UTC - Thornaby - South Durham UTC

A service operated by Stagecoach North East


Thornaby - South Durham UTC
Eaglescliffe - Thornaby

Eaglescliffe Golf Club (B) 06:40
Eaglescliffe Village Hall (A) 06:40
Eaglescliffe Witham Avenue (A) 06:41
Preston Park (A) 06:41
Preston Pennypot Lane (A) 06:42
Preston Lane (A) 06:43
Preston Moss Way (A) 06:44
Preston Lockheed Close (A) 06:45
Bowesfield Kingfisher Way (B) 06:46
Bowesfield Jubilee Bridge (B) 06:46
Ingleby Barwick Barwick Lodge (B) 06:52
Thornaby Teesside School of Music (A) 06:53
Thornaby Blackbush Walk (B) 06:55
Thornaby Valiant Way (B) 06:55
Thornaby Lockerbie Walk (B) 06:57
Thornaby Martinet Road (B) 06:58 06:58
Thornaby The Poplars (B) 06:58
Thornaby Dacre Close (A) 06:59
Thornaby Hough Crescent (A) 06:59
Thornaby Beechwood Road (A) 06:59
Thornaby St Paul's Church (A) 07:00
Thornaby Sun Street (A) 07:01
Stockton Sculptor Crescent (A) 07:05
Stockton The Eaglescliffe Hotel (A) 07:06
Stockton Maxwell Court (A) 07:07
Stockton St Marks Nursing Home (B) 07:07
Hartburn Ropner Park (B) 07:08
Hartburn Canberra Grove (B) 07:09
Hartburn Greens Beck Road (A) 07:10
Hartburn Greens Valley Drive (A) 07:11
Fairfield Preston Road (A) 07:12
The Fairfield (B) 07:12
Fairfield Orchard Road (A) 07:13
Fairfield Wellburn Road (A) 07:13
Fairfield Glenfield Road (B) 07:13
Fairfield Rimswell Road South End (A) 07:13
Fairfield Torwell Drive (B) 07:14
Fairfield Fordwell Road (B) 07:14
Fairfield Felton Lane (B) 07:15
Elm Tree Norwich Avenue (A) 07:17
Newham Grange The Vale (A) 07:19
Newham Grange Virginia Close (A) 07:21
Mile House Holburn Park (A) 07:21
Hardwick Knitsley Walk (A) 07:22
Hardwick Radio Transmitter (A) 07:23
Roseworth Kiora Bungalow (A) 07:25
Norton Kew Gardens (A) 07:28
Norton Corby Lodge (B) 07:28
Norton Whitfield Road (B) 07:29
Norton Jameson Road (B) 07:29
Norton The Ring Road Footbridge (A) 07:30
Norton Fieldfare Lane (A) 07:30
Billingham Catholic Club (A) 07:34
Billingham Roseberry Road Roundabout (A) 07:34
Wolviston BP Service Station (car park) 07:40
Samsung Wynyard Park Entrance Roundabout (NW bound) 07:41
Wynyard North Lodges (B) 07:42
Sedgefield Old Station (NW-bound) 07:44
Sedgefield Old Acres Hall Farm Gate (NW-bound) 07:45
Sedgefield Waterloo Corner (W-bound) 07:46
Sedgefield Lodge Farm (SW-bound) 07:46
Sedgefield Adj farm entrance (SW-bound) 07:46
Sedgefield Opp farm entrance (SW-bound) 07:47
Sedgefield Thurlow Road Nurseries (NW-bound) 07:49
Sedgefield New Dun Cow (NW-bound) 07:49
Sedgefield Black Lion (W-bound) 07:50
Sedgefield Ivy House (SW-bound) 07:50
Sedgefield Racecourse Lane-Cricket Gd (W-bound) 07:51
Sedgefield Sands Farm (W-bound) 07:53
Sedgefield Old Station (W-bound) 07:54
Bradbury Tilery works (W-bound) 07:56
Bradbury Road End (NW-bound) 07:56
Newton Park Service Station (N-bound) 08:12
Newton Aycliffe Millennium Way - Ruff and Tumble (W-bound) 08:14
Aycliffe Industrial Estate Long Tens Way (N-bound) 08:15

South Durham UTC - Thornaby
Thornaby - Eaglescliffe

Aycliffe Industrial Estate Long Tens Way (S-bound) 16:30
Newton Aycliffe Millennium Way - Ruff and Tumble (E-bound) 16:30
Newton Park Service Station (S-bound) 16:32
Bradbury Road End (SE-bound) 16:47
Bradbury Tilery works (E-bound) 16:48
Sedgefield Old Station (E-bound) 16:50
Sedgefield Sands Farm (E-bound) 16:51
Sedgefield Racecourse Lane-Cricket Gd (E-bound) 16:53
Sedgefield Ivy House (NE-bound) 16:54
Sedgefield Black Lion (E-bound) 16:55
Sedgefield New Dun Cow (SE-bound) 16:55
Sedgefield Thurlow Road Nurseries (SE-bound) 16:55
Sedgefield Adj farm entrance (NE-bound) 16:56
Sedgefield Opp farm entrance (NE-bound) 16:57
Sedgefield Lodge Farm (NE-bound) 16:57
Sedgefield Waterloo Corner (E-bound) 16:58
Sedgefield Old Acres Hall Farm Gate (SE-bound) 16:59
Sedgefield Old Station (SE-bound) 16:59
Wynyard North Lodges (A) 17:02
Samsung Wynyard Park Entrance Roundabout (A) 17:04
Wolviston BP Service Station (car park) 17:05
Billingham Glamis Road (A) 17:09
Billingham The Swan (A) 17:09
Billingham Catholic Club (B) 17:10
Norton Fieldfare Lane (B) 17:14
Norton The Ring Road Footbridge (B) 17:15
Norton Jameson Road (A) 17:15
Norton Whitfield Road (A) 17:15
Norton Corby Lodge (A) 17:16
Norton Countisbury Road (A) 17:17
Hardwick Radio Transmitter (B) 17:22
Hardwick Inskip Walk (A) 17:22
Hardwick Knitsley Walk (B) 17:22
Mile House Holburn Park (B) 17:23
The Mile House (A) 17:23
Newham Grange Virginia Close (B) 17:24
Newham Grange The Vale (B) 17:25
Elm Tree Norwich Avenue (B) 17:27
Fairfield Felton Lane (A) 17:30
Fairfield Fordwell Road (A) 17:30
Fairfield Torwell Drive (A) 17:30
Fairfield Rimswell Road South End (B) 17:30
Fairfield Glenfield Road (A) 17:31
Fairfield Wellburn Road (B) 17:31
Fairfield Orchard Road (B) 17:32
The Fairfield (A) 17:33
Hartburn Greens Valley Drive (B) 17:33
Hartburn Greens Beck Road (B) 17:34
Hartburn Stonecrop Close (A) 17:34
Hartburn Canberra Grove (A) 17:35
Hartburn Stockton Arms (A) 17:35
Hartburn Ropner Park (A) 17:37
Stockton St Marks Nursing Home (A) 17:37
Stockton Maxwell Court (B) 17:37
Stockton The Eaglescliffe Hotel (B) 17:38
Stockton Sculptor Crescent (B) 17:38
Thornaby Sun Street (B) 17:43
Thornaby St Paul's Church (B) 17:44
Thornaby Beechwood Road (B) 17:44
Thornaby Hough Crescent (B) 17:45
Thornaby Dacre Close (B) 17:45
Thornaby The Poplars (C) 17:46
Thornaby Martinet Road (A) 17:47 17:47
Thornaby Lockerbie Walk (A) 17:47
Thornaby Valiant Way (A) 17:49
Thornaby Blackbush Walk (A) 17:50
Thornaby Teesside School of Music (B) 17:50
Ingleby Barwick Barwick Lodge (A) 17:52
Ingleby Barwick Haresfield Way Subway (A) 17:53
Bowesfield Jubilee Bridge (A) 17:58
Bowesfield Kingfisher Way (A) 17:59
Preston Lockheed Close (B) 17:59
Preston Moss Way (B) 18:00
Preston Lane (B) 18:01
Preston Pennypot Lane (B) 18:02
Preston Park (B) 18:03
Eaglescliffe Witham Avenue (B) 18:03
Eaglescliffe Village Hall (B) 18:04
Eaglescliffe Golf Club (A) 18:05

Timetable data from Stagecoach North East, 19 January 2022

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