7A - South Parade Pier - Oaklands School grounds

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South Parade Pier - Oaklands School grounds
City Centre, Civic Offices - Wecock Farm, Blackbird Close

Southsea Kings Road Junction (W-bound) 07:41
Southsea South Parade Pier (Stop B) 07:49
Old Portsmouth Cambridge Junction (NW-bound) 07:42
Southsea Clarendon Road (N-bound) 07:50
Old Portsmouth University of Portsmouth (NE-bound) 07:44
Southsea The Strand (NW-bound) 07:51
Somers Town Highbury Centre (E-bound) 07:46
Southsea The Circle (NW-bound) 07:53
Guildhall Civic Offices (Stop K) 07:48
Southsea Shops (Stop C) 07:53
City Centre City Shops South (Stop D) 07:49
Southsea St. Judes Church (E-bound) 07:55
City Centre City Shops North (Stop Y) 07:53
Southsea Friendship House (N-bound) 07:56
Landport Clarendon Street (NE-bound) 07:56
Southsea Elm Grove (E-bound) 07:57
Kingston Fratton Road (E-bound) 07:57
Southsea Elm Grove (N-bound) 07:58
Southsea Outram Road (E-bound) 07:58
Southsea Bradford Junction (NE-bound) 07:59
Fratton Bridge (N-bound) 08:01
Fratton Arundel Street (N-bound) 08:02
Fratton Carnegie Library (N-bound) 08:03
Kingston Hanway Road (N-bound) 07:5808:05
Kingston Queen's Road (NW-bound) 08:0008:07
Kingston Crescent (N-bound) 08:0208:08
North End Junction (Stop D) 08:0508:11
North End Mayfield Road (N-bound) 08:0608:12
North End Ophir Road (N-bound) 08:0708:13
North End Merrivale Road (NE-bound) 08:0808:14
Hilsea Beechwood Road (NE-bound) 08:0908:15
Hilsea Trafalgar School (N-bound) 08:1008:15
Hilsea Coach and Horses (NW-bound) 08:1108:16
Hilsea, opp The News Centre 08:1108:16
Hilsea Lido (Stop B) 08:1208:17
Cosham King George Playing Fields (Stand F) 08:1408:19
Cosham Health Centre (Stop C) 08:1508:20
Cosham QA Steps (Stop E) 08:1608:20
Cosham Chalkridge Road (NE-bound) 08:1708:21
Cosham Cliffdale Gardens (NE-bound) 08:1808:22
Cosham The George (E-bound) 08:1908:23
Cosham Farlington Avenue (E-bound) 08:2008:24
Farlington Fort Purbrook (N-bound) 08:2208:26
Purbrook, nr Portsmouth Golf Course 08:2308:27
Purbrook Morelands School (NE-bound) 08:2308:28
Purbrook, adj Crookhorn Precinct 08:2408:29
Purbrook Crookhorn Corner (N-bound) 08:2608:31
Purbrook, opp Crookhorn College 08:2808:33
Purbrook Oaklands School (E-bound) 08:3008:35

Oaklands School grounds - South Parade Pier
Wecock Farm, Blackbird Close - City Centre, Civic Offices

Purbrook Oaklands School (E-bound) 15:3515:36
Purbrook, adj Crookhorn College 15:4615:47
Purbrook Crookhorn Corner (S-bound) 15:4715:48
Purbrook, opp Crookhorn Precinct 15:4915:50
Purbrook Morelands School (SW-bound) 15:4915:50
Purbrook, opp Portsmouth Golf Course 15:5015:51
Farlington Fort Purbrook (S-bound) 15:5115:52
Cosham Farlington Avenue (W-bound) 15:5315:54
Cosham The George (W-bound) 15:5415:55
Cosham Cliffdale Gardens (SW-bound) 15:5415:55
Cosham Chalkridge Road (SW-bound) 15:5515:56
Cosham QA Steps (Stop D) 15:5615:57
Cosham Health Centre (Stop F) 15:5715:58
Cosham Interchange (Stop C) 15:5815:59
Cosham Highbury Buildings (Stand D) 15:5916:00
Cosham Donaldson Road (SW-bound) 16:0016:01
Hilsea Lido (Stop E) 16:0116:02
Hilsea Coach and Horses (SE-bound) 16:0216:03
Hilsea Old London Road (SW-bound) 16:0316:04
Hilsea Beechwood Road (SW-bound) 16:0316:04
North End Merrivale Road (SW-bound) 16:0416:05
North End Ophir Road (S-bound) 16:0516:06
North End Mayfield Road (S-bound) 16:0616:07
North End Junction (Stop G) 16:0816:09
Kingston Crescent (S-bound) 16:1016:11
Kingston Queens Road (SE-bound) 16:1116:12
Kingston Hanway Road (S-bound) 16:1316:14
Kingston Fratton Road (W-bound) 16:15
Fratton St Marys Church (SW-bound) 16:16
Landport Clarendon Street (SW-bound) 16:16
Fratton Arundel Street (S-bound) 16:18
City Centre Cornmill Street (Stop V) 16:18
Fratton Bridge (SW-bound) 16:19
Landport St Agatha's (Stop U) 16:21
Southsea Bradford Junction (SW-bound) 16:21
City Centre City Shops South (Stop C) 16:23
Southsea Outram Road (W-bound) 16:22
Guildhall Civic Offices (Stop M) 16:24
Southsea Elm Grove (S-bound) 16:22
Guildhall St. Lukes Church (Stop N) 16:24
Southsea Elm Grove (W-bound) 16:23
Somers Town University House (W-bound) 16:26
Old Portsmouth University of Portsmouth (SW-bound) 16:27
Old Portsmouth Cambridge Junction (SW-bound) 16:28
Southsea Kings Road Junction (E-bound) 16:30
Southsea Green Road (E-bound) 16:30
Southsea Friendship House (S-bound) 16:3116:24
Southsea St. Judes Church (W-bound) 16:3216:25
Southsea Shops (Stop A) 16:3416:26
Southsea The Circle (SE-bound) 16:3516:27
Southsea The Strand (SE-bound) 16:3616:28
Southsea Clarendon Road (S-bound) 16:3716:29
Southsea South Parade Pier (Stop B) 16:3916:31

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