N171 - Hither Green Station - Catford - Brockley - New Cross Gate - Peckham - Camberwell - Elephant & Castle - Waterloo - Tottenham Court Road

A bus service operated by London Central

Springbank Road / Hither Green - Tottenham Court Road Station

Springbank Road / Hither Green Station (Stop A) 00:1000:4001:1401:4402:1402:4403:1303:43
Hither Green Wellmeadow Road (Stop AA) 00:1000:4001:1401:4402:1402:4403:1303:43
Torridon Road / Hither Green Lane (Stop E) 00:1000:4001:1401:4402:1402:4403:1303:43
Hither Green Brownhill Road (Stop F) 00:1100:4101:1501:4502:1502:4503:1403:44
Hither Green Sandhurst Road / St Andrews Church (Stop W) 00:1200:4201:1601:4602:1602:4603:1503:45
Catford Sandhurst Road / St Fillans Road (Stop X) 00:1300:4301:1701:4702:1702:4703:1603:46
Catford Holy Cross School (Stop Y) 00:1400:4401:1801:4802:1802:4803:1703:47
Catford Road / Lewisham Town Hall (Stop V) 00:1600:4601:2001:5002:2002:5003:1903:49
Catford & Catford Bridge Stations (Stop S) 00:1600:4601:2001:5002:2002:5003:1903:49
Catford St Dunstans College (Stop J) 00:1700:4701:2101:5102:2102:5103:2003:50
Honor Oak Park Blythe Vale (Stop K) 00:1800:4801:2201:5202:2202:5203:2103:51
Honor Oak Park Hurstbourne Road (Stop L) 00:1900:4901:2301:5302:2302:5303:2203:52
Honor Oak Park Kilmorie Road (Stop M) 00:1900:4901:2301:5302:2302:5303:2203:52
Honor Oak Park Brockley Park (Stop A) 00:2000:5001:2401:5402:2402:5403:2303:53
Honor Oak Park Duncombe Hill (Stop HL) 00:2100:5101:2501:5502:2502:5503:2403:54
Stondon Park / Honor Oak Park (Stop HC) 00:2200:5201:2601:5602:2602:5603:2503:55
Honor Oak Park Maclean Road (Stop HN) 00:2200:5201:2601:5602:2602:5603:2503:55
Honor Oak Park Brockley Jack (Stop CQ) 00:2200:5201:2601:5602:2602:5603:2503:55
Crofton Park Station (Stop A) 00:2300:5301:2701:5702:2702:5703:2603:56
Crofton Park Beecroft Road (Stop B) 00:2300:5301:2701:5702:2702:5703:2603:56
Crofton Park Dalrymple Road (Stop C) 00:2400:5401:2801:5802:2802:5803:2703:57
Brockley Braxfield Road (Stop D) 00:2400:5401:2801:5802:2802:5803:2703:57
Brockley St Andrew's Church / Wickham Road (Stop BE) 00:2500:5501:2901:5902:2902:5903:2803:58
Brockley Station (Stop BA) 00:2600:5601:3002:0002:3003:0003:2903:59
Brockley Millmark Grove (->N) 00:2600:5601:3002:0002:3003:0003:2903:59
New Cross Vesta Road (Stop G) 00:2700:5701:3102:0102:3103:0103:3004:00
New Cross St Donatts Road (Stop H) 00:2800:5801:3202:0202:3203:0203:3104:00
New Cross Shardeloes Road / Lewisham Way (Stop J) 00:2800:5801:3202:0202:3203:0203:3104:01
New Cross Amersham Road (Stop F) 00:2900:5901:3302:0302:3303:0303:3204:01
New Cross Marquis of Granby / Goldsmiths (Stop Y) 00:2900:5901:3302:0302:3303:0303:3204:02
New Cross Gate Station (Stop O) 00:3001:0001:3402:0402:3403:0403:3304:02
New Cross Gate New Cross Bus Garage (Stop K) 00:3201:0201:3602:0602:3603:0603:3504:04
New Cross Gate New Cross Fire Station (Stop A) 00:3201:0201:3602:0602:3603:0603:3504:04
Nunhead Pomeroy Street (Stop QA) 00:3301:0301:3702:0702:3703:0703:3604:05
Queen's Road Peckham Station (Stop QB) 00:3401:0401:3802:0802:3803:0803:3704:06
Peckham Carlton Grove (Stop QC) 00:3501:0501:3902:0902:3903:0903:3804:07
Peckham Clayton Road (SE15) (Stop J) 00:3501:0501:3902:0902:3903:0903:3804:07
Peckham Hanover Park (Stop R) 00:3701:0701:4102:1102:4103:1103:4004:09
Peckham Harris Academy (Stop S) 00:3701:0701:4102:1102:4103:1103:4004:09
Peckham Southampton Way (Stop T) 00:3801:0801:4202:1202:4203:1203:4104:10
Camberwell Vestry Road (Stop V) 00:3901:0901:4302:1302:4303:1303:4204:11
Camberwell St Giles Church (Stop U) 00:3901:0901:4302:1302:4303:1303:4204:11
Camberwell Church Street Camberwell Green (Stop L) 00:4101:1101:4502:1502:4503:1503:4404:13
Camberwell Green (Stop F) 00:4101:1101:4502:1502:4503:1503:4404:13
Camberwell Medlar Street (Stop D) 00:4201:1201:4602:1602:4603:1603:4504:14
Wyndham Road Camberwell Road (Stop U) 00:4201:1201:4602:1602:4603:1603:4504:15
Camberwell Bowyer Place (Stop Z) 00:4301:1301:4702:1702:4703:1703:4604:15
Walworth Camberwell Road Albany Road (Stop X) 00:4301:1301:4702:1702:4703:1703:4604:16
Walworth Westmoreland Road (Stop M) 00:4401:1401:4802:1802:4803:1803:4704:17
Walworth East Street (Stop H) 00:4501:1501:4902:1902:4903:1903:4804:18
Walworth Larcom Street (Stop C) 00:4601:1601:5002:2002:5003:2003:4904:19
Elephant & Castle Heygate Street (Stop Z) 00:4701:1701:5102:2102:5103:2103:5004:20
Elephant & Castle Station (Stop V) 00:4901:1901:5302:2302:5303:2303:5204:22
Elephant & Castle London Rd (Stop A) 00:4901:1901:5302:2302:5303:2303:5204:22
Lambeth St George's Circus (Stop P) 00:5101:2101:5502:2502:5503:2503:5404:24
Waterloo The Old Vic (Stop Q) 00:5201:2201:5602:2602:5603:2603:5504:25
Waterloo Station / Tenison Way (Stop K) 00:5401:2401:5802:2802:5803:2803:5704:27
Waterloo Bridge South Bank (Stop P) 00:5401:2401:5802:2802:5803:2803:5704:27
Temple Lancaster Place (Stop T) 00:5601:2602:0002:3003:0003:3003:5904:29
Temple Aldwych / Kingsway (Stop F) 00:5701:2702:0102:3103:0103:3104:0104:31
Holborn Station (Stop P) 00:5901:2902:0302:3303:0303:3304:0304:33
Holborn Drury Lane (Stop S) 00:5901:2902:0302:3303:0303:3304:0304:33
Tottenham Court Road Station (Stop T) 01:0101:3102:0502:3503:0503:3504:0504:35

Tottenham Court Road Station - Springbank Road / Hither Green

Tottenham Court Road New Oxford Street (Stop Z) 00:0800:3801:1101:4102:1302:4303:1303:4304:1304:43
Holborn Museum Street (Stop E) 00:0800:3801:1101:4102:1302:4303:1303:4304:1304:43
Kingsway / Holborn Station (Stop M) 00:1100:4101:1401:4402:1602:4603:1603:4604:1604:46
Temple Aldwych Drury Lane (Stop S) 00:1400:4401:1701:4702:1802:4803:1803:4804:1804:48
Waterloo Bridge South Bank (Stop N) 00:1600:4601:1801:4802:1902:4903:1903:4904:1904:49
Waterloo Station Waterloo Road (Stop D) 00:1800:4801:2001:5002:2102:5103:2103:5104:2104:51
Waterloo The Old Vic (Stop S) 00:1800:4801:2001:5002:2102:5103:2103:5104:2104:51
Lambeth St George's Circus (Stop T) 00:2000:5001:2201:5102:2202:5203:2203:5204:2204:52
Elephant & Castle London Rd (Stop D) 00:2200:5201:2401:5302:2402:5403:2403:5404:2404:54
Elephant & Castle Station (Stop R) 00:2400:5401:2601:5502:2602:5603:2603:5604:2604:56
Walworth Larcom Street (Stop A) 00:2500:5501:2601:5502:2602:5603:2603:5604:2604:56
Walworth East Street (Stop F) 00:2600:5601:2801:5702:2802:5803:2803:5804:2804:58
Walworth Westmoreland Road (Stop J) 00:2700:5701:2801:5702:2802:5803:2803:5804:2804:58
Walworth Camberwell Road Albany Road (Stop N) 00:2800:5801:3001:5902:3003:0003:3004:0004:3005:00
Camberwell Bowyer Place (Stop N) 00:2900:5901:3001:5902:3003:0003:3004:0004:3005:00
Camberwell Medlar Street (Stop A) 00:3001:0001:3102:0002:3103:0103:3104:0104:3105:01
Camberwell Church Street Camberwell Green (Stop K) 00:3201:0201:3302:0202:3303:0303:3304:0304:3305:03
Camberwell St Giles Church (->E) 00:3201:0201:3302:0202:3303:0303:3304:0304:3305:03
Camberwell Vestry Road (Stop N) 00:3301:0301:3402:0302:3403:0403:3404:0404:3405:04
Peckham Southampton Way (Stop P) 00:3401:0401:3502:0402:3503:0503:3504:0504:3505:05
Peckham Harris Academy (Stop Q) 00:3501:0501:3602:0502:3603:0603:3604:0604:3605:06
Peckham Library (Stop B) 00:3601:0601:3702:0602:3703:0703:3704:0704:3705:07
Peckham Post Office (Stop G) 00:3601:0601:3702:0602:3703:0703:3704:0704:3705:07
Peckham Carlton Grove (Stop QD) 00:3701:0701:3802:0702:3803:0803:3804:0804:3805:08
Queen's Road Peckham Station (Stop QH) 00:3901:0901:4002:0902:3903:0903:3904:0904:3905:09
Nunhead Pomeroy Street (Stop QJ) 00:3901:0901:4002:0902:4003:1003:4004:1004:4005:10
New Cross Gate New Cross Fire Station (Stop B) 00:4101:1101:4202:1102:4103:1103:4104:1104:4105:11
New Cross Gate New Cross Bus Garage (Stop G) 00:4201:1201:4302:1202:4203:1203:4204:1204:4205:12
New Cross Gate Station (Stop R) 00:4301:1301:4402:1302:4303:1303:4304:1304:4305:13
New Cross Marquis of Granby (Stop T) 00:4401:1401:4502:1402:4403:1303:4304:1304:4305:13
New Cross Shardeloes Road / Lewisham Way (Stop K) 00:4501:1501:4602:1502:4503:1503:4504:1504:4505:15
New Cross St Donatts Road (Stop L) 00:4601:1601:4702:1602:4603:1503:4504:1504:4505:15
New Cross Vesta Road (Stop M) 00:4601:1601:4702:1602:4603:1603:4604:1604:4605:16
Brockley Millmark Grove (->S) 00:4701:1701:4802:1702:4703:1603:4604:1604:4605:16
Brockley Station (Stop BB) 00:4901:1901:5002:1902:4903:1803:4804:1804:4805:18
Brockley St Andrew's Church / Wickham Road (Stop BD) 00:4901:1901:5002:1902:4903:1803:4804:1804:4805:18
Brockley Braxfield Road (Stop K) 00:5001:2001:5102:2002:5003:1903:4904:1904:4905:19
Crofton Park Dalrymple Road (Stop L) 00:5101:2101:5202:2102:5003:1903:4904:1904:4905:19
Crofton Park Station (Stop M) 00:5101:2101:5202:2102:5103:2003:5004:2004:5005:20
Honor Oak Park Brockley Jack (Stop N) 00:5201:2201:5302:2202:5103:2003:5004:2004:5005:20
Honor Oak Park Maclean Road (Stop HP) 00:5301:2301:5402:2302:5203:2103:5104:2104:5105:21
Honor Oak Park Brockley Rise / Chandos (Stop HH) 00:5401:2401:5502:2402:5303:2203:5204:2204:5205:22
Honor Oak Park Duncombe Hill (Stop HK) 00:5401:2401:5502:2402:5303:2203:5204:2204:5205:22
Honor Oak Park Brockley Park (Stop B) 00:5501:2501:5502:2402:5303:2203:5204:2204:5205:22
Honor Oak Park Brockley Rise / Cranston Road (Stop C) 00:5501:2501:5602:2502:5403:2303:5304:2304:5305:23
Honor Oak Park Kilmorie Road (Stop E) 00:5601:2601:5602:2502:5403:2303:5304:2304:5305:23
Honor Oak Park Hurstbourne Road (Stop F) 00:5701:2701:5702:2602:5503:2403:5404:2404:5405:24
Honor Oak Park Blythe Vale (Stop G) 00:5701:2701:5802:2702:5603:2503:5504:2504:5505:25
Catford St Dunstans College (Stop H) 00:5801:2801:5902:2802:5703:2603:5604:2604:5605:26
Catford & Catford Bridge Stations (Stop M) 01:0001:3002:0002:2902:5803:2703:5704:2704:5705:27
Catford Road / Lewisham Town Hall (Stop J) 01:0101:3102:0102:3002:5903:2803:5804:2804:5805:28
Catford Plassy Road (Stop F) 01:0201:3202:0102:3002:5903:2803:5804:2804:5805:28
Catford Holy Cross School (Stop H) 01:0301:3302:0202:3103:0003:2903:5904:2904:5905:29
Catford Sangley Road / St Fillans Road (Stop J) 01:0301:3302:0302:3203:0103:3004:0004:3005:0005:30
Hither Green Torridon Road / St Andrews Church (Stop R) 01:0501:3502:0502:3403:0303:3204:0204:3205:0205:32
Hither Green Brownhill Road (Stop P) 01:0601:3602:0502:3403:0303:3204:0204:3205:0205:32
Torridon Road / Hither Green Lane (Stop Q) 01:0701:3702:0602:3503:0403:3304:0304:3305:0305:33
Hither Green Duncrievie Road (Stop R) 01:0701:3702:0702:3603:0503:3404:0404:3405:0405:34
Springbank Road / Hither Green Station (Stop A) 01:0901:3902:0802:3703:0603:3504:0504:3505:0505:35

Timetable data from Transport for London, 15 April 2024

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