15A - Aberdeen City Centre - Craigiebuckler Airyhall

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Aberdeen City Centre - Craigiebuckler Airyhall

Aberdeen Union Square Bus Station (Stance 10) 20:0021:0022:0023:00
Aberdeen Bridge Street (Stop E1) 20:0221:0222:0223:02
Aberdeen Music Hall (Stop C4) 20:0221:0222:0223:02
Aberdeen Langstane Kirk (Stop B4) 20:0521:0522:0523:05
Aberdeen Holburn Junction (Stop A7) 20:0921:0922:0923:09
Holburn Union Grove (o/s 103) 20:1021:1022:1023:10
Holburn, at Granton Place 20:1021:1022:1023:10
Holburn, at Claremont Place 20:1121:1122:1123:11
Mannofield, at Brighton Place 20:1221:1222:1223:12
Mannofield, at Forest Avenue 20:1321:1322:1323:13
Mannofield, at Burns Road 20:1321:1322:1323:13
Mannofield, at Cromwell Gardens 20:1421:1422:1423:14
Seafield, opp Mayfield Gardens 20:1421:1422:1423:14
Seafield Drive West (opp) 20:1521:1522:1523:15
Seafield, opp Viewfield Crescent 20:1721:1722:1723:17
Craigiebuckler, adj Springfield Gardens 20:1821:1822:1823:18
Craigiebuckler, at Springfield Place 20:2021:2022:2023:20
Craigiebuckler, opp Church 20:2121:2122:2123:21
Craigiebuckler Place (at) 20:2221:2222:2223:22
Craigiebuckler, adj Burnieboozle Crescent 20:2421:2422:2423:24
Craigiebuckler Place (opp) 20:3021:3022:3023:24
Craigiebuckler, at Church 20:3121:3122:3123:25
Craigiebuckler, opp Craigieburn Park 20:3121:3122:3123:25
Craigiebuckler, opp Springfield Gardens 20:3221:3222:3223:26
Airyhall, opp Macaulay Drive 20:3321:3322:3323:27
Airyhall, opp Macaulay Drive 20:3321:3322:3323:27
Airyhall Avenue (at) 20:3421:3422:3423:28
Airyhall, opp Countesswells Terrace 20:3421:3422:3423:28
Airyhall, at Pinewood Place 20:3521:3522:3523:29
Airyhall, at Pinewood Avenue 20:3721:3722:3723:31

Craigiebuckler Airyhall - Aberdeen City Centre

Airyhall, at Pinewood Avenue 20:3721:3722:3723:31
Airyhall, opp Pinewood Place 20:3721:3722:3723:31
Airyhall, at Countesswells Terrace 20:3821:3822:3823:32
Airyhall Crescent (opp) 20:3821:3822:3823:32
Airyhall Terrace (at) 20:3921:3922:3923:33
Airyhall, opp Braeside Place 20:4021:4022:4023:34
Airyhall, opp Springbank Cemetery 20:4121:4122:4123:35
Airyhall, at Library 20:4121:4122:4123:35
Seafield, at Viewfield Avenue 20:4221:4222:4223:36
Seafield Drive West (at) 20:4221:4222:4223:36
Seafield, at Mayfield Gardens 20:4321:4322:4323:37
Mannofield, opp Cromwell Gardens 20:4321:4322:4323:37
Mannofield, opp Burns Road 20:4421:4422:4423:38
Mannofield, at Union Grove Lane 20:4521:4522:4523:39
Mannofield, at St Swithin Street 20:4521:4522:4523:39
Holburn, opp Claremont Place 20:4621:4622:4623:40
Holburn, at Albyn Grove 20:4621:4622:4623:40
Holburn Union Grove (o/s 82) 20:4721:4722:4723:41
Holburn Junction (Stop A3) 20:4821:4822:4823:42
Aberdeen Langstane Kirk (Stop B1) 20:4921:4922:4923:43
Aberdeen Music Hall (Stop C1) 20:4921:4922:4923:43
Aberdeen St Nicholas Kirk (Stop F3) 20:5321:5322:5323:47
Aberdeen Union Square Bus Station (Stance 10) 20:5721:5722:5723:51

Timetable data from Stagecoach Bluebird, 29 November 2022

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