74A - Nuneaton - Coventry

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Coventry - Nuneaton

Coventry Pool Meadow Bus Station (Stand E) 11:10
Coventry Baths (Stop CU4) 11:11
Coventry Gosford Street (Stop CU3) 11:11
Coventry The Whitefriars (Stop CU1) 11:12
Coventry University (before) 11:12
Gosford Green, opp Bramble St 11:13
Gosford Green (on) 11:14
Gosford Green, after Kingsway 11:15
Gosford Green, opp Bulls Head Lane 11:17
Stoke, adj Raleigh Rd 11:17
Upper Stoke, adj Dane Rd 11:20
Wyken Green, opp Mellowdew Rd 11:20
Wyken Green, opp Morris Avenue 11:21
Wyken Green, opp Hipswell Highway 11:22
Wyken Green, opp Arch Rd 11:22
Wyken Green, adj Norton Hill Drive 11:23
Wyken Green, opp Clifford Bridge Rd 11:24
Walsgrave Caludon Centre (Stop WH) 11:25
Walsgrave University Hospital (Stop WF) 11:26
Walsgrave University Hospital (Stop UH3) 11:27
Walsgrave Caludon Centre (Stop WG) 11:28
Walsgrave Church (opp) 11:29
Walsgrave, opp Harmer Close 11:30
Walsgrave, opp Mount Pleasant 11:31
Walsgrave, after Parkway Island 11:32
Walsgrave, before Parkway Island 11:32
Ansty, adj Garage 11:37
Ansty, opp Rose and Castle 11:37
Shilton, adj School 11:39
Wolvey, adj Square 11:44
Bramcote Barracks (opp) 11:50
Bulkington, adj Winterton Road 11:56
Bulkington, opp St James Church 11:57
Bulkington, nr Benn Road 11:57
Bulkington, opp Cleveland Road 11:58
Bulkington, opp The Paddocks 11:59
Bulkington, nr Weston Lane 11:59
Bulkington, adj The Birches 12:00
Bulkington, adj Nuneaton Road 12:01
Whitestone, adj Marston Lane 12:02
Whitestone, adj Purcell Avenue 12:03
Whitestone, nr Lutterworth Road 12:04
Whitestone, opp Shops 12:05
Whitestone, opp Arden Road 12:05
Whitestone, adj Quarry Lane 12:07
Nuneaton, adj Marston Lane 12:11
Nuneaton, adj Roxburgh Road 12:11
Nuneaton, adj Roxburgh Road 12:12
Nuneaton, adj Lutterworth Road 12:13
Attleborough, opp Highfield Road 12:14
Attleborough, adj Green 12:14
Nuneaton Avenue Road (Jcn) 12:16
Nuneaton, adj Simon Close 12:16
Attleborough, opp Trinity Walk 12:16
Nuneaton, opp Lister Street 12:17
Nuneaton, opp Anker Street 12:18
Nuneaton, opp Mill Street 12:19
Nuneaton Bus Station (Stand B3) 12:21

Nuneaton - Coventry

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