N551 - Trafalgar Square - Aldwych - Bank - Aldgate - The Highway - Limehouse - Canning Town - Keir Hardie Estate - Custom House - Beckton - Gallions Reach, Shopping Park

A bus service operated by Stagecoach London

Gallions Reach Shopping Park (Stop R) 23:1023:40
Gallions Reach Hornet Way (->S) 23:1123:41
Gallions Reach Beckton Dlr Depot (->W) 23:1223:42
Gallions Reach Armada Point (Stop H) 23:1323:43
Gallions Reach Station (Stop D) 23:1323:43
Cyprus Ferndale Street (Stop E) 23:1523:45
Cyprus Horse Leaze (Stop F) 23:1523:45
Beckton East Ham Manor Way (Stop J) 23:1623:46
Beckton Bus Station (Stop C) 23:1823:48
Beckton Kingsford Way (Stop BP) 23:1923:49
Beckton Swallow Street (Stop BQ) 23:2023:50
Beckton Dove Approach (Stop BR) 23:2123:51
Beckton District Park (Stop CR) 23:2123:51
Custom House Sullivan Avenue (Stop K) 23:2223:52
Custom House Colman Road (Stop L) 23:2323:53
Custom House Newham Way (Stop C) 23:2423:54
Custom House Mortlake Road (Stop D) 23:2423:54
Custom House Tree Road (Stop E) 23:2523:55
Custom House Victoria Dock Road (Stop M) 23:2623:56
Custom House Chauntler Close / Cundy Park (Stop A) 23:2623:56
Custom House Station (Stop C) 23:2723:57
Canning Town Bridgeland Road (Stop H) 23:2723:57
Canning Town Munday Road / Royal Victoria (Stop J) 23:2823:58
Canning Town Hallsville Primary School (Stop) 23:2923:59
Canning Town Keir Hardie Recreation Ground (Stop) 23:3000:00
Canning Town Jude Street (Stop) 23:3100:01
Canning Town Brunel Street (Stop) 23:3200:02
Canning Town Bus Station (Stop C) 23:3400:04
South Bromley Abbott Road (->SW) 23:3600:06
South Bromley Blackwall Tunnel (Stop D) 23:3800:08
All Saints Bazely Street (Stop A) 23:3900:09
Poplar Recreation Ground Poplar Station DLR (Stop E) 23:3900:09
Poplar Upper North Street (Stop F) 23:4000:10
Poplar University of Cumbria In London (Stop WZ) 23:4100:11
Limehouse Burdett Road (Stop WT) 23:4100:11
Limehouse Town Hall (Stop LH) 23:4200:12
Limehouse Lowell Street (Stop LJ) 23:4200:12
Limehouse Station (Stop LK) 23:4400:14
Ratcliff Cable Street (Stop LS) 23:4400:14
Ratcliff Free Trade Wharf (Stop LT) 23:4500:15
Shadwell Tobacco Dock (Stop L) 23:4800:18
Wapping Wellclose Street (->W) 23:4900:19
Wapping St Katharine Docks (Stop TN) 23:5100:21
Tower Gateway Station (Stop TC) 23:5300:23
City of London Aldgate Bus Station (Stop L) 23:5500:25
City of London Duke's Place (Stop A) 23:5700:27
City of London Bishopsgate (Stop N) 23:5800:28
Bishopsgate Camomile Street (Stop Y) 23:5800:28
City of London Bank Station Cornhill (Stop E) 00:0000:30
City of London Poultry / Bank Station (Stop L) 00:0200:32
City of London St Paul's Churchyard (Stop SH) 00:0400:34
St Paul's Cathedral (Stop SJ) 00:0500:35
City of London City Thameslink Stn / Ludgate Circus (Stop F) 00:0700:37
City of London Fetter Lane (->W) 00:0700:37
City of London Chancery Lane (->W) 00:0800:38
Temple The Royal Courts of Justice (Stop P) 00:0800:38
Temple Aldwych / Australia House (Stop G) 00:0900:39
Temple Aldwych Drury Lane (Stop R) 00:1000:40
Covent Garden Savoy Street (Stop U) 00:1100:41
Charing Cross Bedford Street (Stop J) 00:1300:43
Charing Cross (Stop H) 00:1400:44
Charing Cross Trafalgar Square (Stop S) 00:1700:47

Timetable data from Transport for London

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