12A - Go Cornwall Bus - Plymouth - Launceston

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Plymouth - Launceston

Saltash Fore Street Bottom (W-bound) 07:18
Saltash Fore Street Top (W-bound) 07:18
Saltash Callington Road St. Annes (W-bound) 07:19
Saltash Callington Road Football Stadium (NW-bound) 07:20
Saltash, opp Frith Road 07:21
Burraton, opp Co-Op Funeral Service 07:21
Burraton, opp Gilston Road Junction 07:23
Carkeel Barns (N-bound) 07:25
Carkeel, opp Trelanka 07:27
The Cardinals Hatt (N-bound) 07:29
Hatt Post Office (W-bound) 07:30
Pillaton The Weary Friar (E-bound) 07:40
Hatt Ellbridge Turn (N-bound) 07:50
Paynters Cross Junction (NW-bound) 07:51
St Mellion The Old Post Office (N-bound) 07:54
St Mellion Golf Club (N-bound) 07:54
St Mellion Vernigo Roundabout (NE-bound) 07:56
St Dominick, opp St Dominck Church Turn 07:59
St Dominick Primary School (N-bound) 08:02
St Dominick Church (N-bound) 08:02
Ashton Post Box (W-bound) 08:06
Ashton Turn (W-bound) 08:07
Ashton, opp Dupath Well Turn 08:08
Callington Southern Road (W-bound) 08:10
Callington Primary School (N-bound) 08:10
Callington New Road (N-bound) 08:1114:56
Callington, opp Urban Terrace 08:1414:57
Callington School (W-bound) 08:15
Callington Bowling Green (N-bound) 14:57
Kelly Bray, opp Isacombe Oaks 14:59
Kelly Bray Post Office (N-bound) 15:00
Kelly Bray Trefloyd Close (N-bound) 15:00
Venterdon Penpill (N-bound) 15:03
Treburley The Springer Spaniel (N-bound) 15:07
Lezant Landue Bridge (N-bound) 15:09
Little Comfort, opp Church 15:10
Launceston, opp Stourscombe 15:14
Launceston Tesco (NW-bound) 15:15
Launceston College (E-bound) 15:25
Scarne Industrial Estate Hurdon Road (S-bound) 15:25
Scarne Industrial Estate, opp Launceston Hospital 15:26
Launceston Pennygillam (NE-bound) 15:29
Launceston St Johns Road (NE-bound) 15:29
Launceston Western Road (N-bound) 15:30
Launceston Westgate Street (E-bound) 15:32
Newport Industrial Estate Entrance (opp) 15:38
Dutson, o/s Homeleigh Garden Centre 15:41
Newport Junction Prince Philip Road (W-bound) 15:42
Newport Broad Park (N-bound) 15:43
St Stephens Community Academy (outside) 15:45
St Stephens Post Box (NW-bound) 15:46
Yeolmbridge Yeolm Bridge (NE-bound) 15:48
Ladycross, opp Werrington School 15:49
Boyton, opp Beacon Park 16:00
Hornacott Chapel (adj) 16:07

Launceston - Callington

Callington School (W-bound) 15:10
Launceston Westgate Street (W-bound) 17:25
Launceston Westgate Street (E-bound) 17:25
Launceston Western Road (S-bound) 17:26
Launceston Woburn Road Junction (SW-bound) 17:26
Launceston Pennygillam (S-bound) 17:26
Scarne Industrial Estate Launceston Hospital (E-bound) 17:28
Scarne Industrial Estate Hurdon Road (N-bound) 17:29
Launceston Tesco (SE-bound) 17:3117:31
Launceston Stourscombe (SE-bound) 17:31
Little Comfort Tregada Farm (S-bound) 17:34
Little Comfort Church (S-bound) 17:35
Lezant Landue Bridge (S-bound) 17:36
Treburley, opp The Springer Spaniel 17:3917:39
Venterdon Penpill (S-bound) 17:42
Stoke Climsland Duchy College Entrance (NE-bound) 17:44
Stoke Climsland Duck Pond (NW-bound) 17:45
Stoke Climsland, opp Recreation Ground 17:4617:46
Stoke Climsland Duchy College (SW-bound) 17:46
Downgate Turn (SE-bound) 17:47
Kelly Bray, opp The Swingletree 17:50
Kelly Bray, opp Trefloyd Close 17:50
Kelly Bray Post Office (S-bound) 17:5117:50
Kelly Bray Isacombe Oaks (S-bound) 17:51
Callington Bowling Green (S-bound) 17:53
Callington Urban Terrace (S-bound) 17:53
Callington New Road (N-bound) 15:1417:5517:55
Callington, opp Primary School 15:15
Callington Ginsters (E-bound) 18:03
Callington Saltash Road Car Park (E-bound) 15:15
Callington Southern Road (E-bound) 15:15
Ashton Dupath Well Turn (SE-bound) 15:1718:06
Ashton, opp Post Box 15:1918:09
St Dominick Church (E-bound) 15:2218:12
St Dominick Primary School (SE-bound) 15:2318:14
St Dominick Church Turn (W-bound) 15:2518:16
St Mellion Vernigo Roundabout (SE-bound) 15:2918:19
St Mellion Golf Club (S-bound) 15:2918:20
St Mellion, opp The Old Post Office 15:3118:21
Paynters Cross Junction (SE-bound) 15:3218:23
Hatt Ellbridge Turn (S-bound) 15:3318:24
Pillaton, opp Weary Friar Hotel 15:42
Hatt Garage (NE-bound) 18:26
Hatt, opp Post Office 15:49
The Cardinals Hatt (S-bound) 15:5018:26
Carkeel Trelanka (E-bound) 15:5318:29
Carkeel, o/s Tamar View Ind Est 15:5418:29
Burraton Gilston Road Junction (S-bound) 15:5618:31
Burraton Co-Op Funeral Service (SE-bound) 15:5818:32
Saltash Callington Road Fire Station (E-bound) 15:5918:33
Saltash, opp Callington Road 16:0018:33
Saltash Callington Road (E-bound) 16:0018:34
Saltash Fore Street Top (E-bound) 16:0218:35
Saltash Fore Street Bottom (E-bound) 16:0418:36
St Budeaux Mackenzie Place (SE-bound) 18:38
St Budeaux Stanhope Road (SE-bound) 18:39
St Budeaux Saltburn Road (SE-bound) 18:39
St Budeaux St Paul's Church (SE-bound) 18:40
St Budeaux Square 2 (SE-bound) 18:41
Camel’s Head Harbour Avenue (SE-bound) 18:42
Camels Head School (SE-bound) 18:43
Camels Head (SE-bound) 18:44
North Prospect Cookworthy Road (SE-bound) 18:45
North Prospect Austin Avenue (SE-bound) 18:45
North Prospect Wolseley Road Shops (SE-bound) 18:45
North Prospect Greatlands Place (SE-bound) 18:46
Ford Queens House (E-bound) 18:47
Milehouse Central Park (SE-bound) 18:48
Milehouse Cuffe Road (S-bound) 18:48
Pennycomequick De La Hay Avenue (S-bound) 18:48
Pennycomequick Pilgrims Mews (SE-bound) 18:49
Plymouth Railway Station (SE-bound) 18:50
Plymouth Western Approach Flats (SW-bound) 18:51
Plymouth Western Approach (Stop 2) 18:51
Plymouth Derry's Cross North (SE-bound) 18:52
Plymouth Royal Parade A7 (Stop A7) 18:54

Timetable data from Go-Ahead/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 17 November 2023. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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