13A - Hemlington - Salters Lane

Operated by Stagecoach North East


Hemlington - Salters Lane

Hemlington Viewley Hill Shopping Centre (B) 06:4807:4508:53then hourly until16:5317:53
Hemlington Phoenix Park (B) 06:4907:4608:5416:5417:54
Hemlington Northleach Drive (B) 06:5007:4708:5516:5517:55
Hemlington Mowbray Drive (B) 06:5007:4708:5516:5517:55
Hemlington St Austell Close (B) 06:5107:4808:5616:5617:56
Brookfield Jack Simon Way (A) 06:5207:4908:5716:5717:57
Brookfield Lincombe Drive (A) 06:5307:5008:5816:5817:58
Brookfield St Margaret's Church (A) 06:5407:5108:5916:5917:59
Brookfield Shoreswood Walk (B) 06:5507:5209:0017:0018:00
Brookfield Teesside Crematorium (A) 06:5607:5309:0117:0118:01
Acklam Staindrop Drive South (A) 06:5707:5409:0217:0218:02
Acklam Staindrop Drive North (A) 06:5807:5509:0317:0318:03
Acklam Hall Drive West End (D) 06:5807:5509:0317:0318:03
Acklam Outwood Academy (B) 07:0007:5709:0517:0518:05
Acklam Swainby Close (B) 07:0107:5809:0617:0618:06
Acklam Glaisdale Avenue (A) 07:0207:5909:0717:0718:07
Linthorpe Hawnby Road (B) 07:0308:0009:0817:0818:08
Linthorpe Masonic Hall (B) 07:0508:0209:1017:1018:10
Linthorpe Cherryfield Drive (A) 07:0508:0209:1017:1018:10
Linthorpe Conservative Club (A) 07:0508:0209:1017:1018:10
Linthorpe Lancaster Road (A) 07:0708:0409:1217:1218:12
Linthorpe Village (A) 07:0808:0509:1317:1318:13
Linthorpe St Barnabas Church (A) 07:1008:0709:1417:1418:14
Ayresome Dorman Museum (C) 07:1108:0809:1617:1618:16
Ayresome Gardens (C) 07:1308:1009:1717:1718:17
Middlesbrough The Swatters Carr (C) 07:1508:1209:1917:1918:19
Middlesbrough Amber Street (A) 07:1708:1409:2117:2118:21
Middlesbrough Bus Station Stand 11 (11) 07:2108:1809:2417:2418:24
Middlesbrough Bus Station Stand 20 (20) 07:2108:1809:2417:2418:24
Middlesbrough Bus Station Stand 20 (20) 07:2708:2709:2717:2718:27
Newport Cannon Park Way (A) 07:2808:2809:2817:2818:28
Newport Marsh Street (A) 07:2908:2909:2917:2918:29
Newport Lamport Street (B) 07:2908:3009:3017:3018:30
Portrack Newport Bridge (B) 07:3208:3209:3217:3218:32
CF Portrack Site (B) 07:3308:3409:3417:3418:34
Portrack North Tees Industrial Estate (B) 07:3408:3509:3517:3518:35
Portrack Shopping Park (A) 07:3608:3609:3617:3618:36
Portrack Retail Park (B) 07:3708:3709:3717:3718:37
Portrack Walton Street (A) 07:3808:3809:3817:3818:38
Portrack Eastport Road (A) 07:3808:3809:3817:3818:38
Portrack Stagecoach Depot (A) 07:3908:3909:3917:3918:39
Stockton The Buffs Social Club (B) 07:4208:4209:4217:4218:42
Stockton Laing Street (C) 07:4308:4309:4317:4318:43
Stockton High Street Stand E (E) 07:4308:4309:4317:4318:43
Stockton High Street Stand K (K) 07:4508:4509:4517:4518:45
Stockton Trinity Gardens (B) 07:4608:4609:4617:46
Oxbridge Varo Terrace (A) 07:4708:4709:4717:47
Oxbridge Industrial Estate (B) 07:4908:4909:4917:49
Oxbridge Ambulance Station (A) 07:4908:4909:4917:49
Grangefield Spennithorne Road (B) 07:5108:5109:5117:51
Grangefield Cricket Club (A) 07:5208:5209:5217:52
Grangefield Loweswater Crescent (B) 07:5308:5309:5317:53
Newham Grange The Daylight Bakery (A) 07:5408:5409:5417:54

Salters Lane - Hemlington

Newtown Sixth Form College (B) 07:23then hourly until16:2317:23
Elm Tree Castle Close (B) 07:2416:2417:24
Fairfield The Avenue (A) 07:2516:2517:25
Fairfield Bishopton Court (A) 07:2516:2517:25
Fairfield The Rimswell (B) 07:2616:2617:26
Fairfield Rimswell Road South End (A) 07:2716:2717:27
Fairfield Torwell Drive (B) 07:2816:2817:28
Fairfield Fordwell Road (B) 07:2816:2817:28
Fairfield Felton Lane (B) 07:2916:2917:29
Elm Tree Norwich Avenue (A) 07:3116:3117:31
Newham Grange The Vale (A) 07:3316:3317:33
Newham Grange Humbledon Road (B) 07:3416:3417:34
Newham Grange Nightingale Drive (A) 07:3516:3517:35
Newham Grange Humbledon Road (A) 07:3616:3617:36
Newham Grange Virginia Close (A) 07:3616:3617:36
Mile House Westfield Crescent Footpath (B) 07:3816:3817:38
Newham Grange Westfield Crescent (B) 07:3916:3917:39
Newham Grange The Daylight Bakery (B) 07:4016:4017:40
Grangefield Loweswater Crescent (A) 07:4216:4217:42
Grangefield Spennithorne Road (A) 07:4416:4417:44
Oxbridge Ambulance Station (B) 07:4516:4517:45
Oxbridge Industrial Estate (A) 07:4716:4717:47
Oxbridge Varo Terrace (C) 07:4816:4817:48
Stockton Trinity Gardens (A) 07:4916:4917:49
Stockton High Street Stand O (O) 07:5016:5017:50
Stockton High Street Stand R (R) 07:5116:5117:51
Stockton High Street Stand T (T) 07:5316:5317:53
Stockton Laing Street (B) 07:5416:5417:54
Stockton The Buffs Social Club (A) 07:5516:5517:55
Portrack Stagecoach Depot (B) 07:5816:5817:58
Portrack Eastport Road (B) 07:5916:5917:59
Portrack Walton Street (B) 08:0017:0018:00
Portrack Retail Park (A) 08:0017:0018:00
Portrack Shopping Park (B) 08:0117:0118:01
Portrack North Tees Industrial Estate (A) 08:0217:0218:02
CF Portrack Site (A) 08:0417:0418:04
Portrack Newport Bridge (A) 08:0617:0618:06
Newport Lamport Street (A) 08:0817:0818:08
Newport Marsh Street (B) 08:0917:0918:09
Newport Cannon Park Way (C) 08:0917:0918:09
Middlesbrough Bus Station Stand 11 (11) 08:1117:1118:11
Middlesbrough Bus Station Stand 13 (13) 08:1117:1118:11
Middlesbrough Bus Station Stand 13 (13) 08:1517:15
Middlesbrough Town Hall (Stand H) 08:1917:19
Middlesbrough Cleveland Centre (Stand O) 08:2017:20
Middlesbrough Garnet Street (B) 08:2217:22
Middlesbrough The Swatters Carr (B) 08:2217:22
Ayresome Gardens (B) 08:2417:24
Ayresome Dorman Museum (B) 08:2517:25
Linthorpe St Barnabas Church (B) 08:2617:26
Linthorpe Village (B) 08:2717:27
Linthorpe Lancaster Road (B) 08:2817:28
Linthorpe Conservative Club (B) 08:2917:29
Linthorpe Masonic Hall (A) 08:3017:30
Linthorpe Hawnby Road (C) 08:3117:31
Acklam Glaisdale Avenue (B) 08:3217:32
Acklam Swainby Close (A) 08:3317:33
Acklam Outwood Academy (A) 08:3417:34
Acklam Hall Drive West End (B) 08:3617:36
Acklam Staindrop Drive North (B) 08:3617:36
Acklam Staindrop Drive South (B) 08:3717:37
Brookfield Teesside Crematorium (C) 08:3817:38
Brookfield Shoreswood Walk (A) 08:3917:39
Brookfield St Margaret's Church (B) 08:4017:40
Brookfield Lincombe Drive (B) 08:4117:41
Brookfield Jack Simon Way (B) 08:4217:42
Stainton Sporting Lodge Inns (A) 06:3807:3508:4417:44
Stainton Greenacres (A) 06:3907:3608:4417:44
The Stainton (A) 06:3907:3608:4517:45
Stainton Marwood Wynd (A) 06:4007:3708:4517:45
Stainton Fawcett Avenue (B) 06:4007:3708:4517:45
Stainton Way West Footbridge (A) 06:4107:3808:4617:46
Hemlington St Austell Close (A) 06:4207:3908:4717:47
Hemlington Mowbray Drive (A) 06:4307:4008:4817:48
Hemlington Northleach Drive (A) 06:4407:4108:4917:49
Hemlington Phoenix Park (A) 06:4407:4108:4917:49
Hemlington Southdean Close (A) 06:4507:4208:5017:50
Hemlington All Nations Church (A) 06:4607:4308:5117:51
Hemlington Viewley Hill Shopping Centre (B) 06:4607:4308:5117:51

Timetable data from Stagecoach North East, 8 March 2023

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