301 - Macduff - Huntly

Operated by Stagecoach Bluebird


Monday to Friday

Macduff - Huntly

Macduff, at Town Hall 07:2511:1514:55
Macduff, at Horns Brae 07:2511:1514:55
Macduff Union Road (SW bound) 07:2511:1514:55
Banff Bridge Road (NW bound) 07:2811:1814:58
Banff, opp Water Lane 07:2911:1914:59
Banff Low Street (S bound) 07:3011:2015:00
Banff, at Airlie Gardens 07:3011:2015:00
Banff High Street (at 43) 07:3011:2015:00
Banff Castle Street (N bound) 07:3111:2115:01
Banff Seafield Street (W bound) 07:3111:2115:01
Banff, at Duncan Street 07:3111:2115:01
Banff, opp Harvey Place 07:3211:2215:02
Banff, at Golden Knowes Road 07:3211:2215:02
Inverboyndie Mill of Boyndie (W-bound) 07:3511:2515:05
Whitehills Lady's Bridge (W-bound) 07:3811:2815:08
Boyndie, opp Road End 07:3811:2815:08
Boyndie Muir of Rettie (W-bound) 07:4111:3115:11
Cornhill, opp Crossroads 07:4211:3215:12
Cornhill, at Duff Terrace 07:4711:3715:17
Cornhill, at Castle of Park 07:4711:3715:17
Cornhill Reidside Croft (S-bound) 07:4811:3815:18
Finnygaud, opp The Junction 07:5111:4115:21
Aberchirder South Street (at 24) 07:5611:4615:26
Aberchirder, at The Square 07:5711:4715:27
Aberchirder Auchintoul Cottage 07:5911:4915:29
Aberchirder, adj Bridge of Marnoch 08:0211:5215:32
Bogniebrae, opp Yonder Bognie Cottages 08:0611:5615:36
Bogniebrae, opp Bognie Arms 08:0811:5815:38
Bogniebrae, opp Cobairdy Lodge 08:1012:0015:40
Huntly, at Blackblair 08:1312:0315:43
Huntly, at Steven Road 08:2012:1015:50
Huntly, at Market Street 08:2112:1015:51
Huntly, before Torry Road 12:10
Huntly, after Torry Road 12:10
Huntly, opp Bydand Place 12:11
Huntly, opp Riverside Drive 12:11
Huntly, opp The Cemetery 12:11
Huntly, at Deveron Way 12:12
Huntly, at The Cemetery 12:12
Huntly, at Riverside Drive 12:13
Huntly, at Bydand Place 12:13
Huntly, at The Square 08:2512:1515:55

Huntly - Macduff

Huntly, at The Square 10:1013:5516:0517:40
Huntly, opp Nelson Street 10:1013:5516:0517:40
Huntly, opp Market Street 10:1013:5516:0517:40
Huntly, opp Steven Road 10:1113:5616:0617:41
Huntly, opp Blackblair 10:1714:0216:1217:47
Bogniebrae, at Cobairdy Lodge 10:2114:0616:1617:51
Bogniebrae, at Bognie Arms 10:2414:0916:1917:54
Bogniebrae, at Yonder Bognie Cottages 10:2514:1016:2017:55
Aberchirder, adj Bridge of Marnoch 10:2914:1416:2417:59
Aberchirder Auchintoul Cottage (E-bound) 10:3114:1616:2618:01
Aberchirder South Street (at 24) 10:3414:1916:2918:04
Aberchirder, at The Square 10:3514:2016:3018:05
Finnygaud The Junction (NW-bound) 10:4014:2516:3518:10
Cornhill East Greendykes (NW-bound) 10:4114:2616:3618:11
Cornhill, at Silverhillock 10:4414:2916:3918:14
Cornhill, opp Duff Terrace 10:4514:3016:4018:15
Cornhill, at Crossroads 10:4914:3416:4418:19
Boyndie Muir of Rettie (NE-bound) 10:5014:3516:4518:20
Boyndie, at Road End 10:5314:3816:4818:23
Whitehills Lady's Bridge (E-bound) 10:5414:3916:4918:24
Inverboyndie Mill of Boyndie (E-bound) 10:5714:4216:5218:27
Banff, opp Golden Knowes Road 10:5914:4416:5418:29
Banff, at Harvey Place 10:5914:4416:5418:29
Banff, opp Duncan Street 10:5914:4416:5418:29
Banff Seafield Street (E bound) 11:0014:4516:5518:30
Banff Castle Street (S bound) 11:0014:4516:5518:30
Banff High Street (opp 35) 11:0114:4616:5618:31
Banff, opp Airlie Gardens 11:0114:4616:5618:31
Banff Low Street (N bound) 11:0214:4716:5718:32
Banff, at Water Lane 11:0214:4716:5718:32
Banff Bridge Road (SE bound) 11:0314:4816:5818:33
Macduff Union Road (NE bound) 11:0614:5117:0118:36
Macduff, opp Hutcheon Street 11:0714:5217:0218:37

Timetable data from Stagecoach Bluebird, 3 February 2023

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