756 - Clare - Sudbury

A bus service operated by Chambers


Monday to Friday, Essex school terms days

Clare - Sudbury

Clare, adj Westfield 06:35
Clare, adj Memorial 06:37
Clare, adj Hill Terrace 06:39
Cavendish, o/s The Bull 06:41
Cavendish, opp Pentlow Drive 06:42
Cavendish, adj Columbines 06:43
Glemsford Lower Road (E-bound) 06:44
Colchester, o/s Norman Way Schools 15:54
Colchester, opp Park Road 15:55
Colchester, opp The Avenue 15:57
Colchester, opp Beverley Road 15:59
Colchester, opp Essex County Hospital 16:01
Colchester St John's Street (Stop Ca) 16:03
Colchester Head Street (Stop Ec) 16:05
Colchester Middleborough (N-bound) 16:06
Colchester, opp Causton Road 16:08
Colchester, opp The Albert 16:09
Colchester Railway Station Layby (Stand Ea) 16:11
Colchester, opp The Bricklayers Arms 16:11
Colchester, opp Enid Way 16:12
Colchester, adj Tufnell Way 16:13
Colchester, adj Warwick Bailey Close 16:14
Colchester, opp Golf Club 16:15
Colchester, adj Bakers Lane 16:16
W Bergholt A12 Bridge (W-bound) 16:17
W Bergholt, opp Armoury Road 16:18
W Bergholt, adj Albany Road 16:19
W Bergholt, o/s Methodist Chapel 16:20
W Bergholt, opp Donard Drive 16:21
W Bergholt, opp The Queens Head 16:22
W Bergholt, adj Sackville Way 16:22
W Bergholt, opp Orpen Hall 16:23
W Bergholt, adj Hall Road 16:24
W Bergholt, opp The Crescent 16:25
W Bergholt, adj Hall Road Cottages 16:26
Wormingford, opp Main Road 16:27
Wormingford, opp Little Horkesley Road 16:28
Wormingford, opp Church Road 16:29
Wormingford, opp Hillcroft Farm 16:30
Wormingford, adj Peartree Hill 16:31
Mount Bures, adj Hall Road 16:32
Bures Colchester Road (NW-bound) 16:33
Bures, o/s Eight Bells 16:34
Bures, opp Church 16:36
Little Cornard, opp Spout Lane 16:40
Little Cornard, opp Wyatts Lane 16:42
Little Cornard, opp Chapel Lane 16:44
Great Cornard, opp Grantham Avenue 16:46
Great Cornard, opp Rugby Road 16:49
Great Cornard, o/s Thomas Gainsborough School 16:51
Great Cornard, adj Broom Street 16:52
Great Cornard, adj Queensway 16:53
Great Cornard, opp Beech Road 16:54
Great Cornard, adj Pot Kiln Lane 16:54
Glemsford Lower Road (N-bound) 06:45
Great Cornard, opp St Andrews Road 16:55
Glemsford, adj Holdsworth Close 06:46
Glemsford, o/s The Angel 06:47
Glemsford, opp Social Club 06:48
Glemsford, o/s Village Hall 06:49
Glemsford, opp Black Lion 06:50
Glemsford, adj School Field 06:51
Great Cornard, o/s Glenside 16:55
Glemsford, adj Stanway Close 06:52
Glemsford, adj Hobbs Lane 06:53
Glemsford, adj Martins Nest 06:55
Long Melford Windmill Hill (E-bound) 06:56
Long Melford, opp Black Lion 06:58
Long Melford, adj Bull 06:59
Long Melford, opp Post Office 07:01
Long Melford, opp Library 07:01
Long Melford, adj Chapel Green 07:02
Great Cornard, opp Stannards Way 16:56
Long Melford Inn (opp) 07:03
Great Cornard, opp Kings Meadow 16:56
Sudbury, opp Lucas Road 16:57
Long Melford, opp Ropers Lane 07:04
Long Melford, adj Barleycombe 07:04
Sudbury, adj Chaucer Road 07:05
Sudbury, adj Priory Road 07:06
Sudbury, adj Woodhall Road 07:07
Sudbury, adj Suffolk Road 07:08
Sudbury Bus Station (Stand C) 16:58
Sudbury Bus Station (Stand B) 07:10

Sudbury - Clare

Sudbury Bus Station (Stand C) 07:15
Sudbury, adj Lucas Road 07:15
Sudbury, adj Sainsbury's 07:16
Sudbury, adj Cats Lane 07:16
Great Cornard, adj Stannards Way 07:17
Great Cornard, opp Glenside 07:17
Great Cornard, opp Highbury Way 07:18
Great Cornard, adj Beech Road 07:18
Great Cornard, opp Queensway 07:19
Great Cornard, opp Broom Street 07:19
Great Cornard, adj Wells Hall Road 07:20
Great Cornard, adj Rugby Road 07:21
Great Cornard, adj Grantham Avenue 07:22
Little Cornard, adj Chapel Lane 07:24
Little Cornard, adj Wyatts Lane 07:25
Little Cornard, adj Spout Lane 07:27
Bures, adj Church 07:35
Bures, nr Eight Bells 07:35
Bures Colchester Road (SE-bound) 07:36
Mount Bures, opp Hall Road 07:37
Wormingford, opp Peartree Hill 07:38
Wormingford, o/s Hillcroft Farm 07:39
Wormingford, adj Church Road 07:40
Wormingford, adj Little Horkesley Road 07:42
Wormingford, adj Main Road 07:44
W Bergholt, opp Hall Road Cottages 07:46
W Bergholt, opp Hall Road 07:48
W Bergholt, o/s Orpen Hall 07:50
W Bergholt, opp Sackville Way 07:52
W Bergholt, o/s The Queens Head 07:55
W Bergholt, opp Methodist Chapel 07:55
W Bergholt, opp Albany Road 07:56
W Bergholt, adj Armoury Road 07:57
W Bergholt A12 Bridge (E-bound) 07:58
Colchester, opp Bakers Lane 07:59
Colchester, o/s Golf Club 07:59
Colchester, opp Warwick Bailey Close 08:00
Colchester, opp Tufnell Way 08:01
Colchester, adj Enid Way 08:02
Colchester Railway Station Layby (Stand F) 08:03
Colchester, o/s The Albert 08:04
Colchester, adj Causton Road 08:05
Colchester Middleborough (S-bound) 08:06
Colchester High Street (Stop Fa) 08:07
Colchester Osborne Street (Stop Aa) 08:12
Colchester, o/s Essex County Hospital 08:14
Colchester, adj Beverley Road 08:17
Colchester, adj The Avenue 08:19
Colchester, adj Park Road 08:22
Colchester, o/s Norman Way Schools 08:25

Timetable data from Go East Anglia, 17 September 2021