38A - Newton Mearns, Harvie Ave - Glasgow Fort

A bus service operated by First Greater Glasgow

Newton Mearns, Harvie Ave - Glasgow Fort

Crookfur, opp Laggan Road 20:2921:3422:31
Crookfur, opp Rannoch Avenue 20:2921:3422:31
Crookfur, opp Abercorn Road 20:3021:3422:31
Crookfur Abercorn Road (opp & after) 20:3021:3522:32
Crookfur, before Greenfarm Road 20:3121:3522:32
Newton Mearns, before Kingsford Crescent 20:3121:3622:33
Newton Mearns, opp Whitelee Gate 20:3121:3622:33
Newton Mearns, before Lismore Place 20:3221:3722:34
Newton Mearns, after Islay Drive 20:3221:3722:34
Newton Mearns, after Greenfarm Road 20:3321:3822:35
Newton Mearns, after Rodger Avenue 20:3321:3822:35
Newton Mearns, opp Castle Road 20:3321:3822:35
Newton Mearns, before Ayr Road 20:3421:3922:36
Newton Mearns Church (at) 20:3521:4022:37
Newton Mearns, after Glebe Road 20:3621:4122:37
Newton Mearns, before Crookfur Road 20:3721:4122:38
Newton Mearns, after Fruin Avenue 20:3821:4222:39
Newton Mearns, after Elmwood Avenue 20:3921:4222:39
Whitecraigs, after Netherton Court 20:4021:4322:40
Whitecraigs Golf Course (at) 20:4121:4322:40
Whitecraigs, before Treemain Road 20:4221:4422:41
Whitecraigs, after Langtree Avenue 20:4321:4422:41
Rouken Glen, opp Eastwood Park 20:4421:4522:42
Rouken Glen, after Davieland Road 20:4521:4622:43
Rouken Glen, opp Rowallan Road 20:4621:4622:43
Woodfarm, before Woodlands Road 20:4721:4722:44
Woodfarm, opp Inglestone Avenue 20:4821:4822:44
Woodfarm High School (at) 20:4921:4822:45
Woodfarm, opp Moorburn Avenue 20:5021:4922:46
Orchard Park, after Ravenscliffe Drive 20:5121:5022:46
Orchard Park, opp Belmont Drive 20:5221:5022:47
Giffnock, opp Elliot Avenue 20:5321:5122:47
Giffnock, opp Railway Station 20:5421:5222:48
Giffnock, opp Braidholm Road 20:5521:5322:49
Merrylee, before Norbreck Drive 20:5621:5422:49
Merrylee, after Dinard Drive 20:5721:5422:50
Merrylee, before Brooklea Drive 20:5821:5522:50
Newlands, after Ledi Road 20:5921:5522:51
Newlands, after Tinto Road 21:0021:5622:51
Newlands, opp Carlaverock Road 21:0121:5722:52
Newlands, before Riverford Road 21:0221:5722:52
Shawlands, after Auldhouse Road 21:0321:5822:53
Shawlands, before Coustonholm Road 21:0421:5922:54
Shawlands, opp Millwood Street 21:0522:0022:54
Shawlands, at The Granary 21:0622:0122:55
Shawlands, opp Queens Park 21:0722:0322:57
Shawlands, before Marywood square 21:0922:0422:58
Shawlands, opp Torrisdale Street 21:1022:0522:59
Govanhill, after Nithsdale Drive 21:1122:0623:00
Govanhill, after Albert Drive 21:1322:0723:01
Port Eglinton, opp Gourock Street 21:1422:0823:02
Port Eglinton, opp Devon Street 21:1522:0923:03
Tradeston, opp Wellcroft Place 21:1622:1023:03
Tradeston, opp Bedford Street 21:1722:1023:04
Tradeston, opp Bridge St Underground 21:1822:1123:05
Tradeston, before Kingston Street 21:1922:1323:07
Glasgow, opp Midland Street 21:2022:1523:09
Glasgow, after Waterloo Street 21:2122:1823:11
Glasgow, after Renfield Street 21:2222:2123:14
Glasgow, before George Square 21:2322:2423:17
Glasgow Martha Street (opposite & before) 21:2422:2523:19
City of Glasgow College (at ) 21:2522:2723:21
Glasgow, before Glebe Street 21:2622:2923:23
Dennistoun, opp Royal Infirmary 21:2722:3223:25
Dennistoun, before Townmill Road 21:2822:3323:26
Dennistoun, before Milnbank Street 21:2922:3423:27
Dennistoun, before Whitehill Street 21:3022:3523:28
Dennistoun, before Meadowpark Street 21:3122:3623:28
Dennistoun, opp Bannatyne Avenue 21:3222:3723:30
Dennistoun, at St Rollox Bowling Club 21:3322:3823:30
Riddrie, opp Aberfoyle Street 21:3422:3923:31
Riddrie, opp Warriston Street 21:3622:4023:33
Riddrie, after Gadie Street 21:3722:4123:33
Riddrie, before Dinart Street 21:3822:4223:34
Riddrie, before Tweed Crescent 21:3922:4223:34
Riddrie Library (Opp) 21:4022:4323:35
Provanmill, after Cumbernauld Road 21:4122:4423:36
Ruchazie, opp Gartcraig Road 21:4222:4523:37
Ruchazie, opp Elibank Street 21:4322:4623:38
Ruchazie, before Post Office 21:4422:4723:38
Ruchazie, after Hallforest Street 21:4522:4723:39
Craigend, at Mossvale Crescent 21:4622:4923:41
Craigend, before Riggside Road 21:4722:5023:41
Craigend, before Binns Road 21:4822:5023:42
Garthamlock, after Tattershall Road 21:4922:5123:43
Garthamlock, opp Balveny Street 21:5022:5123:43
Garthamlock, opp Craigievar Street 21:5122:5223:44
Garthamlock, opp Inchoch Street 21:5222:5223:45
Garthamlock, opp Croftcroighn Drive 21:5322:5323:45
Easterhouse, after Gartloch Road 21:5422:5423:46
Easterhouse, after Auchinlea Road 21:5522:5523:47
Easterhouse Glasgow Fort (stop 1) 21:5622:5823:50

Glasgow Fort - Newton Mearns, Harvie Ave

Easterhouse Glasgow Fort (stop 1) 19:1019:3820:3421:3422:3423:34
Easterhouse, before Auchinlea Road 19:1019:3820:3421:3422:3423:34
Easterhouse, before Gartloch Road 19:1119:3920:3521:3522:3523:35
Garthamlock, after Croftcroighn Drive 19:1119:3920:3521:3622:3523:35
Garthamlock, after Inchoch Street 19:1219:4020:3621:3622:3623:36
Garthamlock, after Craigievar Street 19:1219:4020:3621:3722:3623:36
Garthamlock, before Balveny Street 19:1419:4120:3721:3722:3723:37
Garthamlock, after Craiglockhart Street 19:1419:4120:3721:3822:3723:37
Garthamlock, before Tattershall Road 19:1419:4120:3821:3822:3823:38
Craigend, after Otterswick Place 19:1519:4220:3821:3922:3823:38
Craigend, before Cambusdoon Road 19:1519:4220:3921:3922:3923:39
Craigend, after Cambusdoon Road 19:1619:4320:3921:3922:3923:39
Craigend, opp Mossvale Crescent 19:1619:4320:4021:4022:4023:40
Ruchazie, opp Hallforest Street 19:1819:4420:4021:4022:4023:42
Ruchazie, opp Post Office 19:1919:4520:4121:4222:4123:42
Ruchazie, before Elibank Street 19:1919:4520:4121:4222:4123:43
Ruchazie, before Gartcraig Road 19:2219:4820:4421:4422:4323:44
Provanmill, before Cumbernauld Road 19:2319:4920:4521:4722:4423:45
Riddrie Library (At) 19:2419:5020:4621:4722:4523:46
Riddrie, opp Tweed Crescent 19:2419:5020:4721:4722:4523:47
Riddrie, opp Dinart Street 19:2519:5120:4821:4822:4623:47
Riddrie, after Redford Street 19:2619:5220:4821:4922:4723:48
Riddrie, after Warriston Street 19:2819:5420:5021:5022:4823:49
Riddrie, before Aberfoyle Street 19:2919:5520:5021:5122:4923:50
Dennistoun, before Aitken Street 19:3019:5620:5221:5222:5023:51
Dennistoun, before Bannatyne Avenue 19:3119:5720:5321:5322:5123:52
Dennistoun, before Whitevale Street 19:3219:5820:5321:5422:5223:52
Dennistoun, after Whitehill Street 19:3219:5820:5421:5422:5223:53
Dennistoun, opp Milnbank Street 19:3319:5920:5521:5522:5323:53
Dennistoun, opp Townmill Road 19:3620:0220:5621:5622:5423:54
Dennistoun, at Royal Infirmary 19:3820:0420:5821:5822:5623:56
Glasgow, opp Glebe Street 19:4020:0620:5922:0022:5823:57
Glasgow, before Collins Street 19:4120:0721:0122:0122:5923:58
City of Glasgow College (opposite) 19:4220:0821:0122:0123:0023:59
Glasgow, before North Frederick Street 19:4320:0921:0222:0323:0100:00
Glasgow, after West Nile Street 19:4720:1221:0522:0523:0300:02
Glasgow, before St Vincent Street 19:5020:1621:0822:0823:0600:05
Glasgow, before Howard Street 19:5520:2021:1222:1223:1000:09
Tradeston, at Bridge St Underground 19:5920:2421:1522:1523:1300:12
Tradeston, after Bedford Street 20:0020:2521:1622:1623:1400:13
Tradeston, at Wellcroft Place 20:0120:2621:1722:1723:1500:14
Port Eglinton, after Devon Street 20:0220:2721:1922:1823:1600:15
Port Eglinton, opp Maxwell Road 20:0320:2821:2022:1923:1700:16
Govanhill, after Coplaw Street 20:0420:2921:2122:2023:1800:17
Govanhill, at Strathbungo Parish Church 20:0520:3121:2322:2123:1900:18
Shawlands, after Torrisdale Street 20:0720:3321:2422:2223:2100:20
Shawlands, opp Marywood square 20:0820:3421:2522:2323:2200:21
Shawlands, before Langside Avenue 20:0920:3521:2622:2423:2300:21
Shawlands, before Mount Stuart Street 20:1120:3721:2822:2723:2500:24
Shawlands, opp Trefoil Avenue 20:1320:3921:3022:2823:2500:24
Shawlands, after Holmbank Avenue 20:1420:4021:3122:2923:2600:25
Shawlands, opp Auldhouse Road 20:1420:4021:3122:3023:2700:26
Newlands Road (after) 20:1520:4121:3222:3123:2800:27
Newlands, after Carlaverock Road 20:1620:4221:3322:3123:2800:27
Newlands, after Calderwood Road 20:1620:4221:3322:3223:2900:28
Newlands, before Mulberry Road 20:1720:4321:3422:3323:3000:29
Merrylee Crescent (opp) 20:1820:4421:3522:3423:3000:29
Merrylee, after Merryton Avenue 20:1920:4521:3622:3423:3100:30
Giffnock, before Braidholm Road 20:2020:4621:3722:3523:3200:31
Giffnock, before Railway Station 20:2220:4821:3922:3723:3300:32
Giffnock, after Elliot Avenue 20:2320:4921:3922:3823:3400:33
Orchard Park, before Belmont Drive 20:2320:4921:4022:3823:3400:33
Orchard Park, opp Ravenscliffe Drive 20:2420:5021:4022:3923:3500:34
Woodfarm, after Moorburn Avenue 20:2420:5021:4122:4023:3600:35
Woodfarm High School (opp) 20:2520:5121:4122:4023:3600:35
Woodfarm, before Inglestone Avenue 20:2620:5221:4222:4123:3700:36
Woodfarm, after Glenpark Avenue 20:2720:5321:4322:4223:3800:37
Rouken Glen, after Rowallan Road 20:2720:5321:4422:4223:3800:37
Rouken Glen, after Woodfarm Road 20:2820:5421:4522:4323:3900:38
Rouken Glen, at Eastwood Park 20:2820:5421:4522:4323:3900:38
Whitecraigs, after Woodvale Avenue 20:2920:5521:4622:4423:4000:39
Whitecraigs, opp Treemain Road 20:3020:5621:4722:4523:4100:40
Whitecraigs Golf Course (opp) 20:3120:5721:4822:4623:4200:41
Whitecraigs, after The Broom Estate 20:3120:5721:4822:4723:4200:41
Newton Mearns, after Lochbroom Drive 20:3220:5821:4922:4723:4300:42
Newton Mearns, after Broomvale Drive 20:3220:5821:5022:4823:4300:42
Newton Mearns, opp Rysland Avenue 20:3320:5921:5022:4823:4400:43
Newton Mearns, before Shaw Road 20:3320:5921:5122:4923:4400:43
Newton Mearns, before Eaglesham Road 20:3421:0021:5122:4923:4500:44
Newton Mearns, after Ayr Road 20:3521:0121:5322:5123:4700:46
Newton Mearns, before Castle Road 20:3621:0221:5422:5223:4700:46
Newton Mearns, opp Rodger Avenue 20:3721:0321:5422:5223:4800:47
Newton Mearns, before Westacres Road 20:3721:0321:5522:5323:4800:47
Newton Mearns, opp Islay Drive 20:3821:0421:5522:5323:4900:48
Newton Mearns, after Eriskay Avenue 20:3821:0421:5622:5423:4900:48
Newton Mearns, after Jura Drive 20:3921:0521:5622:5423:5000:49
Newton Mearns, before Whitelee Gate 20:3921:0521:5722:5523:5000:49
Newton Mearns, after Ladeside Close 20:4021:0621:5722:5523:5000:49
Crookfur, opp Greenfarm Road 20:4021:0621:5822:5623:5100:50
Crookfur, after Harvie Avenue 20:4121:0721:5922:5723:5200:51
Crookfur, before Capelrig Road 20:4221:0821:5922:5723:5300:52
Crookfur, at Todhill 20:4221:0822:0022:5823:5300:52
Crookfur, opp Machrie Drive 20:4321:0922:0022:5823:5400:53
Crookfur, opp Fruin Avenue 20:4321:0922:0122:5823:5400:53
Crookfur, before Harvie Avenue 20:4421:1022:0122:5923:5500:54
Crookfur, opp Laggan Road 20:4721:1322:0323:0123:5700:56

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)

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