1B - Yeovil - Castle Cary - Bruton - Shepton Mallet

A bus service operated by South West Coaches

Monday to Friday until Friday 12 April 2024

Yeovil - Castle Cary - Bruton - Shepton Mallet

Yeovil Bus Station (E-bound) 07:2517:45
Yeovil Tesco (N-bound) 17:48
Yeovil Kingston For Hospital (NW-bound) 07:2817:50
Yeovil College (NW-bound) 07:2917:51
Yeovil, adj Tesco Express 07:2917:51
Yeovil, opp Combe Street Lane 07:3017:52
Yeovil, adj Marsh Lane 07:3017:53
Yeovil Playing Fields (E-bound) 07:3117:53
Yeovil Combe Close (E-bound) 07:3117:53
Yeovil Hundredstone (E-bound) 07:3117:54
Yeovil Flyr De Lis (E-bound) 07:3117:54
Yeovil Tower Road (E-bound) 07:3217:54
Yeovil Lyde Road (N-bound) 07:3217:55
Mudford Cemetery (opp) 07:3417:57
Mudford, opp Hillview 07:3417:57
Mudford The Half Moon (N-bound) 07:3517:58
Marston Magna, opp Bus Shelter 07:4018:03
Marston Magna Police House (N-bound) 07:4018:03
Queen Camel Junction (E-bound) 07:4318:06
Queen Camel, opp Memorial Hall 07:4418:07
Queen Camel Countess Gytha School (E-bound) 07:4418:07
Queen Camel Camel Bridge (NE-bound) 07:4518:08
Sparkford Wolfester Terrace (N-bound) 07:4618:09
Sparkford Inn (NE-bound) 07:4818:11
Sparkford, opp Church Road 07:5018:13
Little Weston Turn (E-bound) 07:5118:14
South Cadbury, opp Chapel Cross 07:5218:15
North Cadbury The Catash Inn (N-bound) 07:5518:18
Galhampton, opp Harvester 08:0018:23
Castle Cary Horse Pond Inn (N-bound) 08:0518:27
Castle Cary Station Road (N-bound) 08:0518:28
Ansford Sunnydene (N-bound) 08:0618:29
Ansford Churchfields (SE-bound) 08:0818:31
Castle Cary Ancastle Terrace (SE-bound) 08:0818:31
Castle Cary Cary Hill (S-bound) 08:0918:31
Shepton Montague Cliff Hill (N-bound) 08:1718:38
Pitcombe Bruton School (NE-bound) 08:2018:40
Bruton Sexeys School (NE-bound) 08:2018:40
Bruton West End (N-bound) 08:2318:43
Lamyat Waddon Farm (NW-bound) 08:28
Wincanton Swc Depot (NE-bound) 18:55
Ditcheat Turn (adj) 08:29
Southwood Common The Natterjack (N-bound) 08:30
Pecking Mill Southwood (NE-bound) 08:32
Evercreech Westontown House (NE-bound) 08:34
Evercreech Church (N-bound) 08:35
Evercreech Post Office (NW-bound) 08:37
Evercreech Factory (N-bound) 08:37
Evercreech Ashcroft Surgery (NW-bound) 08:37
Prestleigh Chapel (NW-bound) 08:40
Prestleigh Inn (NW-bound) 08:41
Cannard’s Grave Highwayman Inn (N-bound) 08:44
Cannard’s Grave Somerville Close (N-bound) 08:46
Shepton Mallet Charlton Inn (N-bound) 08:47
Shepton Mallet Collett Avenue (W-bound) 08:48
Shepton Mallet, opp Frithfield Lane 08:49
Shepton Mallet Cenotaph (N-bound) 08:51

Shepton Mallet - Bruton - Castle Cary - Yeovil

Wincanton, outside Memorial Hall 07:25
Shepton Mallet Amulet Way (S-bound) 15:25
Wincanton High Street (W-bound) 07:2517:35
Shepton Mallet, adj Park Medical Practice 15:32
Wincanton Racecourse (N-bound) 07:2817:35
Shepton Mallet Cenotaph (N-bound) 15:35
Redlynch Park Redlynch Cross (NW-bound) 07:3517:35
Shepton Mallet Beech House (E-bound) 15:36
Bruton St Marys Church (W-bound) 07:40
Shepton Mallet Collett Avenue (E-bound) 15:38
Shepton Mallet Charlton Inn (S-bound) 15:38
Cannard’s Grave Somerville Close (S-bound) 15:40
Cannard’s Grave Highwayman Inn (S-bound) 15:42
Prestleigh Inn (SE-bound) 15:44
Prestleigh Road Junction (S-bound) 15:44
Evercreech Ashcroft Surgery (SE-bound) 15:46
Evercreech Factory (S-bound) 15:46
Evercreech Post Office (SE-bound) 15:47
Stoney Stratton St Peters Church (E-bound) 15:47
Evercreech Westontown House (SW-bound) 15:49
Pecking Mill Southwood (SW-bound) 15:52
Southwood Common The Natterjack (S-bound) 15:53
Ditcheat Turn (opp) 15:54
Lamyat Waddon Farm (SE-bound) 15:55
Bruton West End (N-bound) 07:4516:01
Bruton Sexeys School (S-bound) 07:4516:0217:35
Pitcombe Bruton School (S-bound) 16:04
Castle Cary The Horsepond (S-bound) 07:5516:1517:35
Galhampton Harvester (SW-bound) 08:0016:2017:40
North Cadbury The Catash Inn (S-bound) 08:0516:2517:45
South Cadbury Chapel Cross (W-bound) 08:0816:2817:48
Little Weston Turn (W-bound) 08:0816:2817:48
Sparkford, adj Church Road 08:1016:3017:50
Sparkford Inn (SW-bound) 08:1316:3417:52
Sparkford Wolfester Terrace (S-bound) 08:1416:3517:52
Queen Camel Camel Bridge (SW-bound) 08:1516:3617:54
Queen Camel St Barnabas Church (W-bound) 08:1616:3717:54
Queen Camel, outside Memorial Hall 08:1716:3817:55
Queen Camel Junction (W-bound) 08:1716:3817:55
Marston Magna Police House (S-bound) 08:2016:4117:59
Marston Magna Bus Shelter (S-bound) 08:2116:4218:00
Mudford The Half Moon (S-bound) 08:2616:4718:05
Mudford, adj Hillview 08:2616:4718:05
Mudford Cemetery (SW-bound) 08:2716:4818:06
Yeovil Lyde Road (S-bound) 08:2916:5018:08
Yeovil Tower Road (W-bound) 08:3016:5118:09
Yeovil Flyr De Lis (W-bound) 08:3116:5218:10
Yeovil Hundredstone (E-bound) 08:3116:5218:10
Yeovil Mudford Road (o/s 144) 08:3116:5218:10
Yeovil Glenthorne Avenue (S-bound) 08:3216:5318:11
Yeovil College (S-bound) 08:3216:5318:11
Yeovil Sparrow Road (S-bound) 08:3316:5418:12
Yeovil Hospital (SE-bound) 08:3416:5518:13
Yeovil The Borough (E-bound) 08:3716:5818:16
Yeovil Bus Station (E-bound) 08:3917:0018:18

Timetable data from South West Coaches/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 15 February 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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