226 - Hillhouse, Farm Rd - Little Earnock, Sherry Dr

A bus service operated by First Greater Glasgow


Hillhouse, Farm Rd - Little Earnock, Sherry Dr

Udston, at Gordon Road 09:28then every 30 minutes until17:2817:58
Hillhouse Road (Near) 09:2917:2917:59
Hillhouse Wellcroft Road (at 7) 09:2917:2917:59
Hillhouse Wellcroft Terrace (near) 09:3017:3018:00
Hillhouse, after Belhaven Road 09:3117:3118:01
Hillhouse, at Fleming Court 09:3317:3318:02
Hamilton, after Brankholm Brae 09:3317:3318:02
Hamilton, after Deveron Crescent 09:3417:3418:03
Hamilton Brankholm Brae (opp 144) 09:3517:3518:04
Hillhouse, after Fleming Way 09:3517:3518:04
Hillhouse, at Easdale Rise 09:3617:3618:05
Earnock, after Townhill Terrace 09:3617:3618:05
Earnock, opp Clarkwell Road 09:3617:3618:05
Earnock, at Luss Brae 09:3717:3718:06
Earnock, after Townhill Road 09:3717:3718:06
Earnock, opp Eriskay Avenue 09:3817:3818:06
Earnock, at Comely Bank 09:3817:3818:07
Earnock, opp Royellen Avenue 09:3917:3918:07
Hillhouse, opp Hunters Close 09:3917:3918:07
Hillhouse Crescent (Opp) 09:4017:4018:08
Udston, at Farm Terrace 09:4117:4118:09
Udston Road (before) 09:4117:4118:10
Udston, at Glenlee Street 09:4217:4218:10
Burnbank, at George street 09:4317:4318:11
Burnbank, at Ann Court 09:4317:4318:11
Hamilton, at Fullwood Park Industrial Estate 09:4417:4418:11
Hamilton, before Almada Street 09:4917:4918:16
Hamilton, after Almada Street 09:4917:4918:16
Hamilton, after Auchingramont Road 09:5017:5018:17
Hamilton, opp Park Road 09:5017:5018:17
Hamilton, before Leechlee Road 09:5117:5118:18
Hamilton, before Palace Grounds Road 09:5217:5218:19
Hamilton, opp Retail Park 09:5317:53
Hamilton, at Retail Park 09:5317:53
Hamilton, before John Street 08:5709:2709:5717:5718:22
Hamilton, after Woodside Walk 08:5709:2709:5717:5718:22
Hamilton, at Portland Park 08:5809:2809:5817:5818:23
Low Waters, opp Morris Street 08:5909:2909:5917:5918:23
Low Waters, opp School Street 08:5909:2909:5917:5918:24
Cadzow, opp Jack Street 09:0009:3010:0018:0018:24
Cadzow, opp Irvine Terrace 09:0109:3110:0118:0118:25
Cadzow, after Chriss Avenue 09:0109:3110:0118:0118:25
Cadzow, before Albany Road 09:0109:3110:0118:0118:25
Fairhill, at Scotia Gardens 09:0209:3210:0218:0218:26
Fairhill, at Meikle Earnock Road 09:0309:3310:0318:0318:27
Fairhill, at Woodhead Lane 09:0409:3410:0418:0418:28
Fairhill, at Spey Gardens 09:0609:3610:0618:0618:29
Fairhill, after Woodhead Crescent 09:0809:3810:0818:0818:31
Fairhill Highstone Road (Near) 09:0909:3910:0918:0918:32
Little Earnock, before Sherry Drive 09:1009:4010:1018:1018:33
Little Earnock, opp Lady Watson Gardens 09:1009:4010:1018:1018:33
Little Earnock, opp Tiree Grange 09:1109:4110:1118:1118:34
Little Earnock, at Turning Circle 09:1209:4210:1218:1218:35

Little Earnock, Sherry Dr - Hillhouse, Farm Rd

Little Earnock, at Turning Circle 07:2008:2009:20then every 30 minutes until17:2017:50
Little Earnock, opp Linnhe Avenue 07:2008:2009:2017:2017:50
Little Earnock, opp Nevis Avenue 07:2208:2209:2217:2217:52
Little Earnock, opp Sherry Drive 07:2208:2209:2217:2217:52
Hamilton Laighstonehall Road (Near) 07:2308:2309:2317:2317:53
Fairhill, opp Burnhouse Road 07:2308:2309:2317:2317:53
Fairhill, at East Wellbrae Crescent 07:2508:2509:2517:2517:55
Fairhill, at Glenlyon Court 07:2608:2609:2617:2617:56
Fairhill, opp Lochgreen Place 07:2808:2809:2817:2817:58
Fairhill, opp Meikle Earnock Road 07:2808:2809:2817:2817:58
Fairhill, after Neilsland Road 07:3008:3009:3017:3018:00
Cadzow, after Annsfield Road 07:3108:3109:3117:3118:01
Cadzow, opp Newlands Drive 07:3108:3109:3117:3118:01
Cadzow, at Jack Street 07:3208:3209:3217:3218:02
Low Waters, at School Street 07:3208:3209:3217:3218:02
Low Waters, at Morris Street 07:3308:3309:3317:3318:03
Hamilton, opp Portland Park 07:3308:3309:3317:3318:03
Hamilton, at Burnside Lane 07:3408:3409:3417:3418:04
Hamilton Gateside Street (Opp 141) 07:3508:3509:3517:3518:05
Hamilton Low Patrick Street (Near) 09:3517:3518:05
Hamilton, opp Townhead St 09:3617:3618:06
Hamilton, opp Retail Park 09:3817:3818:08
Hamilton, at Retail Park 09:3817:3818:08
Hamilton Bus Station (Stances) 07:3708:3709:4217:4218:12
Hamilton, at Park Road 09:1509:4517:4518:15
Hamilton, opp Auchingramont Road 09:1609:4617:4618:16
Hamilton Wellhall Road (Near) 09:1609:4617:4618:16
Hamilton, after Wellhall Road 09:1709:4717:4718:17
Hamilton, opp West Stewart Street 09:2009:5017:5018:20
Hamilton, opp Fullwood Park Industrial Estate 09:2209:5217:5218:22
Burnbank, before Argyle Drive 09:2309:5317:5318:22
Burnbank, at Milton Terrace 09:2309:5317:5318:22
Udston Terrace (before) 09:2409:5417:5418:23
Udston Road (At) 09:2409:5417:5418:23
Udston, before Waverley street 09:2509:5517:5518:24
Udston, at Gordon Road 09:2609:5617:5618:25
Hillhouse Road (Near) 18:27

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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