X44 - Balerno - Tranent

A bus service operated by Lothian Buses


Monday to Friday

Balerno - Tranent

Tranent - Balerno

Tranent, at Somers Park 07:0007:2307:53
Tranent, nr Toll House Grove 07:0207:2507:55
Tranent, adj Winton Close 07:0407:2707:57
Tranent, opp Winton Court 07:0407:2707:57
Tranent, opp Muirpark Drive 07:0507:2807:58
Tranent, adj Carlaverock Avenue 07:0607:2907:59
Tranent, at Blawearie Road 07:0607:2907:59
Tranent, opp Ross Crescent 07:0707:3008:00
Tranent Police Station 07:0807:3108:01
Tranent Bridge Street (W-bound) 07:0807:3108:01
Tranent, at Polson Park 07:0907:3208:02
Tranent, adj Polson Gardens 07:1007:3308:03
Dolphingstone Farm (opp) 07:1307:3708:07
Dolphingstone, opp Kinwegar Recycling Centre 07:1507:3908:09
Wallyford, opp Strawberry Corner 07:1607:4008:10
Wallyford Chuckers Row (near) 07:1707:4008:10
Wallyford, opp Miners Welfare 07:1707:4108:11
Wallyford, adj Albert Place 07:1707:4108:11
Wallyford Fa'side Avenue (near) 07:1807:4208:12
Wallyford, opp Park Drive 07:1807:4208:12
Wallyford, at St Clements Wells 07:1807:4208:12
Magdalene Drive (adj) 07:2707:5108:21
Magdalene, opp Portobello High School 07:2807:5208:22
Willowbrae, before Paisley Drive 07:3207:5608:26
Meadowbank House (opp) 07:3608:0008:31
Abbeyhill (W-bound) 07:3908:0308:34
Calton Terrace Brae (opp) 07:4008:0508:36
Calton, opp Regent Terrace 07:4108:0608:37
Edinburgh, at St Andrew's House 07:4208:0708:38
Edinburgh Waterloo Place (Stop ZJ) 07:4308:0808:39
Edinburgh Princes Street (Waverley Steps) (Stop PP) 07:4408:1008:40
Edinburgh Princes Street (Scott Mon.) (Stop PT) 07:4608:42
Edinburgh Princes Street (west) (Stop PY) 07:4908:45
West End Shandwick Place (Stop SD) 07:5108:47
Haymarket Atholl Crescent (Stop SG) 07:5308:49

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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