7S - Union Square - Stonehaven

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Monday to Friday, ABD_Shire school only days

Union Square - Stonehaven

Aberdeen Union Square Bus Station (Stance 3) 07:22
Aberdeen St Nicholas Kirk (Stop F6) 07:24
Aberdeen Music Hall (Stop C5) 07:26
Aberdeen Langstane Kirk (Stop B6) 07:27
Aberdeen Holburn Junction (Stop A6) 07:28
Holburn, opp Nellfield Place 07:31
Ferryhill, opp Hardgate 07:33
Ferryhill, opp Bloomfield Road 07:34
Ferryhill, opp Allenvale Cemetary 07:36
Ferryhill, at Duthie Park 07:37
Redmoss Park (opp) 07:42
Altens, adj Souter Head Road 07:43
Cove Bay, at Strathburn Street 07:43
Cove Bay, at Strathburn Street 07:44
Cove Bay, at Marchmont Street 07:45
Cove Bay, at Loirston Manor 07:45
Cove Bay, at Loirston Primary School 07:46
Cove Bay, opp Loirston Court 07:46
Cove Bay, adj Loirston Close 07:46
Cove Bay, opp Partan Skelly Way 07:47
Cove Bay, at Cove Crescent 07:49
Cove Bay, at Cove Crescent 07:49
Cove Bay, opp Charleston Drive 07:51
Checkbar, opp Wellington Drive 07:54
Marywell House (opp) 07:56
Portlethen, at Bankhead Drive 07:57
Portlethen Schoolhill (SW bound) 07:58
Portlethen, opp Schoolhill Drive 07:58
Portlethen, at Hillside Road 07:58
Portlethen, opp Balquharn Drive 07:59
Portlethen, at Thistle Drive 08:00
Portlethen, opp The Square 08:01
Portlethen, at Bruntland Place 08:01
Portlethen, at Oak Drive 08:02
Portlethen, at Academy 08:03
Portlethen, opp Broomfield Road 08:05
Portlethen, at Bourtree Avenue 08:07
Portlethen, at Drumthwacket Drive 08:07
Portlethen, at Easter Drive 08:07
Portlethen, opp Easter Place 08:07
Portlethen, at Ash Place 08:08
Portlethen, opp Broomfield Road 08:08
Portlethen, at Berrymuir Road 08:09
Portlethen Bourtreebush (S bound) 08:09
Newtonhill Cammachmore Bank Cottage (S-Bound) 08:11
Newtonhill Bridge Croft (S-Bound) 08:12
Newtonhill, opp Sub Station 08:14
Newtonhill, at St Crispin's Road 08:15
Newtonhill, opp Park Place 08:16
Newtonhill Skateraw Road (opp 7) 08:18

Stonehaven - Union Square

Newtonhill Skateraw Road (opp 7) 15:51
Newtonhill, at Park Place 15:51
Newtonhill, opp St Crispin's Road 15:52
Newtonhill, at Cairnhill Road 15:53
Chapelton Park & Choose (at) 15:55
Newtonhill Cammachmore Bank Cottage (N-Bound) 15:57
Portlethen, at New Bourtreebush 15:58
Portlethen Bourtreebush (N bound) 15:59
Portlethen, opp Broomfield Park 16:01
Portlethen, at Whinpark Circle 16:01
Portlethen, opp Broomfield Road 16:02
Portlethen, at Bourtree Avenue 16:03
Portlethen, at Drumthwacket Drive 16:03
Portlethen, at Easter Drive 16:03
Portlethen, opp Easter Place 16:04
Portlethen, at Ash Place 16:04
Portlethen, at Muirend Road 16:05
Portlethen, opp Academy 16:06
Portlethen, opp Bruntland Place 16:06
Portlethen, at The Square 16:07
Portlethen, at Glebe Court 16:07
Portlethen, opp Thistle Drive 16:08
Portlethen, at Balquharn Drive 16:08
Portlethen, opp Hillside Road 16:09
Portlethen, at Schoolhill Drive 16:10
Portlethen Schoolhill (NE bound) 16:10
Portlethen, opp Bankhead Drive 16:11
Marywell House (at) 16:13
Checkbar, at Wellington Drive 16:13
Cove Bay Gateway Business Park (NW Bound) 16:15
Cove Bay, at Charleston Drive 16:16
Cove Bay, at Charleston Road 16:18
Cove Bay, opp Cove Crescent 16:18
Cove Bay, opp Earns Heugh Circle 16:19
Cove Bay, adj Whitehills Rise 16:20
Cove Bay, adj Earn's Heugh View 16:20
Cove Bay, adj Partan Skelly Avenue 16:20
Cove Bay, opp Loirston Primary School 16:21
Cove Bay, at Langdykes Road 16:22
Cove Bay, opp Marchmont Street 16:23
Cove Bay, opp Strathburn Street 16:23
Cove Bay, opp Strathburn Street 16:25
Altens, opp Souter Head Road 16:27
Redmoss Park (at) 16:29
Nigg, opp Altens Farm Road 16:31
Tullos Industrial Estate, at Craigshaw Drive 16:34
Tullos Industrial Estate, opp Greenbank Road 16:35
Tullos Industrial Estate, at Abbotswell Road 16:37
Torry, opp Balnagask Road 16:38
Torry, opp Grampian Place 16:40
Torry, opp Walker Place 16:42
Torry, opp Walker Lane 16:43
Torry, adj South Esplanade West 16:44
Aberdeen, adj Poynernook Road 16:45
Aberdeen, adj Palmerston Road 16:46
Aberdeen Union Square Bus Station (Stance 3) 16:53

Timetable data from Stagecoach Bluebird, 29 September 2023

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