N113 - Edinburgh - Ormiston

A bus service operated by East Coast Buses


Monday to Sunday

Edinburgh - Ormiston

Haymarket West Maitland Street (Stop HD) 00:51
W End Shandwick Place (Stop SB) 00:53
Edinburgh Princes Street (west) (Stop PD) 00:55
Edinburgh Princes Street (Scott Mon.) (Stop PK) 00:57
Edinburgh Princes Street (Scott Mon.) (Stop PK) 01:00
Edinburgh Princes Street (Waverley Steps) (Stop PN) 01:01
Hillside Leopold Place (Stop EF) 01:05
Hillside, nr Brunswick Street 01:06
Hillside, nr Wellington Street 01:06
Abbeyhill (E-bound 1) 01:07
Abbeyhill, after Marionville Road 01:08
Meadowbank, after Wishaw Terrace 01:09
Meadowbank Stadium (at) 01:09
Meadowbank House (at) 01:10
Willowbrae, opp Abercorn Road 01:10
Willowbrae Gardens (after) 01:11
Willowbrae, opp Ulster Drive 01:12
Willowbrae, adj Northfield Crescent 01:12
Willowbrae, after Paisley Drive 01:12
Willowbrae, o/s Duddingston Mills 01:12
Duddingston Avenue (after) 01:13
Duddingston Gardens (before) 01:14
Duddingston, after Southfield Loan 01:14
Durham, opp Milton Gardens North 01:15
Magdalene, at Portobello High School 01:15
Magdalene, before Hope Lane 01:16
Magdalene Drive (opp) 01:16
Brunstane, opp Edinburgh College (Milton Rd) 01:16
Brunstane Bank (opp) 01:17
Brunstane, before Coillesdene Crescent 01:17
Brunstane, opp Portobello Cemetery 01:18
Brunstane, before Milton Terrace 01:18
Brunstane, after Eastfield Gardens 01:18
Brunstane Mill Road (opp) 01:18
Musselburgh Edinburgh Road (o/s 39) 01:19
Musselburgh, opp Maitland Park Road 01:19
Musselburgh, opp Ship Inn 01:20
Musselburgh, adj Brunton Hall 01:21
Musselburgh, opp Health Centre 01:21
Musselburgh High Street (Stop B) 01:22
Musselburgh, o/s Loretto RC Primary School 01:23
Musselburgh, adj King Street 01:23
Musselburgh, opp Park Lane 01:24
Musselburgh, nr Ashgrove South End 01:24
Musselburgh, opp Pinkie Mains 01:25
Musselburgh, nr Windsor Park Place 01:25
Musselburgh, adj St Ninian's Way 01:26
Musselburgh, opp Delta Drive 01:26
Musselburgh, opp Delta Road 01:27
Musselburgh, opp Galt Drive 01:27
Musselburgh, adj Moir Avenue 01:27
Wallyford Park & Choose (S-bound) 01:28
Wallyford, opp Railway Station 01:29
Wallyford, opp Institute 01:29
Wallyford, adj Albert Place 01:30
Wallyford, at Terminus 01:31
Wallyford, o/s Fa'side Inn 01:31
Wallyford, opp Albert Place 01:31
Wallyford, o/s Institute 01:32
Wallyford, adj The Loan 01:32
Wallyford, o/s Garden Centre 01:32
Dolphingstone, adj Kinwegar 01:33
Dolphingstone Farm (at) 01:34
Tranent, opp Polson Gardens 01:36
Tranent, opp Polson Park 01:36
Tranent, adj Coal Neuk 01:36
Tranent, opp Cross Keys Inn 01:37
Tranent, opp Police Station 01:37
Tranent, adj Ross Crescent 01:38
Tranent, opp Carlaverock Avenue 01:38
Tranent, at Miner's Cottages 01:39
Tranent, adj Winton Court 01:39
Tranent, opp Winton Close 01:40
Tranent, opp Toll House Grove 01:41
Tranent, opp Somers Park 01:42
Elphinstone, at Research Centre 01:46
Tranent, adj Buxley Farm Road End 01:47
Ormiston, adj East Mains Road End 01:49
Ormiston, adj Cross Loan 01:50
Ormiston Cross (W-bound) 01:50
Ormiston Meadowbank (opp 31) 01:52
Ormiston Limeylands Crescent (at 23) 01:52
Ormiston, at George Crescent 01:53
Ormiston, opp School Kitchen 01:54
Ormiston Cross (E-bound) 01:55

Ormiston - Edinburgh

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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