custom House Colman Road (Stop H) 07:5808:1308:28
Custom House Beckton School (Stop J) 07:5908:1408:29
Custom House Fulmer Road (->S) 08:0108:1608:31
Custom House Will Thorne Pavilion (->S) 08:0108:1608:31
Beckton Jake Russell Walk (Stop A) 08:0208:1708:32
Beckton Strait Road Stansfeld Road (->E) 08:0208:1808:33
Beckton Park (Stop Z) 08:0308:1908:34
Cyprus Campion Close (Stop Y) 08:0408:1908:34
Cyprus Renfrew Close (Stop V) 08:0408:2008:35
Cyprus Strait RoadEast Ham Manor Way (Stop S) 08:0508:2108:36
Cyprus (Stop M) 08:0608:2208:37
Cyprus Ferndale Street (Stop X) 08:0708:2308:38
Cyprus Horse Leaze (Stop F) 08:0808:2408:39
Cyprus Winsor Park Estate (Stop) 08:0908:2508:40
Beckton East Ham Manor Way Covelees Wall (Stop J) 08:1008:2608:41
Beckton Bus Station (Stop A) 08:1208:2808:43

Beckton Station - East Ham, Newham Town Hall, school extras

Beckton Bus Station (Stop B) 15:2215:37
Beckton (Stop H) 15:2315:38
Beckton Covelees Wall (Stop G) 15:2415:39
Cyprus Winsor Park Estate (Stop) 15:2615:41
Cyprus Horse Leaze (Stop A) 15:2715:42
Cyprus Devalls Close (Stop W) 15:2815:43
Cyprus (Stop Q) 15:3015:44
Cyprus Strait RoadEast Ham Manor Way (Stop R) 15:3015:44
Cyprus Renfrew Close (Stop T) 15:3115:45
Beckton Park (Stop X) 15:3215:46
Beckton Strait Road / Stansfeld Road (->W) 15:3315:47
Beckton Jake Russell Walk (Stop B) 15:3415:48
Custom House Will Thorne Pavilion (->W) 15:3515:49
Custom House Fulmer Road (->N) 15:3615:50
Custom House Beckton School (Stop K) 15:3715:51
Custom House Colman Road (Stop L) 15:3915:53
Plaistow Bennett Road (Stop T) 15:4115:55
Plaistow Newham University Hosp Emergency Dept (Stop HC) 15:4315:57
Plaistow Newham University Hosp Main Reception (Stop HG) 15:4415:58
Plaistow Brampton Manor School (Stop HJ) 15:4515:59
Upton Park New City Road (Stop HL) 15:4716:01
Upton Park Wilson Road (Stop P) 15:4816:02
Barking Road Upton Park (Stop R) 15:4916:03
Upton Park Boleyn (Stop G) 15:5116:05
Upton Park Tudor Road (Stop E) 15:5216:06
Upton Park (Stop A) 15:5416:08
Upton Plashet Road (Stop D) 15:5516:09
Upton Washington Road (Stop H) 15:5716:11
Walpole Road Upton Park (Stop K) 15:5916:13
Katherine Road Plashet (Stop R) 16:0016:14
Shrewsbury Road Plashet (Stop S) 16:0216:16
Plashet School (Stop T) 16:0416:18
E Ham East Ham Station (Stop A) 16:0616:20
E Ham Bendish Road (Stop N) 16:0816:22
E Ham Ron Leighton Way (Stop M) 16:1016:24
E Ham High Street North East Ham (Stop R) 16:1216:26
E Ham Newham Town Hall (Stop V) 16:1516:28

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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